Braben on Modern Warfare 2's Achilles Heel - What's The Story

David Braben: To me the only failing in the otherwise truly excellent Modern Warfare 2 was that the story felt quite old school – as if it was written after the levels were in place, or by someone with that same 'it doesn't matter' mentality. I too was left feeling that it didn't matter, so it might as well be skipped; a loose excuse to join together a snow section, an oil rig section and so on. There might as well have been a lava level, for all that the story mattered to me. The controversial airport section was a case in point – not only was it unnecessary, it felt tacked on, and didn't fit well with the game.

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ryuzu3233d ago

and of course he's got his Hall of Fame place secured because of Elite, oh and I agree MW2 story is lame at best... I do have to say his games aren't always dripping with story either!!!