Gamekult: Heavy Rain review

Difficult to escape since few months to the Heavy Rain phenomenon: nobody played it but everybody already have their opinion. Narrative prowess for some, video game negation for the others, this inheritor of Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in USA) hasn't left anybody indifferent during its development and the ambitions of its creator may have helped push up the sauce.

Will the new Quantic Dream game finally conciliate the narrative power of cinema with the typical interactions of a video game?

* Well done intrigue
* A real influence on events
* Quite good-looking
* Neat direction
* Easy to handle

* We're often bored
* QTEs for really everything and anything
* Clumsy gameplay
* Serious rhythm problems
* Some inconsistencies in the scenario

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Bungie3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

not bad

* We're often bored
* QTEs for really everything and anything
* Clumsy gameplay
* Serious rhythm problems
* Some inconsistencies in the scenario

doesn't seems like a valid points, but i respect their opinion

i'll still get it, reviews wont change my mind

Cyrax_873235d ago

Can't wait to see your true side when you post in the open zone in a few minutes.

(damn, hook line and sinker, now he's got a reason to post more...)

Bungie3235d ago

i respect all review as long as they're legit
i don't care if they gave it a 0/10

i know what the developers is trying to do with HR and i like it

no review will change my mind about it, it's just one person's opinion

-Alpha3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

and yeah, ME2 got a 7/10?

And I thought Eurogamer was tough :P

This is a no name site anyway, but a review is a review and I'll take the content into consideration more than the score


That's some tough scores. I find it funny that this is the first time I've heard of this site-- you'd think with scores like that they'd attract more heat.

krisq3235d ago

Their HR & ME2 scores are clearly made for hits.

Aquanox3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

Only small french publications have reviewed this one and it's got 8.8 of Metascore (In N4G)

We'll see how it turns out when it's available for reviews outside its mother country were more objective opinions will surface.

The fact that it isn't getting Triple A status in France meta isn't very encouraging though.

THE MAX SPEED 213235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )


I LUV YOUR BLAIR AVATAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danteh3235d ago

yeah, they are very hard, I remember them

Just saying, they gave:

-Halo 3: 7
-Mass Effect 2: 7
-Little Big Planet: 7

damnightmare3235d ago

Bungie commenting first with stealth troll post

Omg I am so freaking surprised /sarcasm

Baka-akaB3235d ago

Hum @Kris and AlphaMale

You've got it wrong here .

Gamekult isnt a no name site for french gamers . And it is actually an harsh place who doesnt pose and pretend like Edge .

We do not always agree with their review , and dont have to , but they are consistant with themselves and their scoring method .

Just look at their history and you'll see that most games dont go above 8 ... only historic milestones and and masterpieces , as it should be .

Again i dont agree with their review here , but they arent being biased fools , one way or another .

Amiroo3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

yeah they are hard but look at pictures ! one madison is sitting in a couch ! loock at her armpit !!!! it's tunnel . and then look at the store picture see the box of fruits , it's not even 3d ! it's a picture

StanLee3235d ago

I wished people would look at the Pros and Cons and not the score. They did not dislike the game or think it a bad game and the cons seem very much in line with criticisms of other reviews.

Baka-akaB3235d ago


Most people dont even know quantic dreams is originally french based , and most sites , even the crappy dont go for that kind of "patriotic" angle .

You should just see how Cryo games were usually trashed , and righfully so by most places .

Man In Black3235d ago

You're the worst stealth troller I've ever come across. A fvcking 2 year old with severe learning disabilities could detect your sh!tty trolling attempts. Go back to your 360 and play Barbie Horse Adventures. Or has it burned your house down again?

Darkstorn3235d ago

It sounds like the reviewers just weren't right for the game. I think Heavy Rain is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it cult classic instead of a mainstream release, but we all knew that.

N4BmpS3235d ago

From to time they're just doing this to make you say"huh wtf?" whatever I never really listen to every critic I take something away from their reviews but that's about it. Some times they can be real d-bags I guess.

xabmol3235d ago

I think your little game is funny. :D

Start off as a hard core 360 troll to gain a bad rep. Then play the humble nice guy, all innocent in every PS3 article.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you're just another one of Why dis' alt accounts. Come to think of it, he disappeared around the same time you started gaining yer rep...

Oh, and I know you were Turn 10 just before Bungie too. ;)

bacon133235d ago

I don't buy the fact that these critics are tough reviewers, their main points seem to contradict themselves. "Easy to handle" for pros but "clumsy gameplay" in the cons? Also, boredom is strictly subjective. What's boring to one person could be amazingly fun for another. These "review" scores definitely seem garnered towards creating dissent and conversation as opposed to offering a valid and objective review of the game.

Pillage053235d ago

You guys know if you just ignore Bungie he'll go away.(or maybe just make a new account) He's more of an attention [email protected] than Kanye West, or Courtney Love, or screaming 12 year olds on COD, or pubescent 13 year old cheerleaders, or well, you get the idea.

But on point...less than a month 'til Heavy Rain!

nycredude3235d ago

WTF a 6? And ANY site, big or small, that gives ME2 a 7 is full of fail and should NEVER, EVER be taken seriously! IMO.

KiRBY30003235d ago

getting this game, collector edition, day 1.

duplissi3234d ago


why ignore him? the way he trolls sometimes just cracks me up, besides this looks like an honest oppinion from him.

Pillage053234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )


I was speaking to the 54 people whom have already disagreed with him lol.

But you're right, I used to laugh at some of the things he said, but it's getting to the point where I expect him to be comment no.1 on EVERY ps3 article. I don't understand how he get any gaming done at all, with the constantly hanging out in the pending section all day.

and apparently watches Gossip Girl now :P

duplissi3234d ago

lol he does usually have one of the first comments on pages alot...

ya bungie how do you do anything else!?

The Happy Baby3234d ago

Doesnt matter! These foreigners wouldnt know good games, even if they were slapped with one.

PS3! PS3! PS3!

snp3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )


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Dark3603235d ago

Here comes the DROIDS...

Heavy FLOP Rain...

...Sorry DROIDS Better Luck Next Time...LOL

dtrain213235d ago

Bayonetta PS3- Sad

MAG- Sad

WKC- Sad

Heavy Fail- Sad

Sony 2010- FAIL

hanzai3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

keep talking losers.
that's why you have no games. :)

btw, they gave mass effect 2 a 7 and other 360 games.


it's not there losers.

Bill Gates3235d ago

"Neat direction" ???

WTF, did a little BABOON write this review....AHAHAHAHAHA

JasonPC360PS3Wii3235d ago

Looks like to me with MAG failing, White Knight and now Heavy Rain you are the one with no games. 2009 was the only year Sony had and now it's back to crap titles that no one would have bought anyway.

After Uncharted 2, MGS4, LBP, and KZ2 what else does the PS3 have over 90 and that sold over 4.5?

Trebius3234d ago

Here we are playing game after game after new IP ...

While you're all sitting by watching HOPING they all fail...

WKC we knew was a flop when it released in Japan a decade ago, so that I dont care about ...

But to say MAG and Heavy Rain are flops is just retarded hahahaha.

You're just mad that you're gonna be playing MW2 for the rest of the year til Halo comes out, and PS3 keeps getting new game after new game in different genres, not just FPS :)

Your jealousy is showing.

Bungie, MGR, and all your other accounts shows that you're a loser and have nothing else to do but sit there and put down games you're never gonna play.

Maybe if you save up your lunch money for a few months you can get a ps3 and judge these games for yourself instead of following the crowd like sheep :)

Bahhh baaaahhh

360 has no games.

NinjaAssassin3234d ago

"Here we are playing game after game after new IP ..."

sure you are. just ignore the fact that the 360 has way more games than the ps3 and try to convince yourself that everything on the ps3 is so amazing even though the games are getting average scores. ps3 boys live in denial.

btw i still think heavy rain will end up being a pretty good game.

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Bungie3235d ago

i have nothing more to say

MetalGearRising, they're all yours

captain-obvious3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

this same website gave Mass Effect 2 a 7\10
so dont get your hopes high

lol @ Disagrees

hanzai3235d ago

keep up with the multiple accounts loser.

this is a no name blog.

NinjaAssassin3234d ago

but that is still a higher score for mass effect 2 than they gave to heavy rain, which goes contrary to all the crap ps3 boys have been saying all these months about how heavy rain and the rest of the super duper ps3 lineup was going to crush the 360. if you guys had been more humble you wouldn't be getting it thrown back in your face now.

gillri3235d ago

didnt these guys give ME2 7/10? lol

Gamesmaster gave this 91% thats good enough for me

ginsunuva3235d ago

Ya, they game ME2 a 7, and MAG a 6. Heavy Rain is as good as MAG?

ryuzu3235d ago

Well I've put about 35 hours into into MAG in just under a week so if I get the same out of Heavy Rain I'll consider it a good value purchase.

For some reason I played about 5 hours of ME2 but I just don't feel like playing it any more atm - just find I want to get back to MAG instead...

I'm not sure which review sites to look at for good indications of where to put my cash any more...


bjornbear3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

if these guys gave ME2 a 7/10 then i guess Heavy Rain is amazing =D

still 6/10 =/

"we're often bored" ---> then the game isn't for you

thats like having me review Age of Empires III

is it a bad game? No...but did I enjoy it? No

it bored me to sleep, but i KNOW the game isn't my type of game, and if i HAD to review it, i'd try to be imparial.

thats the problem with reviewers

a lot of people say "its someone's opinion"

thats fine, but how do we know if this guy isn't a MW2 fan that just play FPS (i have a friend that doesn't play ANYTHING else but MW2, he doesn't even like anything that isn't a FPS war game...seriously)

if you have someone like THAT reviewing a game like this, OF COURSE it'll get a low grade

if you asked me to review a madden game (even though being european i know NOTHING of football) i would probably give an unfair score based on the fact that i'm really not interested at ALL in american football or even sports games in general =/

exnihilonihilfit3234d ago

I agree with you whole heartedly.

This sites reviews appear to be genre biased. Likely the result of a small review staff that doesn't have very diverse interests.

If you look at the sites recent history of reviews, the only 2 games to score an 8 on Xbox or PS3 were Bayonetta and Darksiders. This site has a very clear bias toward Hack and Slash games.

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Ninji3235d ago

Another AAA PS3 exclusive that the xbots will get butthurt over as shown in the first 2 comments.