Dead or Alive Paradise Has "Creepy Voyeurism", Says The ESRB

As expected, Dead or Alive Paradise is rated "M" for mature. You would expect a game this ridiculous to come with a hilarious descriptions of "deep cleavage", but the ESRB wrote something unusually dry.

The author picked apart the game and questioned, somewhat seriously, if Dead or Alive Paradise accurately portrays what women want. Of course, it doesn't. Dead or Alive Paradise has tasteless pool hopping mini-games. Anyway, here is Dead or Alive Paradise, as seen through the lens of the ESRB.

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Aleusia3151d ago

this just stinks of Itagaki, i hate that guy.

Gago3151d ago

itagaki didn't make this game you idiot

all of tecmos/teamninja games have gone downhill after he left

hell even NGS2 is just a remake of his game

Demons Souls3151d ago

Actually since Itagaki left the games have been getting better. The Sigma series is much better than the originals with all of the extra content that they added and I'm sure the future games will be a lot better too.

Baka-akaB3151d ago

I can only agree with demons souls sentiment here .

Besides dont pretend itagaki didnt do the same and actually worse with Doa extreme beach volley 1-2? That's where the idea for this game even comes from .

Aleusia3151d ago

Itagaki is a horrible person, a horrible developer, a horrible producer, and just an all around bad example of japanese video game executives. Seriously...why would you defend the guy? this has nothing to do with consoles, Itagaki is a bad person.

Tony P3151d ago

No, he's actually a great dev.

The guy put Tecmo back on the map by developing their two hottest properties in recent memory: DoA and Ninja Gaiden.

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SilentNegotiator3151d ago

It's Dead or Alive. Who's SERIOUSLY surprised that it's a creepy game for 14 year old boys?

Rockox3151d ago

ME. This news is like, blowin' my mind, man.

Baka-akaB3151d ago

why "creepy voyeurism" ? is there a non creepy kind out there ?

Redempteur3151d ago

there is objective voyeurism (doesn't exist in video games yet )

and fantasy voyeurism ( pokemon snap )

voyeurism sure is diverse /s

Baka-akaB3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

voyeurism has a negative connotation period . Adding the adjective creepy is just silly ...
or maybe some folks play brutally violent games , i dunno :p

You dont call pokemon or afrika a voyeurism game obviously .

Redempteur3151d ago

now that you mention it i told someone today that he was a overwhelming black hole of ideas ..

i guess overwhelming + black hole was too much ...

Apocalypse Shadow3151d ago

"t!ts" and "@ss".

i love female t!ts and @ss!

Aleusia3151d ago

stereotype much? not all of them are like that, just like not all of us are into this crap either.

Baka-akaB3151d ago

And leisure suit Larry didnt exist ? Sure it's not currently popular much , but being a leech is hardly some japanese default trait .

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