Australia Targets Online Comments, Then Retracts

A Draconian South Australian law targeting anyone who posted any type of comment about the March 20th elections has apparently been retracted by the Government after citizens caused an uproar. The reason the election is so important is due to questionable representation by officials banning certain video games and other materials because of content.

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Ninferno3086d ago

the only video game that should be banned are Bakugan games. Am i right?

iiprotocolii3086d ago

I wholeheartedly agree there, bud.

Noctis Aftermath3086d ago

This guy is just getting worse, he needs to lose his job, we don't need any dictators in this country thanks.

Ninferno3086d ago

they should ban grand theft auto

Hitman07693083d ago

I'm Pretty Sure They Did Ban Grand Theft Auto in Australia, they banned Manhunt 1 & 2 I believe. Many countries such as Germany also get their games actually edited before they arrive. The 'controversial MW2 level' everyone had the option to skip in the rest of the world was Completely DELETED on the German version of the disc.

Nihilism3086d ago

Wow, I would only have thought something like this was possible in America, welcome to the U.S.A Australia, we're all going to hell.

I find it sickening that this 1 person has some sadistic grudge again games and has veto powers over the control of censorship and is now enforcing this B.S. Thank god I don't live in S.A, it's Australia's Florida.

ryano232773086d ago

Coz I live in this stupid dry hot f'n state, in the most backward f'n Country in the world.

As a video game store owner, I know exactly where I can purchase my games from and stick it up the f'n government

SonySoldierEternaL3086d ago

Australia is really becoming lame

ryano232773086d ago

Live in a backward f'n country.

I think I may have to get on facebook and have a say!!!!

Hitman07693083d ago

I feel your pain you guys. But you still live in a beautiful country. And there is still great things about it. Try not to focus on the downside of it, at least you still get to come on these websites and express your opinion. Some countries like China cannot even access the majority of the internet.

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