E3 Predictions: The Obscure List

With E3 less than 3 weeks away, many people have been posting their predictions of what they want to see. has compiled a list of some of the forgotten titles and programs that need some light shed on them, and soon.

Of course, it's been the obvious big titles everyone wants to see; Halo, Metal Gear, Killzone, Mario, GTA IV and the whole works. Instead of repeating the obvious and bore everyone, how about the things that seemed to drop off people's radar?

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Vojkan4198d ago

Just one short page? What a crap of article! Like my 12 year old brother wrote it.....

novaIS3504198d ago

totally agree with you...this article was pointless.

_insane_cobra4198d ago

"Alan Wake: One of the more unique titles for Vista and the 360 has been teetering on the brink of cancellation for quite some time."

Where the hell did they get that impression? It's been announced for 2008 since the last E3, of course they won't start showing it yet, especially considering the busy last quarter of 2007.

nobizlikesnowbiz4198d ago

10 Predictions of the CLUSTERF**KED E3 '07.

1. Halo 3 doesnt look much better than beta.

2. KZ2 looks like puppy poop. (Guerilla spent the $20 mil on hash!)

3. Bill Gates publicly takes a dump on a PS3 with 360-themed midgets chanting in a circle around him.

4. All Sony games look like garbage, dev's complain that they'd rather stick their d1cks in a blender than dev for PS3.

5. Sony announces new game "[email protected]", so you can play tic-tac-toe on the PSN while doing protein folding.

6. Solid Snake appears and stabs Sony execs. in the face, then runs to Bill Gates, where he hands Snake a stack of cash.

7. Ken K. stumbles in drunk and disgruntled, decides to get naked and jump in the Sony booth, claiming he's an employee.

8. PSN's Home attracts Second-lifers and Home becomes a gay avatar orgy.

9. Sony announces the new doorstop attachment for the PS3.

10. The 360 and PS3 both transform into their true forms. Optimus Prime vs. Megatron repectively. They both do epic battle, destroying most of the city, and inciting WW3.

All this and more await you if you go to E3 '07!

P.S. Everything above was meant to be humorous. To me at least.


I thought you were serious,I got mad, then I could not stopp laffing, that would be the best E3 !!! lol thatis sumfunnysh*t

calderra4198d ago

-Games for Windows / Live Anywhere / Tattoos = Who really cares? The PC gaming industry has been in trouble for a while now, and Live Anywhere, while kind of cool (checking your gamerscore from your cell phone = nifty) isn't that massive. And the whole tattoo thing was always a bit silly.
-Alan Wake = The next Duke Nukem Forever, perhaps?

-Nintendo announcements = You might as well just put up a picture of a clown car. Give me Mario and Smash Bros now- everything else is fluff.

-Sony = A revamped EyeToy and vaporware based on Rhinos.

Yes, this be a worthless list.
How about exciting announcements like "3d Wealms will stop not working on Duke Nukem Forever and choose to make a real game"? THAT would be something. Oh wait, they already announced that. Sort of.

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