Kojima discusses Peace Walker's length and future plans

Hideo Kojima talks about Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and his future plans in the latest Famitsu issue.

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Kotaku3233d ago

wish it was on the ps2 at least, not psp. and taking he said another MGS game wont be for a while it kind of confirms that he is working on other games/ips... dont u think?

Noctis Aftermath3233d ago

So konami denied ZOE3? what douches!

execution173233d ago

that is lame :( possibly the best mech game you can play T_T makes me wish my PS3 was still BC

catguykyou3233d ago

I would of been much more excited if he had announced ZOE3 on PS3 instead of another psp mgs. LAME

ThanatosDMC3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

ZOE3 would be super awesome for a PS3 exclusive with gigantic crazy battles. But i dont mind Peace Walker. The demo was great. I could see awesomeness in sneaking in with your friends... then screwing them over.

But they better take out Zero Shift or at least change it enough that other Orbital Frames can keep up. I dont mind if they make the game faster though as long as i can see it i can react to it.

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Bigboss193233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Z.O.E. never sold well so im not shocked at all in the new UK OPM he talked about a new MGS game for PS3 after peace walker...on the side note could we get the full interview?

Batzi3233d ago

the story is the longest in the series?? wow can't wait.

FragGen3233d ago

Is IS nice for us PSP owners to see a true designed-for-the-PSP AAA title. So few developers have really exploited the full potential of the PSP.