Left Mouse Button: Star Trek Online review

Left Mouse Button writes: "In the end, Cryptic have alot running on this game. Not only is it the first online game for the Star Trek Universe, it's also the first competitor against Eve Online. Those who are feeling jaded or confused by Eve's extremely difficult learning curve may find themselves enjoying Star Trek Online alot. It presents a refreshing but somewhat rough new universe to play in. There is definitely room for expansion and improvement, and I would imagine Cryptic will be hot on their heels to iron out any shortcomings and make this an excellent addition to the MMO scene. Had it been released a bit more polished I would have awarded it a 9. I'm looking forward though to seeing what Cryptic does with the franchise, as it looks very promising. Overall if your looking for a refreshing different MMO to others, Star Trek Online is definitely worth a try.

Warp 8, Mr Sulu!"

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