Hands On: Aliens Vs. Predator – The PS3 Attitude Preview

From PS3 Attitude: "Long before Master Chief and his elliptical world. Before the invasions of Vekta and the subsequent incursion into Helghan. There was Aliens Vs. Predator (hereafter AvP).

Shocking the bejesus out of us all back in 1999 when it reared its xenomorphic tongue-sprouting head on the PC (though this author also remembers the Jaguar version quite fondly), Rebellion's marrying of both action properties – while also inspired by the eponymous Dark Horse comics – have a special place in the hearts of a lot of FPS veterans. Right where the chest-burster usually goes.

With a new AvP game on the dark horizon, we got the opportunity to visit the guys at Rebellion and get a first-hand look at how the resurrection of one of the most renown franchises in the FPS arena is coming along..."

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