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The year is 2025 (surely Zipper missed a trick by not making it 2056...) and nations have given up the costly pursuit of war in favour of Private Military Corporations (PMCs) who are willing to die for the highest bidder. And competition keeps that price at an all time low. But when you leave the act of war in the hands of the corporations – sooner or later it'll just become another commodity. Enter the Shadow War. Enter MAG.

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-Alpha2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Value seems to be an issue people keep bringing up-- yet Single player games under just 10 hours are never questioned for value.

MP games are open ended so I don't know how much more of a value you can ask. You can't always say that for SP games.

But the reviewer seems to have gotten bored with the game rather quickly-- fair enough, but I don't think that counts as "value". The lack of SP is done intentionally so I wonder if reviewers are actually factoring this in. Better to have a MP-only game that focuses on MP then to tack on a SP that they had no intention of adding.

Pennywise2937d ago

As a reviewer, I think I would have to compare the score I give to a game to other games I have reviewed. How in the hell can this game get below an 8?

JeffGUNZ2937d ago

Reviews are just opinion from people playing it. This reviewer simply didn't enjoy the experience and was let down. No big deal, there are tons of others giving it a 8-9.

ubiquitious2937d ago

This review makes the exact same point IGN and Gamespot do.


DigitalAnalog2937d ago

Reminds me of Eve online, never fully understood....

-End statement

Socomer 19792937d ago

I dont buy average or mediocre games.
Mag is solid and does not equate to anything lower than a 8.

XboxLIVE has been dwarfed again.

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