Mass Effect 2 Item/Upgrade Database and More

GameBanshee has launched a brand new subsite dedicated to BioWare's Mass Effect sequel, complete with information about the game's six classes, profiles of all twelve squad members, statistics for all forty-six character powers, exclusive wallpaper, a handy advancement table, a list of achievements, and fully searchable item/upgrade, codex, and planetary databases.

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ASSASSYN 36o2909d ago (Edited 2909d ago )

That is nice info.

Typical-Guy2908d ago

I'm playing this game now, it's AWESOME.

Christopher2908d ago

There really isn't much there and it kind of makes me sad seeing how few options there are for weapons in general.

The power information is very useful, though, especially when laying out how you want to spec you character and the specifics for loyalty powers, since you can only have one. So far, Reave (Samara's Loyalty power) has been my bread & butter as both a Soldier and an Infiltrator. I use it more than concussion shot on my soldier and it's my primary ability on my infiltrator.