Motorstorm 1.2 Patch Now Available for download

European players have had a chance to play with the 1.2 Motorstorm update for nearly a week. Now, North American players can join in on the action. The major addition? A new Time Attack mode. Stability issues have also been addressed, including glitches with boost, SD text cut-off, online performance and surround sound glitches. The update also allows for up to 50 friends in the game's buddy list..

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Blackmoses4193d ago

well...about damn

Ebay3rd4193d ago

Heard over time there is gonna be alot more available for Motorstorm

Kleptic4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

just tried wouldn't boot...

I heard about this before if you didn't uninstall update 1.1... so attempting that now...

EDIT: yeah just delete your 1.1 update under game data before doing the update...not sure what it downloads of of the PS store yet, its just a little 100kb does the regular 1.2 update in game, so who knows...but works fine now...and the time attack mode is actually a lot of can use it just to practice as well, I still now little about some of the track after owning the game for 2 months...

The coolest part is that the game keeps your tire marks on the entire track after every you can see your line from every lap through the mud, making it easy to see how well you are sticking to your original line...I know it did this in the regular game, but you were not the only one on the track making by the end the mud was just a grosse pit without any of the dried crust left...

akaFullMetal4192d ago

would be nice to see a split screen two player mode or something, ive heard that this might happen, and i mean this is the first of many updates i bet, so alright lets enjoy ;)

KoolMan4192d ago

atlast, is here so lets get the storm going

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