Mass Effect 2: Free Dr. Pepper Promo DLC Codes

EA/Bioware and Dr. Pepper recently teamed up for a Mass Effect 2 promotion that provides drinkers of the soda the chance to win three DLC items for use in the new game. Those living outside the United States are sadly ineligible for the promotion, and players who just don't drink the stuff may simply be out of luck.

As it turns out, Hellforge has good news. The keys provided in the promotion are completely static and reusable.

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Rockox3236d ago

I got these codes yesterday and then booted up the game. Works like a charm! FREE is my favourite four-letter word.

mikepmcc3236d ago

sweet indeed, they all work!

STICKzophrenic3236d ago

YES! I've been OCDing about how to get these.

JeffGUNZ3236d ago

took me five minutes, I got em' all!

STICKzophrenic3236d ago


Now the only thing I'm missing is the M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle...and I'm not even sure if that works for 360 or not.

If anyone has a way to get that, please post it up!

mcgrawgamer3236d ago

got em on my lunch break. Now i just gotta download em and I'm good to go.

Must this is one of the better finds on N4G if I do say so myself

Lord Vader3236d ago





Make 3 fake accounts and you can get all three prizes.

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The story is too old to be commented.