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The game comes from the folks at Level-5 and it combines traditional JRPG mechanics with MMO functionality. That all sounds like a roaring good time. But White Knight Chronicles is a disappointment. Besides the unimpressive visuals and poorly-told story, the game suffers from a flawed battle system and inconsistent gameplay rules

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Bungie3211d ago

wow that's too low

i might give it a rent but,damn only 5.1/10 :(

THE MAX SPEED 213211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I really love your avatar lol Blair is hot!

on topic: I havent played White Knight Chronicles yet but from what i've heard online the gameplay is reminiscent of FFXII which was that great. To say the truth the gameplay of FFXII kinda made the game boring to me because The story was good IMO and the cast of characters was great. the gameplay was really annoying compared to previous titles. Being able to get hit with a short range attacks when you were far from the enemies was stupid in a way.

also all these japanese rpgs are getting low scores from Western Devs because the japanese rpg gendra hasnt really evolved in the past years. Some still has the talent to make different stuff like sega with end of eternity and Valkyria Chronicles who both have an unique style of gameplay.NamcoXbandai also has evolved in their own way with the Tales series because they always tweeks some new stuff into the battle system and upgrade it from game to game. Tales of vesperia was a pretty normal , typical Jrpg but the battle system was So well made that it was really well received in the west.

shocky163211d ago

it's 2006/07 for my ps3 gp's all over again =.(

Nikuma3211d ago

Tough luck Level 5.1. Lulz.

Nineball21123211d ago

Man... it's a rental not a buy for me, that's for sure.

Chris3993211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Really? I'll reserve judgement till I play it myself, but 5.1 seems incredibly low. I'm playing MC: 2 at the moment, and while the game is decent, it certainly does NOTHING NEW and has a host of graphical issues.

Maybe they're just high off the fumes and from ME: 2 or something (I'm not knocking the game, it's great, but the same dialog-tree/ morality spiel Bioware has been doing for years). Disappointing score.

I think it's the cool thing to hate on JRPGs now.

Edit: And since when are people such sheep that review scores determine whether or not we buy a game? Especially if it's an RPG. Even a bad RPG has VALUE. A bad FPS or action-game gives you what, 6 hours of painful voice acting and wretched graphics? Most RPGs give you triple that play-time easily. It makes it easier to forgive the flaws as a consumer, if you're getting better value.

I do think that Sony really botched the launch on this though. It should have been released last year when it's appearance on the market would have been appreciated more.

Not after ME:2 and before Final Fantasy XIII. Seriously dumb move.

Edit #2: And how are people reviewing this game when the online component just launched today? Based on some 1-2 hour preview of Georama? That's just shoddy journalism.

@ Sac_boi. I don't think that IGN is biased (against a particular platform - PS3 I assume you meant); I'm fairly certain that they don't like JRPGs though :P Demon's Souls got a free pass because it was 'Westernish'. I do think that JRPGs have clearly left the sphere of being "cool" like they were in the early 2000s, and have gone back to being "niche", which means only Otaku's and anime-whores (like me) really enjoy traditional JRPGs. It's a market shift, is all. And please don't stealth-edit your comment, it makes me look like a crazy person :)

@ Bea. Yeah, the game has to at least be tolerable. But enjoyment is relative. I really liked Conan, for example, but that was clearly not AAA. At least it was decent, limb-flaying hacknslash and lasted about 13 hours. IGN is saying that this is almost ShellShock or nigh X-Edge bad though, which seems a little odd to me.

sack_boi3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

51/10 is a very good score, in fact no game has ever scored that high. I can't wait to play it.

Edit : My bad, I thought it was 51/10, but it's 5.1. Were they scoring the surround sound?

darx3211d ago

And Too Human is better.

Blaze9293211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! Did NOT see that coming at all O_O! Can someone say flop?

FlipMode3211d ago

I wasnt very hyped about this anyway, but I am surprised it scored so low.

Aquanox3211d ago

Wow... this is beyond flop. I was actually excited about the very first trailer. What the heck!

BeaArthur3211d ago

Chris399...people use reviews to determine purchasing habits because no one wants to waste $60. I like your comparison though.

"Even a bad RPG has VALUE. A bad FPS or action-game gives you what, 6 hours of painful voice acting and wretched graphics? Most RPGs give you triple that play-time easily"

I know what you were going for but the way you phrased it makes it sound like you would rather have 18 hours of crappy gameplay and graphics instead of 6. As if you would rather prolong your suffering, haha.

Christopher3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I'm not at all surprised. I was kind of wondering why they were even bringing the game to the U.S. considering it's reception in Japan.

Edit: A disagree for stating the obvious? C'mon people, let's not delude ourself, this scored poorly in Japan last year and overall look of it screams 2006/2007.

sack_boi3211d ago

Too Human is not a JRPG, so how can you compare both?

camachoreloaded88063211d ago

once again, have fun with your towns, FFXIII haters! hahahaha

BeaArthur3211d ago

sack_boi....biased. That is your justification for this score? Come on man, I acknowledge that there is bias amongst game journalists but that is just a weak excuse. What, if they weren't biased they would have given this game an 8+?

THE MAX SPEED 213211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I dont think that they're trying to hate on Jrpgs. The thing is the gendra is getting stale and not really original. It's not evolving in a way. Only a few Jrpgs are standing out nowadays and those are mostly the ones who will get better scores from Western Reviewers like Demon soul, valkyria and Tales of vesperia. Personally i'm pertty sure I could have alot of fun with FFXIII & WKC because I'm a japanese Rpg lover. I just think that it's only targeted to the people who already like this type of game and that new comers wont like them.

-Alpha3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Don't bother. Websites are only biased when they don't share your own.

I never really liked the idea of WKC, but I had faith in Level 5. This has upset me greatly. Hopefully this gets them thinking on bringing back Dark Cloud 3. WKC2 is already in development so maybe they can still turn this series around.

Chris3993211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Valkyria Chronicles, Demon's Souls, Magna Carta (feels like an MMO), Final Fantasy XII, Knights in the Nightmare.

I could go on.

But the "market", i.e., Joe Consumer is currently caught up in the thrill and wave of Western RPGs.

Everything old becomes new, and when that tide receeds, JRPGs will have a resurgence. Just like fashion or cinema (we're into the "remakes" atm, happens every two decades or so) and many other forms of pop culture.

As someone who has always enjoyed Eastern things, who used to watch fan-dubbed Oh-My-Goddess on VHS, JRPGs are a part of my culture and hobbies. They are not something I tried out because it got rave reviews.

@ cgoodno. WRPGs have been on the up and up more than ever lately. Aside from Baldur's Gate and some SOE projects, what high-profile RPGs were making their way into the average consumer's home via a CONSOLE before 2005? None.

This generation is different (partly due to MS' machine and it's friendliness with PC architecture). So yes, for long time PC gamers like you and I (I go back to the BBS, Ultima and Krynn games) WRPGs have been around for well over a decade.

For JOE CONSUMER they have not. That's all I'm saying. This is a new experience for the masses, not PC affectionados.

A Cupcake for Gabe3211d ago

WTF? That is the lowest score I think I have read. Dear Lord, did IGN hate this game or what?

Christopher3211d ago

That wave sure has lasted a long time... for me since 1998... Man, when will this wave end?

THE MAX SPEED 213211d ago

lmao that's what I said in my 2 last comments only a few Jrpgs games have shown improvement and I named demon soul ,valkyria aswell as an example.

menoyou3211d ago

I bet all the retards scoring this game low will give FFXIII perfect 10s though, rofl.

BeaArthur3211d ago think WKC is a better game than FF13? Because that is kind of what you are implying.

StanLee3211d ago

This game isn't very good. I think there is a consensus building now and as much as the PS3 hype machine wont want to admit it, the fact is, it's not just JRPGs on the XBox 360 that are bad; the genre really is dated. The genre needs to be rejuvenated.

callahan093211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

This is a criminally unfair score for this game. They scored The Last Remnant higher and that game was a complete mess! This game works perfectly, there's no slowdown, or lag, the fact that it actually runs appropriately means it shouldn't have been scored lower than The Last Remnant, for god's sakes. The game has a really fun combat system and online multiplayer for 4 friends to go questing together, and it gets scored lower than complete trash like X-Blades which they gave a 6.0? Just look at the list of games that IGN has scored higher than this, it's insane! They're completely off their rocker!

UltraNova3211d ago

From IGN
'Lasting Appeal:
I imagine a moderately thorough player will take approximately 30 hours to get through the main story. There's plenty more to do in the additional quests, especially with friends.' Score: 6.5/10

?????? WOW! simply WOW! What more can a game offer than a 30 plus hour story and plenty more to do like extra quests especially if you enjoy playing with friends to get a 10 or even a 9 or an 8????

IGN I 'imagine' your illogical inconsistency is becoming a joke.

Akagi3211d ago

Wow, you let reviews influence your judgement in a game? Why not let IGN play your games for you?

WikusVanDeMerwe3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Not that it matters to most but do the majority of people even know what these "review" numbers mean?

Seems pretty opinionated to me to a degree and one shouldn't base their purchase solely on another persons thoughts. Just saying.

IGN's definition of a '5'

5.0 (Meh)
A 5.0 game is the epitome of "middle of the road." A product with this score leaves our reviewers so indifferent that there's really nothing else to do other than shrug our shoulders and move on.

I loved FFXII(200+ hours into it) Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery and many other good and bad games so if I went off reviews alone I might not of enjoyed some of those games I took pleasure in playing based on others opinion(review.) I also liked Avatar and most tell me it's a horrible movie but I enjoyed it.

Edit: People acting like this game is a 3* or lower and that's nonsense when they haven't even played the game.

*IGN definition

callahan093211d ago

What did IGN give Final Fantasy XII? Because WKC is so much like FFXII that I don't know how anybody could like one and not the other, to be honest. The battle system's are RIDICULOUSLY similar. The whole reason he didn't like the game was because he didn't like that enemies could hit you even if they don't appear to hit you, just like in FFXII. You can be standing out of range of the enemy's physical swing, but it can still hit you because that's just the way the battle system works. It wasn't harped to death by IGN in FFXII's review 3 years ago. It shouldn't be harped to death in this review right now. WKC has a really fun battle system, actually, the combo customization and skill tree are really cool.

Arnon3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

This really isn't surprising if you just look back at this gens list of RPGs. There's only been a handful of good ones between both platforms.

Off the top of my head...

Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Lost Odyssey
Valkyria Chronicles
Demon's Souls

...and apparently Final Fantasy XIII, but I find it hard to believe that it's any better than this game considering how much content they cut and it's extreme linearity. I'll definitely give this a try, as I totally can not trust reviews when it comes to RPGs. Has anyone else noticed that it's basically the only genre in gaming existence to fluctuate this much with it's own scores?

However, there are aspects of this game that do bug me, and I'm sure anyone else with any sense of levelheadedness would agree.

JokesOnYou3211d ago

Just blame the 360, because we all know this game did not live up to its true potential because of the lack of bluray, its obvious this game failures are due to them having to dumb it down for.....errr, wait OK, so anyway its got to be 360's fault somehow, so I blame micro.

lol, WKC is just another great jrpg thats getting hated on by the western media, truth is they just dont get the same old tired stellar gameplay mechanics and cliche story jrpg's have been using for the last 20yrs, their lost.


sack_boi3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Come on dude, you're trying to tell me a multiplat is better than a PS3 exclusive? Lets be realistic here.


BeaArthur3211d ago

sack_boi...because WKC is shaping up to be a stellar PS3 exclusive right? I assume you are talking about the FF13 reference. Why, do you think this game will be rated higher and be a better game than FF13 because FF13 is now multiplatform?

FamilyGuy3211d ago

You'd think Micheal Patcher reviewed this or something. I know it ain't AAA but geez, that's a really low opinion of the title, lowest I've seen so far in fact.

I've been keeping my expectations low for this one cuz I'm buying it either way but this is threatening my own judgment. Either way, I'm getting Star Ocean 4 too and FFXIII soon after so even if it's bad it won't annoy me for long.

That's just really bad to see, even if you don't buy games based on their review scores.

Homicide3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Metacritic score: 64

Just let it go guys. This game is average.

FamilyGuy3211d ago

5.5 Presentation
7.0 Graphics
7.5 Sound
5.0 Gameplay
6.5 Lasting Appeal

Mediocre OVERALL

WTF? Not that it would be much higher but you'd think the "lasting appeal" would = the overall score.

ico923211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

wow im suprised, oh well heavy rain is a game i've been looking forward to for over 3 years was never really exited about WKC

Christopher3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Still have to disagree with you.

The _only_ thing that's changed is that the mass market buys their games on the console. You can't somehow compare a current-day PC afficianado against the market now and not call them the mass market for games 10 years ago.

12 years ago the mass market bought the majority of their games on the PC, not the console. Look at the sales figures, they'll show you on games like BG, Plancescape, Elder Scrolls, Gothic, and so on and so on.

Now, as the mass market migrated to consoles, so did the WRPGs. Baldur's Gate, Deus Ex, and more all started to appear on the PS2 right along with the migration of JRPGs.

To sit there and say that there's a wave of interest in WRPGs as if it has come out of nowhere, even on consoles, is pretty myopic IMHO. What has improved in melding various gameplay models has been WRPGs (RPG + FPS, RPG + TPS, RPG + Puzzle, etc.) and the reason why they're becoming more prominent is because of the stagnation of JRPGs, their inability to evolve out of what they were 10 years ago with FFVII other than throwing some better graphics at us. It's not because it's a sudden fad, it's because they're better games in general with more options and diversity than JRPGs, which is what the mass market has always looked for in their games.

As to answer your question about RPGs making it to the mass market before 2005:
- Deus Ex
- Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
- Champions of Norath
- SW:KoToR
- EverQuest OA
- Lord of the Rings

Yeah, they're well known titles that overshadow at that time, but so were the JRPGs that sold well, if at all, in the U.S.

Rush3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

At least now we can lay rest to the horde of silly fanboys spamming 360 RPG's suck and they would but 10x better if they where PS3 exclusives.

Last year all I read over this site is "Square-Enix are worthless they can't a good game anyway." just because it was on the 360.

And what I find the funniest one "In level 5 we trust"

Well here is your saviour the one you trust in, I hope you don't abandon him now.

Seriously this is sorta bitter sweet I was really looking forward to this game. But at the same it should lower the hypocrisy around here abit.

Finally we can start to admit JRPG won't get reviewed great regardless of platform. Doesn't stop them being good games well some of them.

Chris3993211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Active reading is key. I never said that the WRPG fetish came out of "nowhere". I said it came with the advent of this generation, most noticeably accompanying MS' push to have those sorts of titles (and easy ports) on it's machine. Do you honestly think that Oblivion or Fallout would have been 1/2 as successful or revered if they weren't on a console? You think that Mass Effect would be where it was without a fresh audience and a healthy dose of marketing from MS?

That sort of marketing and hype simply did not exist for any of the games (2005 and beforehand) that you mentioned. The gaming landscape and it's demographic has changed significantly since that time.

The majority of the audience who are buying these titles now are a new generation of consumers. Not 30 something PC weaned persons who are migrating to consoles. You only have to look at the median age of a Live user (that's not a dig, I'm just referencing statistics - not pulling this outta my as$ either, Google the related Nielson article), to see that this is the case. These consumers did not play Planescape. They were in the womb, or at best in grade-school.

I'm really not trying to argue, but I'm having difficulty understanding where you're coming from.

Edit: @ Blaster. Yeah, I've been playing it off and on for the past couple hours. It's CLASSIC JRPG. You're either going to love the stereotypes and cliches or hate them. It is very epic though, in terms of it's scope and direction. Great music too.

Blaster_Master3211d ago

A 5.1? Personally I dont care what anyone thinks about the game but me and my friends. If its bad, then its bad, but Im not gonna let any game review site with noob media types tell me what a bad game is. They thought Gears was a 9. LOL! Its all about your personal taste.

Blaster_Master3211d ago

Hahahaha! Just popped it in and let me tell you what. It already feels epic. This 5.1 just made me give up on what anyone thinks, especially all of you.

FACTUAL evidence3211d ago

Only RPG nowadays that even breaks 7.0 average is a FF title. If it isn't Final fantasy don't expect reviewers to give it past 7.0 most of the time. Guy's regardless of the review, if you own a ps3 this will be a great buy if you're into JRPGS. Don't let this score fool you, play it.

PopEmUp3211d ago

I like the game, so I gonna buy it :) You guys just focus too much on review to be able to buy a game that is sad lol

DaTruth3211d ago

This is total biased BS! These guys are completely biased... against crap games! They do this every time!

Christopher3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Of course not, but it was the explosion of the PS2 that ended up with more PC games on all consoles this generation. Again, following the mass market.

"That sort of marketing and hype simply did not exist for any of the games (2005 and beforehand) that you mentioned."

The type of marketing we have today wasn't seen with any game beforehand. Games have become mainstream now as well as an entertainment industry to compete with music and movies. This has absolutely nothing to do with when WRPGs took off but with the taking of video gaming as an acceptable mainstream media element.

"The majority of the audience who are buying these titles now are a new generation of consumers. Not 30 something PC weaned persons who are migrating to consoles."

Which was the exact same thing ten years ago. The same majority type of people who are buying now were the same back then. It wasn't mostly 30-somethings who were buying BioWare's early PC games, it was teens and people in their early 20s.

"I'm really not trying to argue, but I'm having difficulty understanding where you're coming from. "

Your original statement I quoted said "...Joe Consumer is currently caught up in the thrill and wave of Western RPGs." My response to that was that there is no wave of Western RPGs. In fact, there are about the same number of WRPGs put out each year now as there was ten years ago.

You responded that this was on the consoles and I followed up saying that in the past people got their majority of gaming on PCs and as consoles became more popular, the people and the WRPG developers followed onto the console.

Regardless of any of those comments, though, I still wonder why this game was even brought over from Japan when it wasn't well received there either. What made them think that it would appeal to Westerners just because it didn't appeal to Easterners?

Marquis_de_Sade3210d ago

Callahan, this is 2010, games evolve, why on earth are you comparing it to FFXII? That game came out 4 years ago for crying out loud.

Rampant3210d ago

Epic score for this epic game. This is one review guys, and it's .1 above average, so don't tell me that IGN has been biased always, and eurogamer, because I am so buying this game, because it is a ps3 exclusive I will love it many more times than if it was multiplatform, You know all sites take off 4-5 points for ps3 exclusives so GUESS WHAT GUYS this is a 10.1 from IGN, lolol so true.

Tru_Ray3210d ago

It if the game had guns or FPS elements it would have automatically have received an 8.0 or above. Is this the same douche that gave Folklore a 9.0?

TROLL EATER3210d ago

it must be the mass effect LOOL. jrpgs seem to be losing it.

The Happy Baby3210d ago

How LOW can you go? How LOW can you go?

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-Alpha3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

The whole premise of WKC sounded stupid and dull to me and this has only confirmed my worst fear.

I think I'll skip it now. But don't give up on these guys, they are behind the brilliant world of Dark Cloud and that is all I'll ever wait for. I appreciate the fact that they wanted to do something different but it clearly hasn't worked for them.

Shang-Long3211d ago

Wow havnt been this shocked since haze however unlike haze I'll play this sooner or later

Bnet3433211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Lol holy sh*t, I still might get this just to get my JRPG fix. Reviews aren't everything. I got Blue Dragon and that got bad reviews too. I thought this game would do better than a 5 though. :/

On a side note, WRPGs are the way to go this generation with games like Mass Effect 2. Japanese devs have lost their touch and I'm not putting my chips on FFXIII to do superb.

hetz153211d ago

I recommend you to get it man. I just bought it and the game is awesome.

Also, why most reviewers now say "no multiplayer, minus 3 or 4 points"? I know multiplayer is fun, but this JRPG is not the right genre for multiplayer I think (side quests or a small portion is fine,but not the whole damn game). And for the story, I think saving a princess and saving humanity's life are pretty similar, except for one using swords mainly, and one using blaster guns.

Now,only SO4 and FF13 remain in my preorder list, and also Last Rebellion,End of Eternity, and Record of Agarest War pretty soon (I still have Heavy Rain in my preorder list for $15 LOL)

Hidden Star3211d ago

i don't recommend the game. This is 2010 and this game screams 2006 quality. No offense to Level 5 but it's not worth $60 imo.

hetz153211d ago

oh well, if you talk about the graphic yes, it's not that impressive. But I always think that a game doesn't make from graphic only. I'm playing FF4 now and although it has 1990s graphic I still enjoy it so much.

Homicide3211d ago

Ouch! Not looking pretty for WKC. A 5.1 from IGN and a 6.0 from GameSpot. Guess I'll rent it then.

BeaArthur3211d ago

This game had me interested but is it safe to put a fork in this one? I know not everyone agrees with IGN's reviews but that is pretty low and not low as in it's an okay game.