Is Jim Sterling Doing the Video Game Industry a Disservice

Pixel Enemy: Jim Sterling, a Reviews Editor for, recently wrote an editorial titled Is Heavy Rain doing video games a disservice? The title of Jim's article is worded in the form of a question but the rest of the text never examines that question, it just flat out repeatedly states that Heavy Rain is at fault; guilty as charged, no trial needed.

Heavy Rain is a video game. It's an inanimate object that by definition can't perform a disservice.

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Madeline123084d ago

Every time there is innovation in human history there is always someone resisting it for a reason or another.

But eventually they die or change their mind as time passes.

Socomer 19793084d ago

Im a person who sees videogames as a artform.
The media has been constantly beating everyone in the head to make sure thier followers dont have my view about videogames.

Now I see why.
They dont want us appreciating anything. They just want us to fight and spend and be easily manipulated.
Videogames are Art made by Artist and enjoyed for its perfections and imperfections. Videogames is 1 of Gods Many great gifts to us. The media is just a arrogant, cynical and greedy community fighting for developers publishing money.

myothercar3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Movies are simply WAY ahead of videogames in terms of acting, story, animation, etc. Anyone who can't admit this is delusional.

I play games for their gameplay, the story is usually secondary because it's not the best medium by reputation for that element.

Heavy Rain will be different- or at least, it'll try to be.

Madeline123084d ago

Yes currently but i don't expect this to keep up at all.

Like Tv was the main media for the 20th century Virtual realities will be the main media for the 21th century.

creeping judas3084d ago

Is writing an opinion blog on some one else's opinion is doing the gaming media a disservice??

wicko3078d ago

I disagree with your question.