Gamereactor: MAG review

Lee West, from Gamereactor International, writes:

"Where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is the fast learner with top grades, and SOCOM the serious teacher, MAG is the wild, slightly unimaginative troublemaker, borrowing some inspiration from both.

Whether it is enough to secure a place in a market filled with competent first person shooters is still too early to predict. But the concept works, and there is a good foundation laid for success, which on this review scale is enough to ensure a solid seven."

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kenpachi3035d ago

i was expecting worse from these guys after the review of Uncharted 2 8/10 was so much fail

nix3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

doesn't matter anymore. those who want it might have bought it by now or have already made up their mind. the game has got so many different scores that those still confused will not buy it because another FPS is coming out next month.

irrespective of what the score has been, one thing is for sure, the forums are filled with people who have loved/enjoyed this game.

next time gamereactor.

Insomnia_843034d ago

M.A.G is AT LEAST an 8/10 but definitely NOT a 7.

Aquanox3034d ago

Definitely not a 7, more like an 8, and never like a 9.

Perjoss3034d ago

gonna save my cash for battlefield instead.

theEnemy3034d ago

they scored Uncharted 2 with 8/10 ?


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Baba19063035d ago

the numbers dont tell me anything i just know, that SVER rules the world. and we will not stop till we are the only ones alive and kicking. good day.

raztad3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

@^^ Dont put your money on that. SVER dominance will be a short one :)


I dont understand very well the "imaginative" adjective. Just to have 256 players in the same field require something more than "imagination". Thats funny, I still remember when people were asking if MAG was meant to be a cluster-f*ck, granade spam fest, on the contrary MAG turned out to be something unique and some reviewers just dismiss it with cheap phrases like:

"But the concept works, and there is a good foundation laid for success, which on this review scale is enough to ensure a solid seven"

COME ON, where the f*ck is the incentive for innovation? this is 256 players fighting the same battle, with NO lag! this a incredible technical achievement while provides an immense amount of fun.

It's obvious there is no place for innovation and harcore gamers anymore. Just the same tired/rehashed bull watered down for casuals. Look at Dead Space.

raztad3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )


Yes. Proud RAVEN here. Some hours ago, finally we won against VALOR on Domination, MAJOR VICTORY. SVER has been pwning us but I know thats gonna change soon enough.


My friend, dont put your money on that. Get ready to get your azzez kicked.

Pennywise3034d ago

Raz keep telling yourself that. SVER domination is not going to end anytime soon.

nycredude3034d ago

SVER is good but they get owned by raven in aquisition. They are beatable. I am Valor and we have won many times against Sver, but we have lost many times also. They only really own in Domination. it's much closer in Sabotage.

raztad3034d ago


Thats right bro. Acquisition is RAVEN land, Sabotage is nobody's land and SVER is king in Domination.

Since I unlocked Domination I havent came back to the other modes. I would probably pay a visit to them just to relax a bit.

What I have been noticing is those SVERS can kill from afar with a machine gun, WTH?

ThanatosDMC3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )


Those Ravens are so easy to kill. It's like they go in front of your gun and just stand there. I should play Acquisition when i get home.

There needs to be an update so we can kick/ban OIC that are a-holes.

^ I can "snipe" with my machine gun via tap tap the R1 button while prone or crouching.

Also, i found that using Heavy armor is best in any form of loadout. It doesnt matter if you're a sniper since someone will see you anyway. Always wear Heavy even though it cost a lot. Light armor is almost instant death against anything.

A lot of reviews going around seems to just hate the 256 player innovation with no lag, lots of things happening, etc. Change is bad, i guess? Oh well, i guess they never will experience how much bombing goes on in the game when a whole squad or two are defending an objective under one roof while bombs are going off above them.

pansenbaer3034d ago

Just put up a hell of a fight last night against SVER. Raven was defending on Domination and we ended up winning by the skin of our teeth. 30 more seconds in the game and they would have caused enough damage to win. INTENSE!

ThanatosDMC3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Yesterday, my squad and some other people were running on a bridge towards a building then out comes several Valors from the building and they rained down a wall of bullets on us. 7 or more went down fast. I escaped by jumping down just to get killed by three more Valors flanking the bridge from below.

Should have deployed smoke for cover. Those smoke grenades are seriously helpful.

raztad3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )


My comment about the Heavy was exactly because of that. The Heavy is supposed to excel at close range but lack at long.

How it comes SVERs are snipping with their machine guns?. I just noticed it last night, when we were trying to break into SVER map. I had the upgraded RAVEN rifle and still couldnt catch a SVER from afar while the m*er killed me with MACHINE GUN!! WTF? It sounds like a serious unbalance just right there.


I know how it feels to win/lose by a very small hair. It's utterly exciting. We won against VALOR that way, some days ago. This morning was a quite easy victory though.

sikbeta3034d ago


Anyway, S.V.E.R are Tough Guys, but not like everyone is assuming, when more New Players get into the Crews, we'll see more "balance" in the Game and The Ultimate Battle for the Supremacy will Begin


Pennywise3034d ago

I use a beefed up Assault rifle. I will try the LMG next, but assault is a beast.

I don't really care for acquisition, but there are very few games I have lost compared to winning. I am not saying Sver are completely unstoppable... but when I play I run with a crew of people who all communicate. If the whole side is only attacking towers, my crew will take out AA, sensor arrays, mortars, bunkers. Not much you can do with us shutting you down one thing at a time.

MAG is all about teamwork and communication. I can understand how some of the reviewers may not like the game. Sony should of sent them 5 copies and told them to play with friends.

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nix3035d ago

lol... i was gonna ask the same question but i've already done that in Gamespot review. q:

-Alpha3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

God, there goes my trolling opportunity :P

unrealgamer583034d ago

i think alpha male is just trying to decide to buy or not......... i think.

Pennywise3034d ago

The sense is strong with you.

-Alpha3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Funny coming from you, considering that your the guy that claimed I had no PS3, but didn't want to back it up when I offered to add you. Still want to take me up on my offer or do you like living in your black and white world where nobody can say anything bad about Sony unless they must be trolls?

sikbeta3034d ago

Alpha, you already bought it?

Man, it's been days and I don't see you talk about joining the MAG Crew:

*S.V.E.R: military force with personnel drawn from war-torn countries in the Middle East and Russia

*Raven: faction with high-tech weapons and armor, comprising of West European soldiers

*Valor: soldiers equipped with more standard-styled gear, comprising of veterans from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Mexico

If you ant to see some STATS:

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Socomer 19793034d ago

Those are the guys who gave uncharted 2 a 8 and spoke of it as a game for hardcore fans only.

need i say more?

king1233034d ago

yeah they should give it a 10 and give Uncharted 2 an 11

JasonPC360PS3Wii3034d ago

MAG flopped everywhere get over it

Trebius3034d ago

Here we are with our PS3s trying GAME after GAME after GAME, all new IPs, while you're on your 360 playing MW2 waiting for Halo Reach.

At least the PS3 has games being pumped out consistently, you're butt hurt cause your 360 has no games :)

Call MAG a flop if you want, your opinion means nothing cause you can never play it and form your OWN opinion about it.

All you do is comment on the reviews that give it under an 8 :)

360 has no games.
Cry some more Jason. ;)

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