Hey Microsoft, 250 GB for the Xbox 360 Won't Cut it

PC World: Swollen with thousands of save games, MP3s, videos, and full-game installs to counteract nettlesome DVD-drive noise, my Xbox 360 officially feels like a walk-in closet trying to squeeze into a shoe box. It's a problem without a solution: Microsoft's links and locks on its proprietary storage architecture won't let me spend all the money in the universe to remedy the situation. The largest hard drive on offer tops out at 120 GB. I'm frozen in space with a paltry tenth of a terabyte, a blip in the burgeoning storage-verse, a thimble-sized data repository to wrestle with an ocean of bits and bytes.

My only way forward at this point: Scour. Delete. Compromise.

Bizarrely, Microsoft just released a 250 GB Xbox 360 hard drive in Japan, the one place the company can't seem to move systems (just over a million units sold to-date, versus nearly 10 million Wiis and 5 million PS3s). Expect to see that 250 part manifest stateside shortly, not that it solves my problems.

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KILLERAPP3211d ago

Does anyone know how much is this going to cost?