3D Dot Game Heroes: Enhance Your Sword Trailer

Atlus has just sent over this brand new trailer for 3D Dot Game Heroes that shows off the ability to "enhance" your power and size with one quick trip to the blacksmith.

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MajesticBeast3155d ago

Now thats a broadsword. Gonna love playing this game for sure.

Christopher3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

IMHO, Atlus is what SE used to be. Only they actually put out a diverse range of games.

KiRBY30003155d ago

and bad reviews wont change that :P

A Cupcake for Gabe3155d ago

The classic Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, and Dragon Warrior Nostalgia is huge in America, but no so much in JP. This isa game that will be bigger in the States, mostly cause we love Zelda the most, and this is like being the first nextgen Zelda but with that classic style that gives us a fantastic flashback to the 80's.

SuperStrokey11233155d ago


You are 100% right, atlus just seems to being putting out these A+ titles all the time. SOme of them are pretty niche but for the most part nothing but awesome.

snaz273155d ago

it says in stores 11th may or something, i know people like nostalgia, but surely this cant be full price? lol... it seems more like a wii type game than ps3... i might pay £3-£4 pounds for a game like this but thats it.

snaz273155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

im being genuine, id really like to know what you dissagree with? is it that its coming out 11th may? well it cant be cos i checked again and it is lol... the next thing i said was a question so cant be that, you dissagree that i would pay £3-£4? how much would i pay then? lmao... seriously i just checked google, and my jaw hit the floor! this is a full price release! i even saw one price £62 pounds!!!!! really? but is this like a mini game inside a real game or what? i feel like im in the twilight zone cos everyone is really excited for this, are you all being sarcastic? im not taking the p**s i would really like to know.

SuperStrokey11233155d ago

Everyone is disagreeing with your cause it doesnt look like a budget release at all. It looks awesome, its has a MSRP of 39.99 here in NA also so i guess it is budgetish.

If you look into the game you will see that its actually a reall interesting concept. You are just hung up on the visual style of it.

Qui-Gon Jim3155d ago

This is a retail release, not a PSN release, but not a full price game, either. It's $40 US. I don't know much else about it, so if you think it's not worth that price, I won't argue with you. If i find myself with some money to spend in May though, I will certainly be checking this out.

TotalPS3Fanboy3155d ago

That is ridiculously funny. Hahaha.

snaz273155d ago

it just looks really old lol, like if sega re released alex kis or something, would you pay $40 just for that? and also i guess i take into account the cost and effort to make a game also... really how much did this cost to make? and how long did it take? the gameplay just looks boring, swing round a giant sword? lmao... look i respect your decisions... you like this game, i really cant believe it, but you do ok... ive played games like that 20 years ago mate... if i bought a game out which was like the really old ball and stick games, would you buy that for $40, yeah i remember those games lol, just move the stick up and down lol... im just really really suprised this isnt a psn game... how much blu-ray space does it take up lmao! wipeout hd was only like a gig, surely this doesnt take up more... but hey ok cool, its defo not for me but i hope you have fun with it.

FamilyGuy3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

That was ridiculous. Male enhancement product commercial spoof. I can't believe these guys, they're like the "scary movie" of the video game world.

"if i bought a game out which was like the really old ball and stick games, would you buy that for $40, yeah i remember those games lol, just move the stick up and down lol..."

I guess you never heard of "Shatter"? It's a psn title look it up, this obvious has more value to it than that game though, hence the reason it's not a psn game. I do agree that it's probably small enough in file size to be on PSN though but don't expect it to be any less than $30 if/when it does hit.

D4RkNIKON3155d ago

Judging from your comments you must be about 14 years old. Obviously a game like this has no appeal to you because you have never played NES or even SNES. The thing about this game is that it's so nostalgic to those of us who are old enough to have played Zelda on a console before game cube or the wii. I personally can't wait to play this game and am willing to pay full retail for it.

FamilyGuy3155d ago

It's not like they're charging $60 for it, they know they're audience and he simply does not apply.

snaz273155d ago

im actually 28, so twice that age, i guess you didnt read my last post... if you want you can add me on psn, and ill vid chat with you... come on dont go throwing round insults, ive not insulted you... im just genuinely suprsed that they could make this game, pretty cheaply lets be honest, in a relatively short space of time, and charge 2/3 of full retail price... to me thats just crazy sorry... i have played nes... infact i started on a bloody spectrum mate, and seriously my dad had one og those stick consoles, you just twisted a knob to make the stick go up and down lmao... the spectrum well it was great waiting 5 mins for the cassette tape to load! lol... i see the nostalgis thats fine, and if this was released for about £5 on psn i could see you wanting to play it, even i could maybe stretch to that, but anymore noway! family guy i dont have a beef lmao, im really just shocked to be honest. ok gt5 taking 5 plus years, costing god knows how much to make, and its gonna be like $10 more than this, seriously?

snaz273155d ago

so shatter was $40 and a retail release? come on chap be resonable... you could of even said magic ball... but they are samll psn games and thats fine... but to put it on a blu-ray and sell it for $40 would be crazy surely? would you buy it? lol

UnwanteDreamz3155d ago

Weather or not this is worth the price of a full retail release is a matter of opinion. I personally wouldn't spend 40$ on it.

If there is alot of content I can see how this will appeal to many gamers that like the old school retro gameplay. Someone who enjoys this style of gameplay will find value in it.

I hate RTS games but they seem to manage a following without my support. It will be the same for this title.

snaz273155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

it would really kill you to agree with me wouldnt it lmao... when you conpare tyhis to ANY modern full price retail game i really dont see how it could stand up value wise, yes i dont dount people will like it, thats cool, im shocked though at what they are willing to pay.. i quite like rts games as it goes, but you can play them online for FREE lol, ok not the best ones but still, the best ones wouldnt cost $40, and if they did i wouldnt buy it.... hold up didnt they charge full price for halo wars? well i think that survived by name alone really, at that price... surely there has to be some correlation between effort and tim and price no? anyway come here and give me a hug you big softie lol.

edit: wow my typing is shocking! lol

FamilyGuy3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I guess you missed that part. Shatter was a VERY short game with NO story but I used it as a comparison to your stick ball reference. It's an updated stick ball game that was successful and the difference in cost is the difference in production values of the two games.

Do you REALLY believe 3D Dot Heroes should be a $8 PSN title? That would be ridiculously under-priced for what you get compared to other PSN games. Have you played Fat Princess? Even that game was $15 but it was reeeeeaally short as well.

The game isn't for you, $40 seems just fine to me.

"ok gt5 taking 5 plus years, costing god knows how much to make, and its gonna be like $10 more than this, seriously?"

First off GT5 will be $20 more
Second GT5 Prologue would be a better comparison as it released at $40 and had very little content yet fans were pleased
Third, GT5 it's IS UNDER-PRICED! I've actually mentioned this in a few GT5 "features" articles: GT5, for what you're getting compared to ANY other racing game is just insane. It should actually retail in the $100 range. Consumers luck out it that situation I guess though.

This game isn't for you, why can't you just leave it at that?

snaz273155d ago

yes i see it possibly has a little extra value... but not THAT much, also i dont see the point of making it on a blu-ray, surely this game is under a gig? have i played fat princess? nope, it was over priced just like this game... personally i think MOST gmaes are overpriced, and i rarely pay full price, i do like the way sony exclusives have arguably better quality, most the time, yet they are cheaper than multiplats... its kinda mad seen as multiplats have a larger audience to sell too, wouldnt you agree?... i dont think ive ever payed full price for a multiplat, most i will get pre owned, games ive paid full price for... uncharted 2, killzone 2, hmmmmm thats it i think lol... and when i say full price i mean i shopped around, killzone 2 i bought at launch for like £32 quid... i see that as fair.... but yes i agree this game isnt for me, and like ive said i do hope you enjoy it and get your moneys worth, thats all i was wondering about..

snaz273155d ago

so how much more is it? you see gt5 as being under priced... i dont, i see it as bang on value for money, that is why ill pick that up day one with no problems of thinking ive been ripped off.... i see 3d dot heroes as being vastly over priced! and hense i wont pick it up, i think pricing this gen is a bit crazy, like map packs and such, look at capcom, charging what £3.50 for 4 costumes!!! costumes that are on the disk anyway!!! maybe thats why this dev thinks they can charge as much as they are? anyway man take care and happy gaming.

FamilyGuy3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

All PS3 games are on Blu-ray...

If you mean to say it should be a PSN titled based on disc size alone i say this:

Not everyone has their PS3 hooked up to the internet
Not every PS3 owner has a PSN account
Not everyone has good download speeds for buying online titles.

Being released on disc garners a higher number of possible support for the title.

At best you should be saying it should be on PSN as well, but not solely on PSN.

GT5 is $60
3d Dot $40
GT5Pro $40

"i think pricing this gen is a bit crazy, like map packs and such, look at capcom, charging what £3.50 for 4 costumes!!! costumes that are on the disk anyway!!!"

I agree, i hate the direction DLC is taking and some games charge $1 per skin, it's ridiculous and I avoid it if I don't see the value or have some unfound urge to simply further support the developer (case of UC2)

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Godmars2903155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )


xabmol3155d ago (Edited 3155d ago )

I'm a have a tough choice come May... ModNation, Lost Planet 2, or 3D Dot... Dx

ThanatosDMC3155d ago

I'm going for LP2 on May. When's Dead Rising 2 coming out. I'll be getting that before any other game that month too.

3D Dot im still not sure about.

DigitalAnalog3155d ago

-Truer than true statement

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