Xbox 360 Exclusive 'The Swarm' First Screenshots

TheGamersHub has the first screenshots of The Swarm:

"TheGamersHub has the first exclusive screenshots of 'The Swarm' coming out in May,2010 for exclusive release on the Xbox 360."

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THE MAX SPEED 213121d ago

Where do all these sub-par games come from? lol I never heard of this and the japanese horro game called dead something.

I just hope this isnt part of the great game lineup that they are supposed to show @ X10.

Elven63121d ago

Not all developers/publishers can afford to go all out on their games, that's the thing that makes gaming great, among all the big releases you're going to have stuff like this which might come from a limited budget developer but still be a cool game in its own ways.

Regardless, if you were a new developer and shipped a game on a console, that would be a thing of pride to say "we made this", if that made sense...unless you made Rouge Warrior.

hoops3121d ago

Its subpar and you played it to say this? LOL
I love this site! LOL

lowcarb3121d ago

THis game might end up being pretty good for all we know. I wasn't to excited for metro 2033 (exclusive to 360 and PC) until I saw this trailer yesterday. 360 is the place for new developers especially when it comes to indie.

Godmars2903120d ago

That's well and good, but at 4-5 years in, devs have no real excuse not to look like they've brought their AAA game. Especially on a 360 exclusive.

Not that this game looks bad, but I for one expect something more than another FPS. Hope they at least try to represent blasted out modern Moscow, not just a collection of corridors they calling Moscow.

Ghostsmoker3120d ago

This games looks very interesting ... I need more money!

Rubberlegs3120d ago

505 Games isn't exactly known for releasing high end titles. A lot of stuff released by them has been sub-par and they also release a bunch of niche Japanese games. So yeah its hard to take this game serious and coming from an unknown dev. Buka Studios? Never of heard of them.

SaberEdge3120d ago

Who knows, it might end up being a pretty decent game.

I have enjoyed several games this generation that didn't receive the greatest scores but still had something about them that pulled me in. Almost every game out there is a game somebody will enjoy.

Blaze9293120d ago

WOW that was one pretty good trailer - I'm interested

Dacapn3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Fearzone 2: Modern Warfare

Seriously tho, wtf are those screenshots? Obviously, not time to drink the hype juice yet.

JANF3120d ago

does look pretty bad.

UnSelf3120d ago

i dont have a 360 anymore, but i hope this game rocks.

a lil competition is healthy

LONEWOLF2313120d ago

Yeah i dont know about this wonder its exclusive............... It has Infernal Quality written all over

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ShadyDevil3121d ago

I'm pretty sure it isn't.

Excalibur3121d ago

Xbox 360 exclusive called Deadly Premonition coming out in March that is in the same boat. No advertisement.

Double Toasted3120d ago has a slight District 9 vibe going on. As far as advertising...besides Wii, the 360 is the cheapest to develop for and easiest to experiment with as far as experimental titles go. So I can understand this company not having a budget large enough to advertise, but word of mouth can get more exposure to the game and possibly a great publisher to help with adverts...

hoops3121d ago

There are so many games that go under the radar that are exclusives. It is uber expensive to make games with massive budgets.

ReBurn3121d ago

I wish I knew more about the game. There's really not enough information available to call it sub-par.

hoops3121d ago

Only fanboys call games poor or "suppar" when they never played it and it's not on the system they give reach arounds to. LOL

sparta763120d ago

Who u talking about? Maxspeed?
He's a big 360 fan..
First time I heard of this game, Hope it's good

VenGencE9993119d ago

Exactly. How ignorant do you look calling a game you've NEVER played sub-par? That's a childlike response. Is this site filled with children who don't know any better? Some of these post are just down right saddening...

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