Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Demo Coming to Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Further to this however, Tecmo Koei Europe has revealed another pre-order incentive, available exclusively with pre-orders from HMV stores and online. Three in-game quests will be available via an unlock code to those who pre-order at HMV.

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ASSASSYN 36o2968d ago

Just as stupid and simplistic as every dynasty warrior game ever made. this game should have been released as an arcade game.

Andreas-Sword2968d ago

you have no idea!

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is very innovative.
In Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce, there will be also a Online Multiplayer Mode. Online Coop mode and Online Versus mode.

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce (for the PS3 and Xbox360) is the best Dynasty Warriors game ever!

ASSASSYN 36o2967d ago

You like the two button experience, repetitive enemies with one random boss, and pretty colors then more power to you. I need a lot more substance for my $60 investment...A LOT MORE.