Lionhead to Reveal Game Changer at GDC

Lionhead has announced it will reveal how it will change a long-established game mechanic at this year's GDC event.

In a tweet, the Microsoft developer stated that studio head Peter Molyneux will talk about "one long established game mechanic which LH intends to replace with a more user friendly and modern iteration."

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Leord2847d ago

Interesting. This sort of claims rarely come to fruition.

Once in a while they do, however, and revolutionise the business.

Bungie2847d ago

let me guess, it's either Natal or Fable 3

i really hope Fable 3 is better than fable 2 ,not that fable 2 wasn't good ,but it wasn't as awesome as i thought it would be

Guido2847d ago

Sorry, but that didn't work out so good for him and shows how much hot air comes from his mouth about anything he does. That's what you get from a guy, working for MS's dollar and is in love with himself.

TOO PAWNED2847d ago

Peter is great salesman, if he ever loses his job as game developer, he should be hired by some USA car company that struggles, i am sure their sales would boom, guy know how to sell s..t!

siyrobbo2847d ago

@ Guido

Did you even read the article you linked to? it was about his next project after fable 2, not fable 2 itself

i think he was referencing milo and kate

darkmurder2847d ago

Sounds like the controller and will be natal, can read molyneux like a book (also as usual prepare for disappointment).

Guido2847d ago

Exactly my point. Sorry I didn't make it more clear. After reading it, do you want Milo and Kate or anything like it in your Fable 3? Do you? I do not. In fact, Milo and Kate were nothing more than targets for pedophilia jokes the second Milo was shown at E3 and it would simply tarnish the Fable name with casual thinking and silly sick jokes.

Christopher2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Yeah, but sorry Lionhead, you and Monsieur Molyneaux have a long history of claiming as such and never delivering. You sit there and talk about your game mechanics as if they are on the edge of creating AI, but in reality all you give us is easily adjusted good/evil; fat/skinny meters to play with. At least other games that give us similar don't talk out of their arse as if it's the second coming and they tend to implement the concept of actions having meaning at later points much better than you do - for sure BioWare has you beat without much competition with their Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins games.

krisq2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )


execution172847d ago

more promises and under delivering?

gaffyh2847d ago

Well Fable 2 was crap, so I no longer believe anything that Molyneux says. He overhypes stuff constantly.

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Fyzzu2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

Still not sure what this could be, but there are plenty of possibilities. Inventory? Conversation? Contextual movement, a la Brink? Combat?

AndyA2847d ago

I'm leaning towards communication - Natal could change the way we talk to in-game characters.

sack_boi2847d ago

I didn't care about Natal this I read what you wrote. Wow I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do with that Natal tech.

Maticus2847d ago

Ahh Peter Molyneux and his ground-breaking ideas again :)

OmegaSlayer2847d ago

Don't forget his ground breaking overhype.
He does good games but not amazing ones...

bjornbear2847d ago

no matter how doubtlessly talented he is (BW, dungeon keepr FTMFW!) he has come to be a far better marketeer than developer...

To me his strengths are clearly strategy, since in my opinion his pièce de résistance was Dungeo Keeper, a strategy game.

still, lets keep our minds open, maybe something amazing might come out of this =)

Natal + strategy = perfect

Megaton2847d ago

Approach with caution, Molyneux-speak ahead. He has a proven track record of promising an ocean and delivering a puddle.

AndyA2847d ago

Ah, the trail of broken dreams. Tread lightly.

Fyzzu2847d ago

The man's got a nice line in turtlenecks, though.

ElementX2847d ago

I'm upset with the one button combat in Fable II. I want multi-button mega combos. Molyneux destroyed the combat of the series what's he going to ruin next?

bjornbear2847d ago

although it works with many other games (Diablo, Baldur's Gate) it didn't feel right =/

lowcarb2847d ago

I agree and think the combat needs a complete overhaul. In both versions I waited for some type of cool sword play moment but was left unsatisfied. If part of the team would focus on combat and let you get more and more skilled (in that area) I would then be happy. Still great game and hopefully Peter shows some gameplay this GDC of whatever it is.

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