Gamereactor: Dante's Inferno review

Gamereactor writes: "In all, Dante's Inferno is exactly what I hoped for it to be. Perhaps it's my old interest in religion and religious imagery that is talking here (not my love for 14th century poetry, which is more or less non-existent), but I adore Visceral Games' vision of Hell. With some of the most intense action in a long time, and some of the coolest bosses in many years, Dante's Inferno offers an intense experience to all the people who are waiting for God of War III. It's a good action game with some great design, even though it might be a bit too much for more sensitive people. Killing unbaptized babies, even though they have blades for arms, is not for everyone. You have been warned."

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WIIIS13035d ago

Looks like a worthy participant in pursuit of the hack & slash crown.

hagla3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

It might be a fun game to play while we wait for God of War 3 but definitely won't be taking any crowns for best hack and slash...

nix3035d ago

hmm.. to get or not to get.

i'll likely hang around Demon's Souls as Blue Phantom and help around, now that i've completed the story. q:

Mr_Bun3035d ago

I'm picking this up to tide me over until GoWIII...Darksiders was incredible and I hope this one is too, even if it is a blatant GoW rip-off.

fossilfern3035d ago

Well i dont think anyone here is stupid enough to put this above GoW3 but it is a solid game going by the demo so i think ill be picking this up in work :D plus the poster we have of it a week after :D

Poster is free ofcourse :p

-Alpha3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

But that doesn't make it a bad game no more than True Crime and Saints Row are bad games though they are GTA rip offs.

Good score for a good game. Can't pick it up right now but maybe one day... after I start the GoW series

andron6663035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

But right now I'm to busy with Darksiders and Bayonetta. And GoW3 is soon upon us, so Dante might have to wait a while....

raztad3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Good for DI. Score is a little fishy though. Game visuals are PS2 like and its an unashamed GoW12 ripoff. GameReactor scored UC2 8/10 and MAG (7/10) was called "unimaginative" because it borrowed elements from MW and Socom.

I'm expecting now the inevitable 7/10 for GoW3 because its GoW2 HD. I hope you are smart enough to see the irony :D


Good TV set. Mine is not that big, just 32, it does 1080p though. That was my impression from the demo. When game is dark it looks OK, but sections like the graveyard look really PS2 like.

Mr_Bun3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I thought the visuals were pretty decent. Not awe inspiring, but pretty good nonetheless. I have a 46" LCD Sony Bravia, by the way.

Edit: MAG is at least a 9

I have only played the demo once, and honestly I don't remember much of that graveyard scene....You maybe right. Usually if a game has crappy graphics, I notice right away, and with this I didn't notice

N4Flamers3035d ago

to be honest when i saw Beatrice with all those varicose veins I was thinking "thats a deal breaker right there".

I dont think I've ever heard anyone even mention that this game might be better than GOW3. I doubt even the creators believe that this is the case. However this seems to be a fun game, despite those technical issues, that you can play while you wait for the return of kratos.

darthv723035d ago

After reading through some of the levels of this game it is very intriguing to say the least. I find this to be a nice alternative to GoW and I am a HUGE GoW fan. Can't wait to see what they do with the other two books in the divine comedy.

After playing just the demo I give it a solid 8. If it can surpass the fun I had in that short amount of personal score could go up from there.

FragGen3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

To be honest I'm not even sure GoW3 the game will be as good as GoW3 the hype.

Dante just has to be a good game on its own for me. I personally think the ART direction in this game is STUNNING. You guys b*tching about graphics need to put down the pipe and stop worrying about technical and engine details and look at the screen. It seems like the new fanboy criticism these days is "PS2 Graphics", WTF? Did you guys even play the demo or watch any of the dev diaries they've been posting?

The vision they've realized is varied, creative, unique, and intensely atmospheric this is going to be an intense game (even if the diehard PS3 fanboys are disappointed that it is available for the 360, too). I'm psyched for the game. If it were a PS3 exclusive everyone would be walking around here sporting massive wood for this game.

nycredude3034d ago

Most reviews say this game is about 8 hours long. That is pathetic for a single player clone. A rent if at all.

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MK_Red3035d ago

It's been an insanely great year for hack & slash fans with games like Dante's Inferno and DarkSiders as well as GOTY worthy titles like Bayonetta and (Hopefully) GOW3.

Pennywise3035d ago

Bayonetta will not win any GOTY awards. If it does I will be extremely shocked...

You are right though... Great year for hack and slash fans! So many games coming, this one will have to fall under rental.

BeaArthur3035d ago

I'm going to go a step farther and say Bayonetta won't even be nominated. It was an above average hack and slash but with GoW3 coming out in a couple of months Bayonetta will be long forgotten by most gamers by the end of the year.

Mr_Bun3035d ago

Guess I'm in the minority. I found nothing exceptional about Bayonetta...other than the soundtrack which was exceptionally AWFUL!

I didn't mind the game, but I don't understand the 10s it received.

Pennywise3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Bayonetta that I played was a 6.5/10. 7 tops.

@Bea- I haven't played it since after the Sony patch. It might secure a 7.5-8 after that.

BeaArthur3035d ago

I might give it a low 8 but that is the maximum.

Hakimy3035d ago

say what you want but it's obvious that either Bayonetta or GOW3 will win the 2010 best action game of the year with GOW3 having the highest possibility unless they do something wrong with it.hate Bayonetta all you want,the scores proves my point."I hate the game,I didn't like the story,the music is awful,etc.." those personal things won't change the obvious outcome later this year ;)

FragGen3035d ago

I agree with your general sentiment "already a great year for hack and slash" but strongly disagree with singling out Bayonetta as anything particularly exceptional among this year's strong line-up, hardly goty material, especially this early in a year that is going to give us stuff like Gow3, Heavy Rain, BFBC2, MOH, Red Dead Redemption, et al, IMHO.

As a matter of fact this year is going to be WAY too good... to the point straining my pocket book with all the great stuff!

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kewlkat0073035d ago

scores 8+ then it's solid. Goes right next to Bayonetta/Darksiders. God Of War is up next.

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The Meerkat3035d ago

"even though it might be a bit too much for more sensitive people. Killing unbaptized babies, even though they have blades for arms, is not for everyone. You have been warned."

I certainly sounds like its for me.

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