Sega and Bioware team up for Sonic RPG

Last year Bioware revealed they had formed a handheld development group, at the time the company revealed their first title would be a Nintendo DS game, well it's been revealed today that game is an RPG featuring Sonic and friends.

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ThaGeNeCySt4197d ago

I think it's time I invest in a nintendo DS

PS360WII4197d ago

Wow Bioware and Sonic to make an RPG! Hopefully this will be like when Squaresoft and Nintendo made Super Mario RPG. As well this is coming to the DS is icing on the cake.

frostbite064197d ago

bring it to other systems... i dont care what the graphics look like

ShiftyLookingCow4197d ago

Bioware made me buy a 360 and now they are going to make me buy a DS

kewlkat0074197d ago

A lot of people don't realize. The cheaper Console is still the Cheapest to develop for.

Nintendo's "SDK" are about $1200 or so, so like every programmer can have their own kit, unlike the $15K MS and $30K Sony kits. One of my friends, a lead Animator, was telling me this, that a lot of developers will start jumping over to the wii because of all these factors. Then again, he said Nintendo is "ANAL" about quality and can be frustrating to get things done how they want it.

We know Bioware makes great RPG's with good stories, and they will be raking in the Money towards the end of the year when their massive games hit on the 360. You would be a fool not to jump on a product such as the wii. Since I'm an owner, and I welcome this new IP. Hopefully it's good, then again would you doubt SEGA and BIOWARE?

When do we get to see another Mario RPG?

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The story is too old to be commented.