Heavy Rain: The Best Rain In Games

NowGamer: Game developers have used rain to great effect over the years. From the days of 16-bit consoles, to today's multi-million pound budget-blockbusters, it's been an easy and effective way of making a game atmospheric. And with our Heavy Rain review due to hit next week, we ask: which games have done it best?

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Hellsvacancy3033d ago

And im gonna hav Heavy Rain in less then a month - ive waited SOOOO long (i knew about this title 5 years ago, i dont think it had a name back then)

LONEWOLF2313033d ago

Man, of all the games releasing or being released this title has me the most hyped! I cant wait for this Beast to release! The title of the demo shown when it first got unveiled was "The Origami Killer."

Hellsvacancy3033d ago

I knew bout it way b-4 it was given a name

I bought Farenhiet by mistake years ago and loved EVERY minute of it, a while later i heard that Quntic Dream had already started work on there next game, straight away it was a day-1 buy 4-me

Now 5 years later it feels like i can throw a fishin line and grabb it so i can reel it in

Ive been gettin so bored of gamin as of late im startin 2 think at the age of 25 im growin out of it

Not untill i play/complete Heavy Rain, Rage, Mafia 2, Red Dead 2, Hitman V and FF-Versus

infamousinfolite3033d ago

Same here man I knew of this like 2-3 years ago

bnaked3033d ago

They have forgotten Uncharted 2. The Rain looks incredible..

sikbeta3033d ago

Awesome to know lot of people are waiting for this Game, I get 1000% Interested in this Game when I read a couple of Interviews with DC and the man is giving his Soul for this Game, that's something Amazing

Heavy Rain is Unique and that's why it has all My Support

FragGen3033d ago

The more I see/read on this game, the more I wonder if it's going to be any good... I'm wondering how all the interactivity is really going to combine with the "storytelling" and actually work in practice.

This'll probably be either an amazing game that changes the industry or a completely "niche" title that only really resonates with a few. Anyway this has gone from a "day one purchase" to a "rent and see" for me.

Elimin83033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

"Ive been gettin so bored of gamin as of late im startin 2 think-im growin out of it".

Man, I couldn't agree more... These are but the handful of games I might get, HR, GOW3, BioS2, Last Guardian and possibly GT5.. Games now are getting so damn repetitive and boring... I know I may be given sht for this but even multy is tiresome.. same wash rinse repeat cycle. One of the reasons I would love to play HR, good game or bad, is its different.

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MGOelite3033d ago

at the minuite it HAS to go to MGS2 on the tanker at the begginging. if youve played it you know what i mean

-Alpha3033d ago

I have never played an MGS game sadly but the best rain I know exists in all the Grand Theft Autos.

Each of them were unique-- the static image of San Andreas, the way droplets of water splashed on the screen on Vice City, and the detail in #4.

sikbeta3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )


Man, What are you Waiting For, MGS Games are by Far The Best

MGS1: The story is one of the Best, The Bosses are Unique
MGS2: IMO The story is by far the most Complex and Entertaining, but is something that every MGS Fan don't like about this Game
MGS3: The Main Character and Story are Amazing
MGS4: The Final Chapter is GOLD

creatchee3033d ago

MGS2 Tanker was awesome - even now it still looks good.

For sheer gameplay influence/tick you off moments, the rain on Hard Rain in Left 4 Dead 2 takes the cake. You're just rolling along to a drizzle and then all of a sudden you can hardly see 5 feet in front of you, let along the Smoker that just snatched your buddy behind you!

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Lirky3033d ago

I just read the full article when it goet to the heavy rain segment it mentioned : That the rain downpours more and more depending on the decisions you've been making , which would bring something unique and amazing in the terms of something highly interesting.

Domer253033d ago

I've been waiting for a new experience in gaming, and i think this will quench my thirst quite nicely. Thanx QD for giving us something innovative; i hope the community will embrace this masterpiece.

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