My Love/Hate Relationship With MAG

"MAG, MAG, MAG…where does begin? For starters, MAG is not for everybody, but many FPS fans and Socom fans will love this game. To be honest their haven't been many problems with the game since it launched, but the things that are wrong have very little to do with the game itself."

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Nick2120043208d ago

I definitely feel most of the faults in this game deals with the players more than the game.

BeaArthur3208d ago

I only played the demo but from what I understand there are some balancing issues among the factions. That is not a player fault. But in some respects I agree with you. A lot of time when I hear people complain about games it is do to their own lack of talent.

FaSeCeX3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

ppl who suck at it just wanna whine about sucking or being on that squad that play it as if its cod and bcuz of that the cod gamers trying to make it into cod frustrates the heck outta u..

cuz every1 knows that cod gamers r truly the suckiest TEAM players out u went how many of them kills came from harriers, pave lows, ac130's, chopper gunners, and camping in a corner? haha

the game could use more maps tho, but that may just be me...

-Alpha3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Why do people like you assume every complaint about a FPS has had to have come from COD fans?

Developers aren't perfect and balancing issues are easy to oversee.

Every time I visit the Killzone, Bad Company, or the MAG forums there's always one guy ignoring a complaint on the assumption and childish attack that they are just COD fanboys. They don't bother to ever respond to the complaint, they just taunt and downplay the guy complaining and get defensive because they just can't accept the fact their game is not perfect.

Balancing issues exist in nearly any Multiplayer game and I'm sure MAG is no different, especially consider all I hear about one of the PMC's having a wall of China.

I'm just saying in general that if a significant group of people are complaining validly about a balancing issue don't dismiss them as COD players, they could genuinely be offering something to better enhance the game. You should instead look at what they are complaining about and counter it

@Nick and Arthur

Considering the kind of game MAG is I wouldn't doubt that the core gameplay problems are coming from the actual players, though I do hear of problems because of Zipper. From what I see with Zipper they seem like they are supportive of the community so I would expect if there were any major problems they would get fixed soon.

Pennywise3208d ago

I am SVER now... We do win a lot. I just can't believe it is completely balance. Every single game we win the leader is giving orders, the squad leaders are bombing and frago'ing all essentials.

MAG works when you have a team that gets it done. I have a feeling all reviewers who are rating it 7 and below were Valor or Raven.

FamilyGuy3208d ago

Just pick up a fallen enemies gun if you things theirs is better than yours. It's not impossible.

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BrothaDave3208d ago

MAG is a solid game and there is nothing wrong with COD, this game just isn't COD. People who will like this the most are people who liked Socom and Rainbow Six games. The scope of the game is enormous and you gotta work as a team or you won't win one single match.

COD is a whole different style of FPS, and they really shouldn't be compared because what you do in COD online doesn't affect you like it does in MAG.