SEGA to publish High Voltage Software's Tournament of Legends

SEGA has announced a new publishing deal with the creators of The Conduit.

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SpoonyRedMage2965d ago

Coolness, I'm much more interested in The Grinder though.

HVS is also making the Wii version of Iron Man 2 apparently, wonder how that will work out.

Valay2965d ago

Same with me actually. Hopefully the overall quality of this title will be an improvement over The Conduit.

SpoonyRedMage2965d ago

Eh, The Conduit was enjoyable(not great though). I'm interested to see what improvements they're making.

That's why I think making Iron Man 2 is a good thing(even if it's rubbish) they can advance their engine with Sega's money instead of their own(The Conduit, Tournament of Legends and The Grinder as self-funded).

How come you haven't got the screenshots by the way, I think the new screens look pretty good(but jaggedy).

ChickeyCantor2965d ago

Isn't this Gladiators?
So much color added xD.

Double Toasted2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago ) the only type of game I've heard of thus far befitting the description of this game...hmmmm. Anyway, I can't wait to see all the games that are using the Quantum engine...

Valay2965d ago

@ sidar - Yeah, this is Gladiator A.D. renamed.

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EvilTwin2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

"The game also features an Interactive Training mode and supports the Classic Controller."


When HVS announced this and Grinder, I was much more hyped for some gladiator fighting. And they were talking about Motion+ support. I guess that's been tossed out the window. If I want to play a hybrid finesse/button masher, I'll just get Tav vs. Cap.

SpoonyRedMage2965d ago

That's because everyone always complains when developers don't but CC support in, look how many people are using the CC control scheme for NMH2 even though it's gimped compared to the normal one.

Poor silliness. I think the game is more akin to PunchOut! than Tatsunoko vs Capcom though.

EvilTwin2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I'm all for adding the option of CC-support for games that aren't geared toward motion controls. I prefer a regular gamepad for Madden, and I'm not totally sold on tilt controls for racing games.

But the remote/nunchuck seems tailor-made for gladiatorial combat; main weapon with the remote, shield with the 'chuck.

IGN's hands-on calls it a mix "between a traditional fighting game and Punch-Out."

If I wanted PunchOut, I'd play PO.
And if I wanted a traditional fighter, I'd get Tat v. Cap. And I'd get to play online, too. Without a skimpy 10 players in 8 environments.

I just don't get where HVS is aiming with this one. It seems like they watered down the original game and made it into something else entirely.

SpoonyRedMage2965d ago

Yup and it's competing with Rage of the Gladiator(is that right?) which is very similar in concept but has M+ support and it's on Wiiware. Seems like better value.

Mahr2965d ago

"I just don't get where HVS is aiming with this one."

They're aiming at the same audience they've aimed every single game they've ever made at: people who don't have very high standards. :/

N4g_null2965d ago

I'm not sure what's going on with their team now. More motion plus details would be nice and evil is on the money make some thing different with a deep fighting system. Maybe they should demo it? I'm not liking the girl model and they seem to be using the particle effects a little too much. Also this game went from dark and brutle to colorful yet I'm wondering what happened to the Ray backed concepts they had before did some one quit?

asdr3wsfas2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

Agreed - this is total crap. The people who want CC controls are the same vocal minority we always hear from. The people who want wm+ controls are the millions who bought WSR and the wii for motion controlled games! Half the reason people liked NMH was that it was the closest to light saber battling on the wii - top wii game compilations specifically referred to it this way.

These people aren't coming to their websites and complaining but the market is there. I'm getting the wiiware wm+ gladiator title and watiing for reviews on this. If it is similar enough to punchout and good I'll buy it. But that's a huge bar and as much as I enjoyed the conduit I don't think HVS can compete with punchout.

What is wrong with devs? Are they all insane? If you took a poll whether wii owners would prefer to play a sword fighting game with precise swinging compared to on a controller who would honestly believe they'd pick the controller? What if you polled and asked how many people bought WSR for sword fighting? That is why the wii and even crap titles like the original Red Steel sold so well - we can play WSR with less of a mental block between our actions and the gameplay! That's why Tiger Woods outsells the other consoles on the wii!

I like controllers for lots of games like fighters but hack and slash perfectly suits wm+. They could have done so much. I guess I'll stick to RS2 and import Dynamic Slash. I don't know how these games will do but they illustrate why Nintendo and Ubisoft do relatively well on the console. They don't dumb it down or play it safe - they deliver the experience people purchased the wii for without treating the customer like a moron with purposefully simple gameplay. It's accessible but not simple in the same way Contra is easy to learn yet takes years to master.

Millions of people buy the wii for the promise of motion controls supplementing traditional gameplay. Few of the games *suited* for motion controls implement them. Shooters like COD suited for IR pointing are late ports with small budgets and still sell over a million copies. Most shooters aren't even brought to the system or turned into dumbed down FPS games instead of *proper arcade* rail shooters with classic gameplay, like the RE: Chronicles or Dead Space Extraction. Even some of these do well.

Yet game sales are low for some of these titles. The wii audience is blamed.

These companies are criminally inept.

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jalen2472965d ago

I completed the Conduit. It was a decent game. I am looking forward to the Grinder.

AEtherbane2965d ago

IM excited, ill support HVS for giveing a 3rd aprty crap about the wii. bought the conduit liked it, and this looks good too. although i REALLY want to see more ont he grinder, thats what has me more interested.
and good for SEGA, being up there too.

tunaks12965d ago

gladiator A.D looked so much better,
this now looks, artistically worse then the Conduit.

Im quite disappointed, the look of Gladiator A.D was really nice, i have a feeling they changed the look to make it more 'kid-friendly' and subsequently SEGA agrees to publish.

The new look is, well just goofy looking.
I'll skip this one HVS, it looks like their no longer supporting WM+, and the motions they do have are just replacing buttons instead of adding to the experience.

I'll still get the Grinder, but this I'll pass, and I have a feeling everyone else will.
HVS just don't blame anyone but yourselves when this game doesn't sell well.
The Grinder on the other hand will be a success.

ChickeyCantor2965d ago

More color doesn't mean "kids!!!!".
I think they just thought they wanted to show that their engine could handle a range of colors. The Conduit wasn't shining colors, and The grinder looks browner than most PS2 games.

Its not the colors that are causing it, its again, the art-style.

tunaks12965d ago

While I agree that more color doesn't mean its a kids game, the art style for the game is atrocious, and the color choices are very poor.
About the Grinder, it's look works for it's type of game, and I hope they don't mess with the concept for that they've got.
In the end I'm more then happy to support HVS, but I wont be picking up Gladiator AD, er I mean Tournament of Legends.

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