Square Enix working on 5 unannounced projects

Square Enix revealed that they currently have five unannounced projects in the works.

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IrishAssa2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

The F**k S-E? Finish Versus and 14, if they're good enough they'll get enough money for a while

hay2964d ago

I bet 4 of them are on DS.

Chris3992964d ago

And the DS is a generous assumption.

2 DS, 3 cell-phone or flash games. Maybe a PSP game if they've been into the Saki that day at headquarters.

Keep the hits coming SE.

hay2964d ago

@Chris399: Sorry, I may have overestimated them :D

Hakimy2964d ago

I think they are 3 DS games.SE takes too long time to develop games for the high def consoles so I doubt they can develop 5 games for these consoles ;)

UnwanteDreamz2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

There was a time when I gave a da*n. Like "hay" said 4 of them will be DS games.

SaiyanFury2964d ago

Maybe 3 of them are DS games, one on PSP and the other on the Xbox 360. I jest, of course, but that seems to be their primary focuses this gen.

TotalPS3Fanboy2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

So I am guessing...

0 PS3 game.
1 PC WW2 FPS game.
2 iPhone games.
3 DS games.

4 No Profit.

ChozenWoan2964d ago

I kid I kid.... well kinda. >.>

GrandDragon2964d ago

They already earned over 2 million in Japan alone, and are expecting at least another 1 million in Europe and else where.

SE bring quality, and also they are experimenting a lot with games on the Xbox 360.

Nihilism2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Don't get excited, it's just 5 more NES and PS1 to DS ports.

Keep up all that 'innovative' game making you're doing SE, you're sure showing all those western RPG developers who's boss :S

*shoddy DS port #10000*

"Take that bethesda!, and that bioware!"

Reibooi2964d ago

Alot of people tend to think that most of these games will be for the DS or some other lesser handheld or console.

I don't really know. It said they have 5 in the works and that 2 are out this year. DS games(normally) are quick and easy games to develop not exactly something that would take more then a year if the games are already in development. I'm tempted to believe this games are all across various different platforms. I'm sure 1 or 2 are DS games but I wouldn't say they all are.

deafwing2963d ago

.. but damn SE ...


zeeshan2963d ago

5 games eh? My son would probably play them when he is 12 and he is about 10 months old right now :)

Disccordia2963d ago

One of them is Fortress, the sequel to Final Fantasy XII.

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reintype2964d ago

I'm guessing a new Dragon Quest remake is in the works, since the last one sold like pancakes.

Even with the retail success of FFXIII on the PS3, I still expect SE to piss us off. My gut feeling tells me, that they would make another exclusive for the 360. Yeah, SE's dumb like that.

Chris3992964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

but I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of time before FF VS get's a 360 announcement.

It's the exact same song and dance they did with XIII. Radio silence. Very little media being released, aside from obscure interviews with artists and creative-directors talking about the "vision" that they have.

A cheque will be written, mark my words. It'll probably stay exclusive in Japan though. Releasing a 3-4 disc game in that region on the 360, basically has you making just enough to cover the manufacturing and promotional costs.

And FFXVI going to MS' machine is a given too.

lomion52964d ago

I'd like to think that if Vs ends up on the 360 that Nomura would be pretty upset. From what I hear (which is admittedly mere speculation)he prefers the PS3. Not being a dev I have no idea how the politics work, but I would hope Square would fight to keep him. I know if he left, I'd follow.

BlackIceJoe2964d ago

Please be the remake of Vagrant Story for the PSP. That the team that worked on bringing Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War said they might make next. I want a remake or sequel for that game badly. As for what the other ones are I have no idea what to guess at.

SpoonyRedMage2964d ago

Well Akitoshi Kawazu recently said he's not allowed to talk about what the FFXII/Ivalice team is up to, so that could be either awesome or terrible.

Godmars2902964d ago

Pretty sure that's already out on the JP PSN.

SpoonyRedMage2964d ago

1 Tokita game, 1 Crystal Chronicles game, something SaGa team may be working on, possibly another children's game(following Pingu, Snoopy and Miffy, haha) and Fortress?

Fulensenca2964d ago


SE F*****g B******s.

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