Champions Online: New Costume Sets Available

Champions Online players can now get their hands on two new armor sets for their character; Dark Fantasy and Steampunk.

The sets cost 280 Cryptic Points each, and a further set, the Serpent armor, will become available from 9 February.

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Leord3240d ago

Ohh! Love the steampunk one!

AndyA3240d ago

Steampunk looks cool.

Leord3240d ago

Yeah, agree. I mean the other one is cool too, but steampunk always wins :)

Fyzzu3240d ago

Not enough to get me back into Champions, I'm afraid. Nice, though; I love a bit of Steampunk.

Maticus3240d ago

Bit more customisation is always nice :) I'm still using my Halloween Skelly costume though :P

tdrules3240d ago

was going to get a subscription to this but charging for costumes as well as a monthly fee is extortion.
I really enjoyed the beta too :/

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