Gran Turismo 5's "Delay" – For Better or Worse?

The question is raised as to whether GT5's delay will lead to something better or worse.

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MaximusPrime3209d ago

Sony hasnt officially announced release date for outside Japan. (this Sony Portugal doesnt count, you need press report)

Calling it "delay" is impossible...

TheDudeAbides3209d ago

there will be Forza 4 announcement before GT5 is released :)

3209d ago
hay3209d ago

@TheDudeAbides: Hahah, good one.

DeepInterludium3209d ago

And it still won't be as good as Gran Turismo 4.

thief3209d ago

Forza 4 will come out or at least be announced before GT5 releases


Forza 4 would still look worse than GT Prologue, forget GT5
Still be in 720p and have 8-player online
Have the same last gen damage models Forza 1 had
Look exactly the same as Forza 2
Continue to have laughable interior models, no weather/night racing, arcadey physics which the xbox crowd will lap up as "realistic"

Perjoss3208d ago

I heard that on the retail disc for GT5 there is a demo for Duke Nukem Forever.

sikbeta3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )


Forza 4?, Nah...Forza ODST...


GT5 Delay For The Sake Of The Series is Always for the Best, ho want 1 game per year with slightly updates, man that's not make any sense

Let The Master Kazuroni Finish his Work and after that we all going to Enjoy The Real Driving Simulator

gaffyh3208d ago

@1.3 - Fanboyish, but true haha.

Stupid article, of course it will mean the game is better, they have more time to work on it, how would it be worse? Notice that no one said anything about Splinter Cell's delay, except "oh cool, that means it will be more polished."

TotalPS3Fanboy3208d ago

have always been delayed for better. Why would it be delay for worst?

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thor3209d ago

Better than what it would have been, had they released it earlier - this is obvious.

However, the delay does tell us that they weren't happy with the game in the state that it was in, meaning that it won't be better than we're expecting because of the delay (because last year it wasn't as good as we'd like).

PimpHandHappy3209d ago

but it also sucks if its true

they do have
Open Wheel racing league... cant remember the name... CART is it

they are really loading this game because it will be the only GT for at least 5 years

Uncle Rico3209d ago

I wish they had Formula 1. I hope Codemasters does a good job at it this year

mint royale3209d ago

Seconded. If it had formula 1 it would be the greatest game of all time! Why leave out the premier racing series in the world!?

Fishy Fingers3209d ago

Well you've got IndyCar right? I guess that's the next best thing to F1. Shame there's so much White tape and licensing issues to get around when making a racing game.

sikbeta3208d ago


is IndyCar Pal and is behind Formula 1

@mint royale

Licensing Fees and Royalties are Damn Expensive if you want the Formula 1 cars

@Fishy Fingers

Not to mention, how the Cars Manufacturer don't let any Dev to make Destructible cars if they not sign a check with more [000000] on it lol

Conan9973208d ago

thats the first time i had to disagree with you fishy.

cart is really far away from formula1, the downforce levels at high speed is so much more on a f1 car, those things go so fast in turns.

since gran turismo 3, there has been formula 1 cars in every game(they have not been licensed f1 cars, GT:5 prologue saw the first ferrari f1 car.) So i really hope we'll see any time of f1 car.

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