BioShock 2 'Uber Edition' costs $14,999, comes with fully-functional Big Daddy

2K Games shot us a press release today announcing a very special BioShock 2 Special Edition un-boxing video... and a $14,999.00 BioShock 2 Uber Edition that comes with one of five hundred signed, numbered, and fully-functional Big Daddies. Unfortunately, almost certain-death awaits anyone who buys a copy of the Uber Edition. (What? You thought the Big Daddy would want to be friends with you? Tch.)

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DizzyDino3157d ago

some1 call 911 or something.

snipermk03157d ago

lol.. that was hilarious

CaptainKratos3157d ago


Blaze9293157d ago

lmao that is actually one badass Big Daddy costume. The drill was actually working right? That'd be uber-badass to wear for Halloween and at conventions.

"Tonight on 5 0'Clock News: Big Daddy killer on the loose. Drills holes into his victims."

creatchee3156d ago

I'm still trying to fathom what "fully functional" entails :)

Pillage053156d ago

LMAO. That was awesome.

FACTUAL evidence3156d ago

that was funny. "You're so f'in fired!"

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Nineball21123157d ago

The actual ultimate edition does have a lot of cool stuff in it.

Foxgod3157d ago

You get an actor in a Daddy suit for 15.000 bucks, and you own him forever?

Does he do dishes?

Shane Kim3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

for 15.000 bucks he better do something.

(and I know it's a joke...just to clarify)

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The story is too old to be commented.