Digital distrubition: Wave of the future or flash in the pan?

Format wars could soon be a thing of the past if digital downloads continue to explode. lists the reasons for and against digital distribution changing the game for good.

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snoop_dizzle4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

in probably five years, high speed internet access will be standard. Meaning that you could get super high speed internet for probably the same price as you pay for high speed now.

Sadly i do like to physically own it, but look at the music industry.
Granted most files downloaded are bad sounding compressed mp3 files, but there has been a slight improvement. The same with movies. Now they are coming in HD. With higher speeds that we will see, we will probably be able to download HD movies pretty fast.

In probably 5 years dig distribution will be standard.

BR and maybe HDDVD(possibly both could coexist) will still be around, like cds have with music.

SmokeyMcBear4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

yes i would like to download 10-20 gigs of data please, oh and a back up hard drive for just in case purposes, much more convenient than having a tangible disc in my library.

edit: yes ok music industry, 4 mg is a lot different than 4 gb. Also, i know that Ive had this happen as well as other, you buy a cd, for one or 2 songs and you are stuck with a lot of crap that you really don't like. Granted there are a lot of great bands and make entire cd's that are worth it, but there is a lot of artists that have one or 2 hits and the rest is filler than they come up with greatest hits albums. You really can't do that with movies or games, you can't pick and choose what you want, its either the entire thing, or nothing, very differnt than cd's.

snoop_dizzle4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

physically own it, but agian look at the music industry.

I still buy some cds, but its mostly downloading.

Then again, you might buy all your music on CD as well.

TruthHurts4197d ago

will take over. due to us being lazy. physical media is nice, convience always wins.

you could go to the grocery store, but instead you`ll go to the variety store.
Soon, it`ll be standard to order your groceries and have some poor sap deliver them.

why do McDonalds do so well cause its better food, nope, because its convient.

"Convience Always Wins"

snoop_dizzle4197d ago

that might not be the best example. Around when the internet really started to boom, many analysts said that ordering food online would skyrocket and it really hasn't to this day.

I can see games and music being ordered online by the masses, but stuff like groceries or tvs for that matter(you want tot see what your getting) i don't see happening)

Diselage4197d ago

Theme parks? GO GO Gadget Nintendo marketing machine.

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