World of Facebook? Two of the world's biggest addictions join forces

Blizzard has recently released the details on their new Facebook app for World of Warcraft: Now everyone that enjoys the MMO can share their online achievements without linking them in trade chat. Let all your friends know when your guild downed that boss, or when you get that sweet purp you've had your eyes on.

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JD_Shadow2941d ago

Just did this. Was wondering when Blizz was actually going to join into the Facebook craze.

D4RkNIKON2941d ago

Boring, I don't use facebook or play WoW.

primesuspect2941d ago

Riiight, so this is totally irrelevant to you... so why comment? o.O

mrv3212941d ago

Imagine if you could RUN WoW from within Facebook. It'll be stupidly addictive.

I will join facebook if they made WoW work fully in it...

D4RkNIKON2941d ago

uhm... to run a full sized 3d game in a web browser...
The only way to make something like that work would be through a cloud similar to Onlive service.

Letros2941d ago

Quake Live, Battlefield Heroes?

killjoy222941d ago

show all your friends how you have no life

GQueen2941d ago

Awesome, another way to indulge the WoW addiction. Perfect.

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