Zelda Wii could be in playable form at E3 2010

VGArabia: Everyone is looking forward to the upcoming Zelda game for the Wii console. It has been confirmed that we will see the next installment in this popular series at this year's E3. But will they only show a trailer for the game or will it be playable at the show?

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immortal843121d ago

is one of my most anticipated games this generation. Good to see that they are planning to show the game in playable form at E3 2010.

darthv723121d ago

bringing that same "demo" to the wii demo system? The current demos are stale and I need something fresh.

hardcore19123121d ago

Can't wait to see this game.

alaa3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Why we can't play the game by using the standard Wii controller? They are forcing the fans to buy it I guess.

multipayer3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

I guess when they said there would be a new zelda made exclusively for the wii, they actually meant "wii addon". This could end up as unneccisary as the twilight princess controls, if it was in production before motion plus.

N4BmpS3121d ago

My friend will be glad to hear this since he's a ginormous Zelda fan' that means they do intend on releasing it this year...maybe, if it's not delayed.


I keep thinking back to that awesome looking Twilight Princess trailer. I long for a Zelda game that tries and looks to appeal to the people who grew up with the series... Who knows. Maybe pc/360/ps3 owners will finally have an excuse to look their way.

Jamescagney3121d ago

If they haven't already it's their loss.

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