New Halo:Reach info from GamePro

Rely on Horror writes: "The latest issue of the german GamePro magazine contained an exclusive preview of the much anticipated Halo: Reach. Bungie remained scarce with info so far, however GamePro is able to shed some light.

We translated the most important, mainly new facts."

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Mista T3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Reach will use a heavily modified Halo 3 engine according to the magazine

@ below:
it's not bad it's good, compared to them using the same Halo 3 engine I'll take a heavily modified one any day. and why are you talking about Uncharted? lol I'm not a fanboy ur the twat :P

MetalGearRising3238d ago

Even if it turns out that Halo Reach uses heavily modified Halo 3 engine what's wrong with that. The game will still look heads and shoulders above all ps3 games and SALES wise will be the best selling game of all time breaking numerous records.

Also wasn't uncharted 2 using heavily modified Uncharted 1 engine u twat.

Pennywise3238d ago

Twat? LoL... you are the only one that looks like a twat here screaming about Halo Reach graphics being the best.

UC1 >Halo 3 graphics. Get it? Your new game is using a modified engine from a game that WAS NOT EVEN IN HIGH DEF. Go die under a rock somewhere.

mrv3213238d ago

Ah I laugh at you... I also cry at humanity.

Halo: Reach probably won't look close to Heavy Rain FOR A START. Bu... bu... bu... Heavy Rain is not a game... Ok then Mr.Moron. How about this.

Halo Reach wont even rival Killzone 2 in terms of graphics.

Don't believe me.

So let's wait for Halo: Reach to LAUNCH before we decide that it beats everything shall we.

StanLee3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Who the fcuk cares if Halo Reach looks like Killzone 2?! Killzone 2 was one of the most generic, run of the mill FPS we've seen in a long time! Enough with the expectations that better graphics make a better game.

shazui1233238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

You just called killzone 2 a "generic run-of-the-mill fps game" in argument for halo reach. Much irony.

Also halo reach doesnt need to have killzone 2 level graphics to be great. As long as they greatly improve upon the gameplay and story of halo and maybe add some different multiplayer modes and styles then it should be good, and not only in sales this time. The fact that Reach will not come close to the graphical fidelity of uncharted 1/2, killzone 2, the last guardian, heavy rain e.t.c doesnt matter, it doesnt have to have amazing graphics to be a great game, graphics just help significantly to make a game more cinematic and immersive and at the same time less arcade-ey, these traits are not what halo has ever aimed for.

Trebius3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Considering Halo 3 wasnt even HD, this game is not setting any benchmarks or innovating at all ... it's just another Halo game that will undoubtedly sell, even though it's a mediocre FPS.

The saddest part is they have to wait all the way til the end of the year for it, when it's already done right NOW. lol

So much for hoping the game would be better looking than Uncharted 1...

As for your Graphics dont = better games argument ...

It doesnt, that's true. But graphics will only evolve gen after gen like it's supposed to. Not our fault that the 360 is stuck between generations.

Not nearly as good as PS3, but also not as bad as PS2.

360 has no games :)

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THE MAX SPEED 213238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

"Halo: Reach's graphic engine is NOT new. It is a heavily modified Halo 3 engine."

SMH X 5 .

based on what I've seen the graphics are better than Halo 3 but still this is kind of a letdown to me because there was so much talk about a new engine being used for that game. I was really hyped to see a new engine at work for Halo because I was never a fan of the older one. I'll have to wait for gameplay to judge any further.

Mista T3238d ago

It's heavily modified, which is good. for it to be new they would have to start from scratch which isn't good because the game will take more time to develop, so the best thing for them to do would be to improve upon what they already have

StanLee3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

It's about time Bungie used motion capture. The animations in Halo 3 and ODST are really rigid and dated.


You can't build a new game on an entirely new engine in the span it's taking Bungie to make Reach unfortunately. They have pushed the engine to new reaches though( . . . no pun intended).

ZombieNinjaPanda3238d ago

What happened to the new engine?? They were bragging about using a new engine earlier, oh well, I don't care long as it looks better than Halo 3.

Bnet3433238d ago

Bungie already said it was a completely new engine. A translation of a german magazine from some unknown website isn't going to debunk that.

Blaze9293238d ago

Actually it's right - it's not a new engine but instead the same Halo 3 engine just heavily modified and gutted:

I thought it was a new engine as well which is a bit disappointing. Not becuase Reach looks bad but if they actually came up with a new engine it would've been even better. It's Bungie's last Halo and they are going out using a recycled engine? :/

StanLee3238d ago

Who says it's Bungie's last Halo? I'm pretty sure Bungie will be making Halo games for a long time regardless of what is being speculated.

Sub4Dis3238d ago

you can tell by looking at existing screen shots that it's the same engine. that's not really news. who cares though? an improved halo 3 engine can only be a good thing. Hell, look at the CoD series, they've been tweaking the same doom3 engine for years now.

DatNJDom813238d ago

who was saying that this was going to surpass Uncharted 2?

lowcarb3238d ago

Reach will destroy UC2 in terms of scale and visuals. Go enjoy your WKC lol.

Blaze9293238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

Hmmm never heard that one before - why don't you tell us?


Dammit lowcarb ¬_¬

Fanb0y3238d ago

Lots of good stuff here, in case you can't be bothered to click the link:

- GamePro was able to play 2 full missions of Halo: Reach
- Self-sufficiency and a darker flair are the fundamental elements.
- The story takes place on the planet "Reach", will have its "own character" and is brought to life thanks to inhabitants and localities
- Halo: Reach is set to only play on the planet surface. There will be no underground or space levels.
- variety in locations: hilly territories, a gothic flair building on a wooded level, clinical labs, dark industry complexes and big city districts.
- new, different cutscenes. Bungie wants to get a shaky hand camera feeling to create a more "dirty" feeling
- Motion Capturing is first introduced to the series
- Enemy Design: Primar goal was to create cruel and evil appearing alien enemies.
- New enemies include the "Skirmisher" which resembles the shackal from the original Halo.
- Bungie plans to double the amount of visible enemies onscreen.
- Halo: Reach's graphic engine is NOT new. It is a heavily modified Halo 3 engine.
- New weapons include a more slim assault rifle, a middle distance designated marksman rifle (DMR) and on the Covenant side, a "Needle Rifle" with familiarities to the "Needler" from previous games.
- A new helicopter-like and heavy armoured flight vehicle named "Falcon" will be included aswell. Creative director Marcus Lehto says its like the "Warthog of the sky"
- contact with civillians plays a more important role.
- brandnew weather system
- new sprint function for longer distances.
- very good AI
- GamePro summarizes: Halo: Reach has the look and feel of Halo 3, combined with the very best elements of Halo 1 (big levels, feeling of freedom) and Halo 2 (fights). The new elements play in fine with the rest of the game and have been cleverly thought through.
- No info on multiplayer yet.

Arnon3238d ago (Edited 3238d ago )

This might as well be a new engine. If you're completely gutting the old engine and building everything again from the ground up, is there much difference?

It's obvious that the game blows all other Halo games away. Hell, the BR in Halo: Reach has more polygons alone than an entire marine from Halo 3.

You can look at the differences here. They're basically mind blowing when put side by side.

(Here's a couple images from the article)

Bnet3433238d ago

Okay thanks Blaze I didn't know. I take back what I said. I don't really care for Halo's graphics that much. I care more for story, gameplay, and features.

otherZinc3238d ago

The scale of Halo 3 is enormous, also what game has:
4 player co-op
vehicles, air & land
massive environments
terrific physics
All in the Halo 3 engine, you people want Killzone graphics or whatever, well, Killzone 2 doesn't do anything I mentioned above, if it did the memory would be gone with nothing left for graphics.

Uncharted 2 is linear & 1 Stage in Halo 3 is larger than half the entire Uncharted 2 stages because U2 is linear as hell.

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DaMa3238d ago

Sometimes GamePro puts their print magazine articles online aswell, not this time though, my scanner is not working, but here's the cover of the mag i am holding my hands incase someone's curios for a link:


borgome3238d ago

Xbox Live where hundreds of thousands play, and PSN where hundreds play.

shazui1233238d ago

"Xbox Live where hundreds of thousands pay to play, PSN where thousands upon thousands play"
PSN has more accounts than xbox live, FACT.

Shadow Man3238d ago

Japanese Account
Europe Account
2New Account
Banned Account

Wrathman3238d ago idiotic statement ever. only counts blu-ray player usa uk japanese account.

yes thats right i own 3 ps3's...err i dont...but sony thinks i do.

3238d ago
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