Dante's Inferno PS3 vs. Xbox 360 - Graphics Check

In that screenshot comparison Videogameszone checked the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Dante's Inferno.

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THE MAX SPEED 213237d ago

Built on PS3 1st ported to Xbox360. PS3 version looks better , xbox version lookes washed up in the pics. Changing your TV settings might make it look better.

gow3 > dante though.

DelbertGrady3237d ago

I'd prefer to see it in motion though. Screenshots don't give away anything about framerates, vsync issues etc. I hope they got both versions to work well.

darthv723237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

For some, it may just be the settings of the set that differentiate the graphical clarity and details. I like the look and most importantly...the level design of this game. I was reading on wiki about the levels in this game and they are quite intriguing.

I have both demos and can say that I cant see any differences on my samsung plasma at the same dynamic picture settings at 720p. Plus, you figure the demos are like all other demos and betas...(disclaimer mode activated) not representative of the final look of the game.

It is nice that ps3 is lead as that means both will be more equal in performance and quality than if 360 was lead. 360 just seems to have a better ability of matching the ps3 if ps3 is lead. Go figure.

@guido: I hate to say it but the game is not washed out on either platform. This is just from playing the demo at the same settings of my tv. Sometimes it makes you wonder if some of these comparison sites are truly being legit with matching the final look between versions. I do recall back in the day, I had certain settings for brightness/contrast/color when playing genesis games and a different set for playing snes games on the same monitor.

It is just a matter of personal preference. I can say from my personal experience with just the demo on the same tv at same resolution and using the dynamic setting of my plasma, both look exactly the same. I wont even try to downplay one over the other because it is as if like looking into a mirror.

It seems obvious you have no interest in this game because GoW3 is coming out soon enough. I am stoked for that as well but when it comes to good games...sometimes I just can't pass them up. This is one of those games. Any player interested should take note and at least read the wiki write up on the various levels in the game. They just sound like they are a blast to play through.

Guido3237d ago

Tell us how you like it. Does the washed out look make the game play worse? Probably not. In the end, you will like the game despite it looking like it does and then you can come back and be far more civil when it comes to lazy ports to the PS3.

It's nice to see the shoe on the other foot from time to time and see devs make games look and play better for the PS3 but that does not excuse the fact that any dev that makes a game lesser on one platform compared to another is not doing the job 100% like they should be.

frostypants3237d ago

I've got no skin in this...I'm just not too interested in this game.

However, they look entirely the same to me...360 looks maybe a little washed out side-by-side but nothing meaningful. Good cross-platform job by the devs.

ZombieRollz3237d ago

I love Soda.

When the 360 version is superior: "It's quite clear that the 360 far outweighs the PS3 on this port"

When the PS3 version is superior: "I'd rather see it in motion."


BattleAxe3237d ago

Theres a bit more detail in the PS3 version when it comes to the ground textures and other small things.

Guido3237d ago

That's the hypocrisy of the 360 camp. However, knowing my taste in consoles and reading my post you can see, no matter what console it is on, the dev should make the game great on both consoles and not favor one over the other. In the end, no matter the console, if it favors one over the other it denotes a lazy dev IMHO and should be released only when the game is complete and good looking on both platforms.

GVON3237d ago

Sorry but they both look like turds,and some slight res advantage is nothing to boast about.I enjoyed the demo more than I thought I would.But I seriously can't get this over gow3,i'd be insane if I did.
If I only had one system though I'd probably buy it because it felt like a solid game.I do worry it will run out of ideas fairly quick,

lowcarb3237d ago

The PS3 version actually looks much better. What I find funny is how PS3 guys always pretend the washed out PS3 version looks better now all of a sudden it's ugly lol.

solidt123237d ago

Yeah the PS3 version has deeper blacks, Looks like Full RGB is on. I like using limited RGB because with Full in dark parts of the game it is hard for me to see things in the environment. It might just be my TV though.

dragunrising3237d ago

I also will have to see it in motion. Granted, the PS3 looks superior based on the screenshots provided, I'm not sold. Regardless, I think I would purchase this for PS3 if I had to choose as its being released as a special edition.

Someone remind me again why always makes news on N4G? I wouldn't assume most readers on this site speak German... :-/

lociefer3237d ago

damage control is reaching critical levels, you guyz should cool down

KiRBY30003237d ago

why would you prefer to see it in motion? only PS3 users are getting both games so it's not like you have to make a choice.

if you see it in motion and end up liking the PS3 version more, are you gonna buy a PS3 for that game? probably not. so cut the crap already.

gaffyh3237d ago

PS3 version: Deeper colours, more particle effects, quite a lot of aliasing issues.

360 version: A little washed out, slightly less aliasing issues (but still quite a lot)

Overall PS3 version seems better, so it seems like a Darksiders type thing with this game. Still, in motion, it wouldn't make much difference to anyone.

we won3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

You guys have to wait for the real comparison sites this German site switches the tags on the pics more often than not. I doubt the 360 version is washed out. This site has a track record for being wrong compared to other comparison sites and have been caught red handed doing the o'l switch a roo with the console tags with pics, saying the PS3 version is the 360 version and the 360 version the PS3 version

Gue13237d ago

That's what I always say but people insist in stack up screen-shots to compare graphics differences...

kalebgray923237d ago

look at dante's hands its an updated version of san andreas hands.... gow3 owns this
the only difference is the ps3 version looks like crap but is darker.... and the 360 version looks like crap and is lighter

blu_yu_away3237d ago

Shadows and textures definitely look better on the PS3 but whats up with all the jaggies?

TotalPS3Fanboy3237d ago

OK, fine, the PS3 version looks better. LOL.

ape0073237d ago

it was good but certainly a gow wanna be, heck even I thought that it has the same game code

good game but im not gonna buy it and everybody knows why


god Im dying to get my hands on gow3

gow is a dream experience

SilentNegotiator3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

PS3 looks better and the "Divine Edition" is only $60 and exclusive to the PS3.

The PS3 has the better textures/color contrast in addition to not being blurry:

Divine Edition:

DelbertGrady3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Because if the 360 version performs like the PS3 version of Bayonetta I won't be getting it. On the other hand, if it moves at a steady framerate and the gameplay is good I just might. I play games in motion, not in screenshots.

"I love Soda.

When the 360 version is superior: "It's quite clear that the 360 far outweighs the PS3 on this port"

When the PS3 version is superior: "I'd rather see it in motion."

So how do you explain these comments:

On Mass Effect 2 - PC/360

"5 days 5 hours ago do the crappiest comparisons I've ever seen, and their site is full of pop-up windows and spam. Should be banned imo.

Anyways, if the PC version doesn't look better something is seriously wrong"


"12 days 14 hours ago
This site should stop making comparisons. They are so crappy it hurts to watch them.

Anyways, PC version looks better of course, but at the same time I'm surprised the difference isn't bigger. Could have to do with the specs of the PC. Looks very good on both platforms though."


On Darksiders - PS3/360

"21 days 1 hour ago
PS3 version definitely looks better. I really like this game and think you should pick it up regardless of what platform you own. Also, I read on IGN that a fix will be released soon for the 360 version, if not already available. Will have a good time in either case =)"

What's funny with you PS3 diehards is that whenever the 360 version of a multiplat game looks better you write it off as crap. Like you did with Bayonetta.

@SilentNegotiator - I've never said I have a PS3. You should take a rest and stop trying so hard to put words in my mouth.

SilentNegotiator3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Digital Foundry confirms CONSTANT 60fps on PS3 version Demo:
And not any major screen tearing here, if there was ANY.

You sure concern yourself with the PS3 a lot for a person who doesn't own one.

Pistolero3236d ago

This is not what I saw when I compared the demos on my tv....I don't know why but a lot of this site's screenshot comparisons are kind of strange...but it's only a gamma difference anyway, which can be adjusted in the game's menu just like Dead Space...I am waiting for Digital Foundry's and Lens of Truth's more in depth comparisons.

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jack_burt0n3237d ago

Wow i thought the game looked bad on ps3 but the 360 looks frickin terrible washed out low rez mess. No wonder it has so many more pre orders on ps3.

BeaArthur3237d ago

There are probably more pre-orders because the PS3 version is the limited edition version for the same price as the 360 standard. More content for the same price equals a no brainer.

GiantEnemyCrab3237d ago

What a drama queen.. the textures look the same..

Anyway, wait for a real comparison from a credible site like Lense of Truth who actually provide technical details not some hack German site.

@Bea: Yes, that is total bullsh*t and the reason many 360 owners I know don't plan on giving this game the time of day.

Dev8 ing3236d ago (Edited 3236d ago )

Who cares about this piece of crap anyway. Oh yeah people who aren't going to get to play GOW3. It's just like last year people were saying how great prototype was to the point that after beating infamous I gave it a try and man was it garbage.

The Meerkat3237d ago

PS3 has better contrast.

I'd base any decision on which one has the most stable frame rate.

raztad3237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Just FYI the PS3 version is 60fps steady. Probably that's the case of xbox's.

Let go to record and say: DI is barely a passable looking game. Look forward to gameplay no graphics in this one.

raztad3237d ago

Judging for the number of disagrees someone think DI is an hot looking game. No it's not. If you think it is:

1) You need to throw away the SDTV your mom gave you.


2) Get your eyes fixed.

Game visuals are mostly OK but nothing special, but come on, the 60fps gameplay/story more than make for it.

JOLLY13237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

I'd say that the ps3 one looks better. I only checked out a few of them, but there just seemed to be more color in the ps3 ones.

Kain813237d ago

....better lightning Effects and better Textures...

JOLLY13237d ago (Edited 3237d ago )

Well I didn't see any better textures. THe only thing I noticed was depth of color.

*edit* @ below...sorry I just don't see it. The textures look identical.

XxDeathDoctorxX3237d ago

god of war 3 will crap on this game