Dante's Inferno - Review (Eurogamer Portugal)

Despite its visual aspect that was a bit below the standard in the genre of games, Dante's Inferno is able to provide fun and hold you until the end of the game. For one can become repetitive and uninteresting, but it is a great choice for lovers of the genre, especially if you liked God of War Violence and brutality are the main course of the game, if that's what they are looking for, serve to.

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ryuzu2874d ago

Good score - guess those people who don't have a PS3 have a consolation prize to keep them going in the Hack/Slash genre for a while...


DigitalAnalog2874d ago

Exactly, play GOW II HD remastered and you'll see why.

-End statement

jalen2472874d ago

I have said that a few times on here and people act like they don't believe me.

DigitalAnalog2874d ago

Both me and Raztad have been chanting the mantras all day. Oh well...

-End statement