USA Today - Games of the decade: Zipper Interactive's Mike Gutmann

USA Today writes: "Who: Mike Gutmann, vice president of Zipper Interactive
Best known for: MAG, SOCOM

Mike's 5 favorite games of the decade (in order by year of release)

Battlefield 1942 (2002) Although early in the decade, there is no question that this was one of my favorite multiplayer games of the decade. The game types, variety, and balance between classes made this an easy title to get lost in for hours."

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nix2939d ago

Back in his room, he must be sniggering at them saying - "can't even put out a proper MP game which has so many less people".

i would do that. q:

Socomer 19792939d ago

Go Zipper!

Show those devs how programming is done.
Bungie, infinity ward, dice?
Ya better take note. this is how its done in the future.
MAG 2010!

Go back to school.