Famitsu hardware sales (1/25 - 1/31)

Leaked hardware sales estimates from Japan have been released.

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Valay3213d ago

Numbers don't look too different this week compared to Media Create from last week. PSP is down a bit, though.

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Foxgod3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

PS3 sales remain fairly strong in Japan, not bad.
Surprises me tho, i dont think the average Japanese gamer is waiting for MAG or Heavy Rain.

Just isnt their kind of game.
I like Japanese games, but the Japanese seem to hate everything western, as most western games sell really bad in Japan.

hanzai3213d ago

the japanese have taste. there are plenty of japanese games for the ps3. that includes ffxiii in japan ONLY.

Foxgod3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I think lots of people would want to argue with you on what taste means, besides, how can you have taste if you dont respect others peoples taste.

Sure youl hear out of my mouth that Mag is mediocre, but you wont hear me saying another person doesnt have taste because he likes MAG, his taste is just different.

So if you are Japanese, and you claim to have taste, how come you dont respect another persons taste, youre a tasteless person if you behave like that.

But true, i forgot about FF13, The Japanese are going for that now, the least innovative and dullest Final fantasy ever relased.

Enjoy your taste.

Roper3163213d ago

I agree about MAG but disagree with HR. Japanese gamers tend to like story driven games where you get emotionally attached to the characters like you do when playing JRPGS. Also Japan is boobie crazy and there is boobies in HR.

hanzai3213d ago

obviously, your disagrees say otherwise.

i meant console wise but i should have made that clearer. your comments are always attacking the ps3. not once did i ever see you give praise where it's due. but you're just like every other 360 faithful i come across here.

Guido3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Yeah, they have games that encourage you to rape woman and play as big eyed pedophilia targets. Aside from games they even have vending machines with used womans panties in them! You can't get any more tasteful than that!

Foxgod3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I agree they like emotional story driven games.
But Japanese people find it hard to identify themselves with whitey's and blackey's. (their point of view)
So i am not sure if they would get into that game.

@Hanzai, i didnt attack the ps3 here, for a change.
I made a subtle statement, thats hardly an attack.
Maybe youre just offended easily, but thats your problem.

And i am not looking at the disagree's.
I said it before, if a black man on a KKK meeting says something sensible, noone is goin to agree with him (i am white tho, its just an example).

The Killer3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Japanese simply don't like western game styles!!

as the westerns don't like many things about japan, for example food, sushi etc, and people around the world watches American Hollywood movies yet most western don't watch Japanese or Bollywood movies!!

and one thing, Japanese like quality unlike north Americans and some western countries who keep buying a defective consoles over and over.

so ur point that Japanese are tasteless is invalid as ur brain!! shows how uneducated u r!


many!! and Saudi Arabia is one of them!!

hanzai3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

i'm not stupid foxgod. ur comment was specifically aimed to downplay the ps3. i know your history and i have seen your comments.

and in case anyone was confused, i meant taste in videogames. they do have some weird stuff but they make awesome anime, movies, and games.

garos823213d ago

name me one country that ISNT boobie crazy :)

Foxgod3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Oh, i love sushi :D, and sukiyaki, and anime, and yakitori.
But i hate japanese horror movies :P

Hakimy3213d ago

I assume that he meant that japanese have their own taste.they care a lot about character design and development as well as how to use colors in a game.and if you think about it,their characters look better and are more memorable in gaming industry than western ones.and they don't hate anything western or else you would have seen samurais and people wearing kimonos instead of jeans ;)

ryuzu3213d ago

Clearly you haven't played MAG.... I've seen an "unusually large" number of Japanese players on it - how do I know they're Japanese? Because they're speaking Japanese on Voice!

In fact, earlier today the majority of my squad was a Japanese clan (who spent the whole time trying to vote me out of squad lead, but that's irrelevant).

Having said that, while I've seen an "unusually large" number of Japanese players that doesn't mean a lot in the great scheme of things - probably play a round with one or two Japanese each day.

Considering time differences, that MAG is an "unusual" and "niche" FPS and that the expectation is that Japan doesn't like FPSs - it's a lot of Japanese players....


sikbeta3213d ago

Those BøøBs in the Shower Scene, will make HR to be A system Seller in Japan

Bøøbs FTW!!!

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Hakimy3213d ago

@killer: actually saudis like them too.if you don't believe it then go to the neighboring countries and see what they'll do ;)
its human nature to like boobs so nothing wrong with that.just because they don't focus on it in the media doesn't mean that they don't like it or aren't crazy about it ;)

The Killer3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

but not the way how western and non religious media put it!!

every normal man like women at least in some way! but to go all out about it and put ads of naked women or almost naked and put it in movies and songs and magazines and even make districts for them is just insane and not a good human act.

and to let u know, there is no islamic country out of the 55 islamic countries implement islam how it should be and many muslims are not practicing islam because we muslims were practicing islam they were the leaders of the world.

it is a punishment and a mercy from god that muslim countries in deep trouble and backwards, punishment because we left islam, and mercy so that we may return to islam again, when people poor they r more humble and more faithful than when they are rich.

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