SEGA Reveals New Wii Exclusive

From Terminal Gamer:

SEGA Bringing A 3D Fighting Game To The Wii

February 3, 2010 - In a surprise move, SEGA has announced a Wii-exclusive 3D fighting game called Tournament of Legends.

The game is being developed by High Voltage, the company behind The Conduit. Only recently SEGA announced that it would be giving up on publishing 'mature' Wii titles, so this new development has caused a few eyebrows to be raised.

According to the SEGA press release, Tournament of Legends will offer a 'rich weapon fighting experience' featuring characters based on mythological legends, such as a minotaur, gladiator and valkyrie. Various bonus modes will include 'dodging giant mythological creatures'.

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ZoidsRaven2967d ago

...... They're not going to advertises this game, are they.. 7_7
Can't wait, though.

AEtherbane2966d ago

Since they give a crap about the wii. but this game is looking tihn on content for a fighting game, 10 people and 8 enviorments.... no online, ehh, i think they'll have to build this one up. im more excited for the grinder.