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Submitted by JamieReleases 2200d ago | news

Sony is "breathing down" Microsoft's neck, PS3 to pass Xbox 360

Sony's senior VP of marketing and PSN boss Peter Dille says they're closing in fast on Microsoft and the Xbox 360; won't need 10 years.

While not predicting anything, says Dille, "we'll pass them" and adds Microsoft missed their opportunity to "sprint as far ahead" as possible. (Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2200d ago
Considering the PS3 has been outselling the 360 since it launched (remember, the 360 launched a year before the PS3), I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
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Bungie  +   2200d ago
yeah it's actually good news

now that sony is closing in , M$ will have to step their games up
and that's good news for all gamers

competition = better games and services = happy gamers

remember when people was talking trash about ps3 when it's launched
now they have improved free online and a lot of good games

good luck to both $ony and M$
lociefer  +   2200d ago
dude , u need to see a psychiatrist, i think you got Schizophrenia
Jamie Foxx  +   2200d ago
bungie you are so bi-polar its not even funny
and i actually agree with what you said,i prefer ps3 but i respect 360 for making sony up their game so it should work visa-versa
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   2200d ago
even if sony outsells the xbox it will take are really really long time to make up for the millions xbox has in the lead. And its not like 360s will stop selling all of a sudden. so no matter how big numbers sony makes ms also makes some.
Jamegohanssj5  +   2200d ago
I wish Sony would breath down my neck. Sounds kind of kinky >>.

Anyhow isn't PS3 like 4 million behind? At one point it was 8 million year. At the end of the year they'll be neck and neck. Pretty Selling Machine.

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TheDudeAbides  +   2200d ago
PS3's domination is unevitable
I mean seriously Xbox is going down
Nihilism  +   2200d ago
...and PC still remains the most profitable platform while the peasants squabble over the scraps, funny that.

12.7 billion in 2008 for PC game sales...not bad.

You may continue bickering now.


When you kids argue, just remember - The Nintendo Wii is increasing it's lead every day :)

@Baum/Jimmy Page

You clearly do, because like the other sheep you flock to an article about sales. Does it feel liberating being a marketing tool for a company that does not care about you?
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baum  +   2200d ago
Nobody cares
Bungie  +   2200d ago
seriously the only way for M$ to keep up with $ony is Natal IMO

if the market the hell out of it and the casual gamers like it, the sales could be very strong just like what happened with the Wii
Doctor_Doom  +   2200d ago
I'm not a shareholder ..... so......
I don't give fu(k
Guido  +   2200d ago
The PS3 will be leading the 360 once they hit the sweet spot in price.
All it takes is another price cut and the PS3 will completely demolish the 360. What can the 360 do? Nothing. Even a price drop there just shows their desperation since they drop the price at any sight of the PS3 gaining. You can only drop the price of the 360 so far before they are actually paying us to take them off their hands.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2200d ago
Where do you get the idea the the ps3 has been outselling the 360 since launch? That statement is an epic fail. If I remember the 360 beat the ps3 last holidays by around 1.5 million.
nix  +   2200d ago
read the full IGN interview guys.. it's even better...
Peter Dille: Yeah, we do. I'm confident we'll be around in 10 years and I can say that because we've done it twice. PS3 will be around in 10 years and probably much longer than that. I have my own opinion, but I'll ask you the question. Do you think the 360 will be around in 10 years?

IGN: My personal opinion is no.


the irony is that this "piece" of news is getting hotter than the original one.
sack_boi  +   2200d ago
"I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million" -- Peter Dille.

That's great, the X360 is only 8 million ahead of the PS3 after all and if you factor in RROD and all the X360 owners that have at least 2, 3, 4 X360s (in case one breaks), I'm sure Sony has already caught up in fact.

Gratz Sony.
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Triella  +   2200d ago
@Halo3 MLG Pro
Yearly global sales (aligned launch) these are the numbers from VGC (so likely a bit 360 biaised)

First year on the market
360 : 1,180,000
PS3 : 1,230,000

Second year on the market
360 : 6,710,000
PS3 : 7,640,000

Third year on the market
360 : 7,820,000
PS3 : 9,710,000

Fourth year on the market
360 : 11,030,000
PS3 : 12,270,000 (probably slightly more after adjustement)

Fifth year on the market
360 : 10,230,000
PS3 : available on 31.12.2010
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sack_boi  +   2200d ago
Just for laughs, please tell us where your numbers are from.

EDIT : @Triella
Lol you got rid of them. What happened?

EDIT : @Triella
Oh, they're back again. lol
So where are they from?
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Nihilism  +   2200d ago
Why don't you do a list of year on year profit figures and I'll tell you who 'won', hint: it isn't Sony. I've seen the figures.


You need to change your user name, because you're wrong.

Blizzard has a monopoly on the MMO market and they are 1000 times more successful than every other MMO. The MMO market is not tha majority of the PC market either.

"those profits are not from game sales and 3rd party developers know that"


PC has no first party games, because no one owns the platform, all games are third party, lol, massive self ownage.

ME2 is a multiplat, not a port.

While you continue to be ignorant i'll let you in on a little secret:

PC has more exclusive games each year than every console and handheld combined.
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Imalwaysright  +   2200d ago
Any Idiot knows that the PC is the most profitable platform because of MMORPGs. Hell i know people that burnt their whole paycheck in one minute on MMORPGs so, no, those profits are not from game sales and 3rd party developers know that. IW knew that, EA knows that (ex:Spore), Bioware knows that (ME2 is port from the 360) and Remedy knows that.
RedHurriKane  +   2200d ago
The world is a lot bigger than just North America. You should try to go outside every now and then. The interwebz has made you ignorant.
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Guido  +   2200d ago
@ Halo3 MLG Pro
"Where do you get the idea the the ps3 has been outselling the 360 since launch? That statement is an epic fail. If I remember the 360 beat the ps3 last holidays by around 1.5 million."

The 360 had sold nearly 11 million units by the time the PS3 was launched in North America. The PS3 was then launched months later in Europe. Today the PS3 is at 31 million sold and the 360 is at 39 million sold. Now, figuring this I see easily how the PS3 has outsold the 360 year to year since the lead the 360 had has now dropped to 8 million and not the 11 million they started with.

Also, Sony accomplished this with a console that debuted 200 dollars more than the 360 when it was launched. The PS3 has always been the most expensive console on the shelves and yet sells more year on year end worldwide. You can spin it all you want but the facts speak for themselves.
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RedHurriKane  +   2200d ago
Guido wrote:
"The 360 had sold nearly 11 million units by the time the PS3 was launched in North America. The PS3 was then launched months later in Europe. Today the PS3 is at 31 million sold and the 360 is at 39 million sold. Now, figuring this I see easily how the PS3 has outsold the 360 year to year since the lead the 360 had has now dropped to 8 million and not the 11 million they started with.

Also, Sony accomplished this with a console that debuted 200 dollars more than the 360 when it was launched. The PS3 has always been the most expensive console on the shelves and yet sells more year on year end worldwide. You can spin it all you want but the facts speak for themselves."


PS: Pwned!

Let me go ahead and say the next comment:

"So doesn't matter, who's winning?! That's right, the 360 is!"

*looks at the Wii*
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sikbeta  +   2200d ago
Ah... All of you were talking cr@p about PC or something?

Hilarious, nobody was saying PC is not making money or anything bad about that, but for some reason always appear a Post showing How Almighty The PC is

Poor Bungie, man this kid is really f#cked up, he's a really crazy pal


Peter Dille is Right, I mean the PS3 launched a year ½ later than the x360 and was the most expensive Console of the Three, its outselling x360 since it was launched and for obvious reasons now at $300 more people is going to buy a PS3, If we can see the Amount of people that were waiting for an Affordable Price, from now on we'll see the remaining PS2 userbase make the Big jump and go for the PS3
kewlkat007  +   2200d ago
""I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million. I don't even need to go out 10 years." "
This is news to me, I thought it was around 4 million posted on N4G.

Montrealien  +   2200d ago
Bungie is a troll yes, he knows how to push your buttons and play you guys like a fiddle, yes. But that comment was as sensible as they come. And disagreeing with it kills gaming fairies and punches puppies in the stomach.

and Triella, why dont your numbers not match with the ones the head of marketing at sony claims?
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DaTruth  +   2200d ago
Damn, I actually have to agree with Bunjie(can't believe it)
Competition is good for the industry. I don't know if I'm just more informed than last gen, but the sheer amount of quality games for both platforms is insurmountably huge and leaves me in awe. If you can actually afford the time to play them all, you have no job and can't afford the money; If you can afford the money, you have a job and can't afford the time.

Most of us have a job and families/school and too bad there isn't more time in a day! I might have to give up sleeping!

@Dchalfont: You're so obviously Everfighter it is ridiculous! Still playing the 360 fanboy disguised as a PC fanboy and trolling the PS3 news!

@Kewlkat: Microsoft announced there are 39 million XBOX 360's "around the world"; Who even knows what that means!
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ChrisW  +   2200d ago
While ten years might seem nice, technology advances too fast these days. Those who like to play today's PC games [like me] at the fullest graphical possibility know that upgrading is a must every 2 or 3 years.

Besides, the PS2 was only released 7 years before the PS3. And I wouldn't mind if it was less than that.
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Mike134nl  +   2200d ago
Good news for gamers
The more Sony and Microsoft fight the more gamers profit. Neither Sony or Microsoft are going anywhere at this stage.
mint royale  +   2200d ago
Sony say the 360 is 8 million ahead? That can't be right the exec is probably talking MS sold figures compared to estimates of ps3 sellthrough. The gap I would have thought is between 5 and 6 million.
commodore64  +   2200d ago
LOL ^^^

so, Sony's senior VP of marketing and PSN boss Peter Dille says the gap is 8 million, yet somehow the guys on n4g know better than he does?

How does that work exactly?

DOes this mean we get to cherrypick the senior SONY executive quotes to fit with our agenda?

oh goody!
kewlkat007  +   2200d ago
@DaTruth 1.25...I don't know meng, I don't know...
I trust N4G's numbers more so then anyone else....though

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Raz  +   2200d ago
@ 1.10

That's the smartest thing I've ever heard anyone say about anything.

Bubbles+ for that. Brand loyalty is just a noble name for a personality cult.
Aquanox  +   2200d ago
8 million gap confirmed
"I mean, we've got 31 million [units sold] worldwide right now - they've got 39 million [units sold]. I don't even need to go out 10 years," he quipped.

8 million difference confirmed, directly from Sony's mouth.

And to think it was a 6 million GAP at PS3 launch, what is this guy babbling about? lol
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2200d ago
It has been inevitable from the begining of this gen
But I thought it would have happened alot sooner.

Even when ps3 passes 360 id still consider this gen. to be a disappointment for sony, and surprisingly good for microsoft.

Its not disappointing to me as I have both ps3/360 and they both have plenty of great games.

But sony has gone from two time champ, to currently being 3rd. Even when they are in 2nd nintendo is still way ahead and they have lost massive amounts of market share while nintendo and microsoft have increased theirs.

Its good for sony taht their doing better now but I HIGHLY DOUBT that back in 2006 anyone here or at sony would have been hoping that the ps3 can take 2nd place by 2011.

Noone expected microsoft to put up such a battle for the ps3, and noone expected the wii to sell faster then the PS2 did. And mostly, noone expected sony to still be in 3rd.

Things are looking better for sony and the ps3, but I dont think their goal was ever to struggle to get to 2nd.

But it doesnt matter to me as I REALLY like what I am seeing from Sony and Microsoft this gen. And I think that the intense competition between sony/microsoft and the unexpected success of the Wii has caused both sony and microsoft step up their game amd deleiver the goods/take more chances.
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Monchichi025  +   2200d ago
Too early......
I don't think we'll know who wins till after this holiday season. MS is creating great Buzz with the Natal project and nobody knows how the mass market will react to it. I mean, MS is pretty much putting all there fortunes behind it this holiday season with a new "Launch" with as much marketing budget as the original launch.

And even though I think I'm going to prefer Sony's wand myself, there is no buzz behind the thing so it's looking like a total flop for them. But let's wait till then before we make any solid conclusions.

But all in all, gotta agree with comment above that competition is GREAT!!!
The Maxx  +   2200d ago
Bumped for source purposes...=)
Guido  +   2200d ago
"And to think it was a 6 million GAP at PS3 launch, what is this guy babbling about?"
For North America alone there was a 6 million unit sold head start for MS. Worldwide it was nearly 11 million. Too bad you can't read or you might have seen the posts above yours. MS's lead has shrunk from 11 million to 8 million and is shrinking faster each year. Please, feel free to post thought inducing posts of factual material and stop with the silly lies and FUD talking points you stole from the Microsoft PR book.
we won  +   2200d ago
So Sony says PS3 is 8 million behind?
offwhiteazn   2200d ago | Spam
mint royale  +   2200d ago

When the PS3 launched in NA the 360 had sold 5.5 million. By the time it was launched in Europe the 360 had sold 7 million. And no the gap now is not 8 million its more like 5-6 million as this Sony exec has clearly got confused with sellthrough and shipment data. Your the one who is an idiot.
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IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2200d ago
If I don't remember wrong, the first year head start gave MS 6 million console lead.
Fast forward now, the official numbers now are 31 million for PS3 and 39 million for Xbox 360.

That means the gap widened 2 millions in the last 3-4 years to 8 millions.

What will change in the next 4-5 years that will give them the lead again? After all we got price drop, redesign, AAA graphically superior exclusives and plenty of marketing and Sony is still just selling about what MS is selling. I don't see anything changing, unless Natal or the Wand is a hit. What can they possibly do, but get a temporary boost from maybe God of War 3, GT5 and FFXIII. There are almost no other games that are system sellers.

Unfortunately for Sony, the wands don't appeal to hardcore gamers and the casuals see no reason to jump on PS3 when they can have the Wii. Natal also faces an uphill battle, but it is at least a differentiating factor.

Will it even matter when we move over the the next generation of consoles?
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TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2200d ago
I am sorry dchalfont, but no one really cares about the PC.
Why? Because this article is about Sony breathing down on Microsoft's neck. It has nothing to do with the PC.

Right now, you kinda sound like this...

dchalfont: "but the PC! the PC!!! everybody, please pay attention to the PC!"

And that's really off topic.
#1.41 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
RememberThe357  +   2200d ago
Stop the f*cking presses! That was freakin hilarious!

@Halo MGL: You got your numbers bassackwards there buddy.
Anon1974  +   2200d ago
His number seems a bit low.
According to Sony's official data there were 27 million PS3's sold at the end of the last quarter (end of Sept).

If the PS3 is only at 31 million now, that means it only sold 4 million from October through the holidays. It's not very likely that they sold that few. VGchartz has them selling over 6 million between Oct and Dec, and VGchartz has historically lowballed PS3 sales. This would put the PS3 currently over 33 million as of the end of December.

I guess we'll find out exactly what the number is when the Q3 numbers come out tomorrow, but I'm guessing 31 million is low.
Maddens Raiders  +   2200d ago
bungie -
are you (or related to) LightningPS3?

On Topic

This is not really news but an update on the quickening. Good job Sony.
BWS1982  +   2200d ago
normally I don't get bothered by your comments when they're in pertinent stories about PC games since I have a nice rig I built myself and love PC gaming, but when you come in here (not the first time) and beg for relevancy and acclaim when clearly you have no investment or interest in the topic, you sound like you're groveling or something. You're giving PC gamers a bad name. And then you go and pull out the Wii card and defeat your own argument about consoles being pointless. The PC is a very unique platform, as you'd know, so it's not really apples and oranges, so go along and take your orange and be happy with it, the rest of us will enjoy a nice selection of fruit. :)
#1.45 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
baum  +   2200d ago
I only meant that I don't care about what you say. :)

Oh, and agreed with the poster above me.
KingME  +   2200d ago
SO Amazing
Sony Exec says PS3 is at 31 Mil and the 360 is at 39 Mil, and some one actually said he has to be wrong because VGChartz had them at 27 at the end of September. Is that just simply an ignorant statement or what? Additionally, PS3 fans traditionally state that VGChartz numbers are wrong anyway.

Personally I don't think it really matters who passes who in ten years. Bottom line, whichever one ends up second to the wii is simply the best LOSER. As WIIIS1 says below, with all the with all the advanced features of the PS3 it's amazing that it hasn't gained much ground at all on the 360 since launch.
MmaFanQc  +   2200d ago
Sony is "breathing down" Microsoft's neck
lmao, thats creepy
EVILDEAD360  +   2200d ago
This article is a classic keeper..especially the comments
The best part about this is if a Microsoft exec had made a similiar statement..3 quarters of the entire comments section would a been going absolutely bezerk about how Microsoft keeps Sony's name in their mouths and how Sony Excecs NEVER talk about Microsoft..

What even funnier is the Sony Exec stating that there is an 8 million system sales gap between the two and average fans who work nowhere NEAR Sony headquarters are disputing the guys own figures..Classic

Look it's no secret that the PS3 Slim jumpstarted the PS3's momentum in a big way. But, facts are fact, people are still buying Xbox 360s and it's not going to stop in 2010. In fact...ESPECIALLY in 2010 with Micrsoft making a great case for a historic year for it's console.

In the end, if Micrsoft pulls past 50 Million install base then no developer is going to ignore the big numbers put up in the software sales department.

Plus, in a few years it won't even matter..the new systems will all be released and it will be an entirely different ball game.

Should be a fun year to watch both of them duke it out..but there is nothing wrong with an exec showing confidence in its system (unless it's a Microsoft exec that is)

n4gno  +   2200d ago
Max speed, more than 2 millions more in 2009 (in 4 months, before that xbox was leading), only a few millions to catch = a question of 1 year, 2 maximum.

by the way, 3,5 millions more, if the numbers are reals, it means nothing, they don't do money with consoles sells and you have to count dead machines, "double" xbox (for cracked firmwares + live) repair, marketing, etc cost, etc : the most important are games sold, bluray sold (!), accesories, psn/xbl games sold, etc (for games, it's similar, great scores with big fat halo, modern warfare, but 3X more ps3 exclusives, ms paying exclusives, and some multi selling better on one or other, but bluray's $, direct or not, make the difference)
NewZealander  +   2200d ago
sony have done well to close the gap, MS had a shocking year in 2009, its going to be interesting to see what happens now with all the big exclusives in 2010, and the launch of natal.

if sony keeps the heat on then its going to mean both console manufacturers will play hard and continue to offer the customers great new things for some time to come.
cayal  +   2200d ago
people are getting confused with Sony's sold and Microsoft's shipped number.

But hey, fanboys will read what they want to read.
NinjaAssassin  +   2200d ago
I suppose that is why the 360 still has a larger lead now compared to when the PS3 launched? The lead is 8 million now and the 360 only had a 6 million lead when the PS3 came out.

My prediction is that the PS3 will not catch the 360 this generation.
#1.53 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Anon1974  +   2200d ago
PS3 is looking strong.
By the time the PS3 was launched worldwide, the 360 has sold 11 million consoles compared to less than 2 million in the PS3's limited release in the US and Japan. Once the PS3 was available worldwide it's been all PS3.

Now, the 360 sits at 38.6 million as of the end of December according to Microsoft's data released a couple of weeks ago. The PS3's holiday numbers haven't been unveiled yet and won't be until tomorrow, but as of the end of September the PS3 sat at 27 million consoles and it's expected that they moved 6 million or up this holiday season worldwide.

That puts the PS3/360 gap closer to 5 and a half million, not 8.

At any rate, Sony planned to have moved 13 million PS3's by the end of the fiscal year. If they succeed, and 360 sales continue as they have, by the end of March the PS3 should be at 35.7 million versus the 360's 40 million, closing the gap further so there's only a difference of just over 4 million.

Of course, that's if Sony hit their ship estimates and 360 sales stay the course (1.7 million less the 12% year over year declines the 360 experienced this holiday season for this quarter we're in now).

Many analysts predicted 2009 would be the year the PS3 overtook the 360. It looks like the recession just delayed that by a year if everything continues as it is now. And I remember, back when these predictions were made, 360 fans claimed "Who cares! By that time the 720 will be out!" Doesn't look like that's very likely at this point with Microsoft planning to push Natal as a new console launch.
#1.54 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
lukewind  +   2200d ago
LOL at all the idiots who believe this!!!!!!!!
Pistolero  +   2200d ago
Even by Sony's own admission the PS3 is 8 million behind the 360....and we know that the 360 had sold 6 million by the time the PS3 came on the this means the PS3 is farther behind now than it was then...the PS3 will not catch up this year or next...there is no way in the world that Sony will sell 8 million more PS3s this year than the 360...and I don't think it will catch up at all.
Cueil  +   2200d ago
they don't have the resources to go head to head with Microsoft at this point... certainly in North America the game has been over for some time
arny  +   2199d ago
Okay PS3 might pass XBOX but it was not outselling since its launch it actually had a failed launch it only started outselling XBOX after the launch of the PS3 slim version
scoobysnacks  +   2199d ago
To those stating 6m 360's at the time of the PS3 launch.
To clear up the Xbox 360 sales numbers. Microsoft’s 2007 CES keynote speech states they sold 10.4 million Xbox360’s as of December 31st, 2006. Check the link below.

The PS3 launched in Japan and America, 11 Nov. and 17 Nov. 2006 respectively, and Microsoft sold 2.7m units in this 7 week time frame. Basic math, 10.4 - 2.7 = 7.7m. The Xbox360 was not at 6m as some of the Xbox fraternity here are saying, and likewise it was not at 11m as some of the Sony PS fraternity are saying.

Now to this topic, for those that are jumping on the comment made by Sony’s VP Peter Dille about 31m vs 39m, and then saying the difference is 8m because Peter Dille just said so, patience, perhaps you should have waited until today, you know, Sony’s report for the quarter. Its the reason I didn’t post a comment until now, to see what Sony had to say. The figures are out, and yet some idiots are still saying the same thing even with this new information available.

Darkride66 (above) was correct with the approximation of the gap now being just 5.5m. Sony have stated that 27m PS3 had been sold upto Sept 2009 (go google it, or go look up old news stories on this site), and Sony have just stated again in the link below that 6.5m PS3’s have been sold between Oct-Dec 2009.

So that makes the PS3 at 33.5m, regardless of what Peter Dille said yesterday. The comment he made yesterday was generalised so as not to spoil Sony’s announcement today. Common sense really, a pity some on this site seem to be short of this valuable trait. Some MS fans would like to believe the gap between the two HD consoles has increased in the 360’s favour, but its actually shrunk by 2.2m units. The gap is now just 5.5m as of Dec 31st 2009. Microsoft's official figures given in January of 2007, that put them at 7.7m at the time of the PS3 launch, and Sony’s latest quarter report today clearly show this.
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Bungie  +   2200d ago
good to see sony is doing well

M$ really screwed themselves up with the RROD
#2 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(27) | Report | Reply
baum  +   2200d ago
WIIIS1  +   2200d ago
Actually that does really put things into perspective doesn't it? Against a console with RROD, no blu-ray and online that isn't free, it speaks volumes that PS3 has yet to overtake 360 after so many years.
ChrisW  +   2200d ago
It seems like many/more people are disagreeing with you. I wonder why...
#2.3 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
D4RkNIKON  +   2200d ago
Haha bungie is so bipolar.. You are such a troll and you say the worst things about anything PS3 related and every now and then you try and turn the tables. Why would you do that? Bubbles? Well every time you try, you end up getting hammered with disagrees and end up losing more bubbles. lol
ThanatosDMC  +   2200d ago
Bungie is a good laugh so early in the morning. HAHHAH! Bubbles for him!
Aquanox  +   2200d ago
It seems that Sony boys disagree with people not with opinions. Bungie isn't saying anything unpopular in N4PS3G.
gumgum99  +   2200d ago
I think Bunngie bumps his head every morning before posting, so A different side of him comes out everytime. >_^
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2200d ago
@WIIIS1 ^^^^^
That is my point all along.

For all the things that Sony does right, it does seem that they are only selling as good as the 360.

Consider the PS3 has:

- price drop, redesign, massive AAA exclusives and huge marketing this year
- blu-ray, six axis motion, wifi built in, ard drive standard
- free online
- 150 million user base to live off

Consider the 360 has:

- RROD, E74, Disc Read Errors (DRE)
- pay for online
- over priced accessories
- (according to PS3 fanboys) sub-par and generic exclusives

IT DOES SEEM ODD THAT THAT THE PS3 isn't taking over the world with their $300 price tag!!!
BWS1982  +   2200d ago
You have to be joking, Aqua
seriously, nobody is legitimately that ignorant to Bungie's MO, you are either insane or sarcastic. Take your pick. Everyone but apparently you knows why he's here and what's been doing here since he arrived. How are you missing it? Or are you just trying to be sarcastic?

We disagree with him for who he _really_ is, not because he makes a switch-hitting post now and then to be comical. You need to wake up to your naivety regarding fanboyism on this site (like Bungie's and yours) and maybe buy a second console, that'd help most of your issues.
#2.9 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Bungie  +   2200d ago
at least wait till you get out from last place be4 talking trash

last place 4 life ,baby.
Karooo  +   2200d ago
Blu ray no 1 format, 360 1 year lead lmao are you bots so proud of 1 year lead advantage? aww so cute.

Think about the 1 year lead before talking trash :) haha inspite of 1 year lead they are just 6 million behind so sad, microsoft blew it, they dont even have first party studios to make games for 2011, how much will they beg third party for exclusives.
stonecold1  +   2200d ago
ps3 already out sells it here
in australia japan china europe newzealand when gt5 launches good bye 360 nice knowing you ps3 will be in first no time 360 does not have 10 years in it rip 360 your days are outnumbreds gt5 final fantasy vs 13 says hi they are system seller where halo reach is not a system mover anyone you as halo already will go and buy it so long juke box your days are out numbered
mcnablejr  +   2200d ago
''your days are outnumbreds''
Eight years old.?
Nelson M  +   2200d ago
And Bungie
Is Breathing down MetalGeaRising's Pants
Doctor_Doom  +   2200d ago
@ mcn
or a Cold blooded killer

#3.5 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Nihilism  +   2200d ago
FFV13 doesn't say anything. SE have sold their souls and all they make is dumbed down garbage and NES and PS1 to DS ports, they are one of the worst developers going, they haven't made a decent game since FFX.


They are such a disappointment. For ages i've been saying "FFXIII will be the game that makes me buy a ps3" ( this was before it was announced as a multiplat ).

Then I hear they made a game WITH NO TOWNS :S :S :S

I also got excited for The Last Remnant...I got half an hour into the demo before I deleted it and walked away shaking my head.
#3.6 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Wrathman  +   2200d ago
"We can be passionate fans, but I don't think they'll be around in 10 years so I'm very confident we'll pass them within that time frame. I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million. I don't even need to go out 10 years."

lol.there you droids have it in writting.the gap was 8mill @ the launch of the ps3.4 years later...guess wot...its still 8million behind.

dont shoot the messenger..not my words.SONYS words!

cry moarrrr droids..yummy tears of goodness
hanzai  +   2200d ago
hey wrathman and little kids should realize that the lead is no longer 8 million.

360 flopping hard and fast. :)
Wrathman  +   2200d ago
hay HANZAI...thats not wot the sony head says in the article.did u read the article or is mommy not home from work to read it to you yet?
4point7BillionLoss  +   2200d ago
Once again PS2 to the PS3's rescue
You can't say anything positive about sony unless you include the PS2 in the article can you .. because without it Sony's gaming division is in the Red...

To Quote:
"Microsoft was heavily criticised for dumping support of the original Xbox too soon, and moving on to the Xbox 360. By contrast the PlayStation 2 has had a much longer and far more successful life span with Sony not ceasing to support it. "
ZombieRollz  +   2200d ago
Fact: Thanks to Sony's brilliance regarding price cuts, the PS3 pushed beyond the Xbox 360 last year by nearly 200,000 units.

Fact: TheTruth2009's butt has been hurting since then.
Dtoxz  +   2200d ago
Cant you fanboys leave the ps3 alone? Even when the sales figures exceed the 360 you xbotx are gonna find something else to b1tch about.

Why don't you just go play your 360's and leave us to our so called dillusions about the ps3 being number 1. Go enjoy your games.

You guys are nothing but a bunch of punk a$$n b1tches that only talk sh1t because you are hiding behing your monitor.

I bet half you p*ssies wouldn't talk half the trash you do if this were all in person. STFU and play your video games.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2200d ago
"You can't say anything positive about sony unless you include the PS2 in the article can you .. because without it Sony's gaming division is in the Red... "

Sony's gaming division is already in the red, with or without the PS2. However, there is some truth in the statement that the PS2 is in a big way responsible for the success of the PS3. I said a long time ago that the PS3 would most likely eventually surpass the 360 in sales. Sony had too great of a marketshare last gen. Furthermore, they have a great reputation of supporting their consoles long into the next gen. People know that if they spend their money on a Sony console, they'll get their dollar's worth.

However, the 360 is a major success for MS, whether Sony fanboys want to admit it or not. Yes, the RROD did cause a lot of negative attention for MS, and it was deserved. But MS did do the right thing eventually by improving the design and offering a 3 year warranty for existing consoles. The biggest reason why the 360 is a major success, besides the fact that it has been profitable for a long time unlike the PS3, is going back to marketshare. The 360 (and the Wii) have taken a huge chunk out of Sony's marketshare. I'm not saying that Sony won't once again be #1, however the days of PS2-like dominance are over.

What MS needs to do now is establish a Sony-like business model because it is proven to work. They need to support the 360 for years after the next console is released. Secondly, they should build some first party studios. They've done a great job at securing exclusives for the 360 and Windows so far, but I don't think that replaces first party studios.
qface64  +   2200d ago
i only read the tittle but it just made me think of someone breathing down my neck watching me play my handheld
it happens
Omega4  +   2200d ago
"I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million. I don't even need to go out 10 years."

Wow Sony themselves have actually ADMITTED to being 8ml units behind, when did the gap widen so much.
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2200d ago
Well there you have it. The 360 is 8 million consoles ahead of the ps3. Sony isn't catching anything.
stonecold1  +   2200d ago
i will wait till the
real results come in instead of using fake vgc sony may even be closer than what you think you better hope sonys at 31 million i confident ps3 as solkd way more than that and it has outsold the 360 since the slim came out
ElementX  +   2200d ago
I thought the gap was 3-4 million the way the fanboys on here talk. Obviously the PS3 isn't outselling the 360 by that much on a global scale, even if they do push ahead in a few territories.
ipe  +   2200d ago
i dont know about this guy
but in september of 2009 there were sold 27 mils.ps3(sony official report).In december sony sold 3.8 mils WW.And count in october,november,january.U get the picture.

So 31 immposible number
Nihilism  +   2200d ago
The number of consoles sold means very little when you factor in that Sony has only just started to make money from the hardware, whereas MS and Nintendo have been for some time...
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2200d ago
Don't listen to fools on here. Their are actual sony fanboys that believe the ps3 is going to catch up to the 360 this year. LMAO! Just plain stupid if anybody believes that. Fact is everybody throws misinformed numbers around here.

To all the sony fanboys,
Sony, your God, has just admitted to being behind 8 million consoles. I repeat. 8 million consoles behind the 360. You still believe it's going to catch up this year???? LMAO!
Foxgod  +   2200d ago
It comes from the mouth of a Sony Executive, so the gap is still 8 million.
I believe Sony before the fanboys here.

I already said it yesterday in another topic, most People on N4g suck at math, and most people on n4g are ps3 fanboys.

@WIISI below,
You won the moron of the week award, why on earth would Sony discredit themselves that way, and put themselves in a negative spotlight by counting their own sold vs MS their shipped.
#5.7 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Omega4  +   2200d ago
I cant believe some of you guys are doubting the word of Sony, yes Sony. If anyone knows how much the Sony PS3 has sold its Sony.

Just stop trying to spin facts the 360 has a lead of 8ml, accept it and move on.
WIIIS1  +   2200d ago
You're mistaken. As must be apparent, the Sony Executive was comparing their actual consoles SOLD to the consoles SHIPPED by MS. It doesn't make sense for Sony to compare figures on any other basis.
Omega4  +   2200d ago
Im sorry but that SHIPPED/SOLD argument doesnt fly anymore MS/Sony state the same type of numbers. MS said themselves last September that “We count the number of units in the hands of consumers."

Take a read here is you dont believe me :)

MS will be ahead for a long time and if Natal succeeds the PS3 will be last for the rest of the generation.
WIIIS1  +   2200d ago
I musta forgotten to add that /s.
Cyrax_87  +   2200d ago
excited xbox fans...
Sony also said this:

27 million PS3s sold as of Sep 30th. and...

3.8 million consoles sold during the Christmas holidays

That brings the total to about 31 million consoles sold WITHOUT adding in all the consoles sold during October, November and January...
bjornbear  +   2200d ago
you guys all have to meet up in real life

Related image(s)
hanzai  +   2200d ago
cyrax, let them have their fun. they'll eventually wake up sooner or later.

the lead is shrinking, get over it.
table  +   2200d ago
As much as I hate omega, foxgod and MLG Pro for being some of the worst fanboys on this site, they are actually spot on with this one. You can't argue with Sonys offical statements on how many consoles they have out there. The difference between consoles sold is virtually the same as what it was 1-2 years ago.

@cryax - we also don't know Sony's definition of the holiday period. It may well include October and November.

edit: fair enough, but you're still arguing against Sony's official numbers.
#5.15 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Cyrax_87  +   2200d ago
"@cryax - we also don't know Sony's definition of the holiday period. It may well include October and November.
If you bothered reading the link I provided, it says doesn't...

"during the five weeks following the last week of November 2009" (ending on January 3, 2010)"
khsmooth  +   2200d ago
8 mil confirmed by Sony!
Now if that's breathing down someone's neck, they must have taking the persona of the big bad wolf trying to blow down the pig's brick house. It's good to see both companies selling well but an 8 million gap is only going to be passed if Microsoft just stops selling 360s and Sony sell's PS3s for 10yrs...but then what will be point? lol
Foxgod  +   2200d ago
Even if so, its still nice to see the tables are turned compared to the last gen.

The MS gaming platform is back on the map now, after it was gone for 20 years.
MS is one of the oldest contenders in the gaming market, and they helped company's like Hudson and Konami become big.

The 360 is well on its way to selling 50+ million consoles in its lifetime, and with that, its huge success, and not only compared to the original Xbox.

Oddly enough, MS is in second place this gen, just like last gen, only last gen MS had Sony in front of them, and that role is now played by Nintendo, Nintendo deserves the most credit.
MS went from somewhere to a major position, but Nintendo went from Nowhere to global market leader.
#6 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Karooo  +   2200d ago
man @ dchalfont.
Totally agree with you there, FFX was made by squaresoft, i think the merger with enix screwed them over, SE is the worst developers this gen.
Michael-Jackson  +   2200d ago
will Versus XIII change your mind? if it's AAA, but then again this is the team (mainly SquareSoft members?) that made Kingdom Hearts which is lead be Tetsuya Nomura - transition from Kingdom Hearts 1 to 2 was decent. Versus XIII is their last chance to redeem themselves.
#7.1 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dance  +   2200d ago
Desperate words from a company that's in 3rd place
sack_boi  +   2200d ago
Kaz Hirai said they were first, so you're wrong.
WIIIS1  +   2200d ago
I can't imagine how a company in such an unenviable position can make such arrogant remarks.
nix  +   2200d ago
i think you kids need to read the full article.
cygnuszero  +   2200d ago
Its a business, they're failing, so you try to keep morale up. Thats all this is. They arent getting out of 3rd place anytime soon, they are well aware of that, but they would never say that of course, people would start jumping ship immediately.
SyphonFilter  +   2200d ago
1 year headstart and price advantage,i would hope M$ has some kind of lead.if it was the same month and year then sony would have crushed them. ps3 will outsell then eventually.
NinjaAssassin  +   2200d ago
The 360 also had a year head start over the Wii, but that didn't stop the Wii from sailing right past it in sales. So what's the PS3's excuse?
BWS1982  +   2200d ago
lol, comparing the Wii's rate of sales to the PS3's...let's just forget the blatantly different target audience, price range and feature set, and throw logic out the window there. Congrats.

One launched at $250 with Wii Play and the other launched at $500/$600 with Resistance and Ridge Racer.

You're out of your mind, that's not even apples and oranges, that one is apples and boats.
Amiroo  +   2200d ago
Peter Dille was drunk and high and said somthing that destroy entire mony entertainment
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2200d ago
xBox 360 = DEAD IN JAPAN!!! ;-D

xBox 360 = NEARLY DEAD IN EUROPE(Only the Chav's in the UK buy it still) ;-D

xBox 360 = STARTING TO DIE IN THE U.S.of.A!!! ;-P
(The PS3 SOLD MORE in December 09' in the U.S.of.A!!!) ;-D
Nihilism  +   2200d ago
* one handed claps *, we're all real proud of your marketing skills, keep up the good work champ * pats on the back in the fashion of positive reinforcement to a failure of a child *
mcnablejr  +   2200d ago
sir ken fails.
everyone knows it.
DropDeadFred   2200d ago | Spam
mcnablejr  +   2200d ago
hasnt the 360 still sold more consoles?
isnt the ps3 still in 3rd place?
DropDeadFred   2200d ago | Spam
mcnablejr  +   2200d ago
love that you still try to pass censors with such
a crude remark, silly kid.
Hellsvacancy  +   2200d ago
Well thats wot u get 4 bad mouthin the PS3 creator
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2200d ago
You bring much disrespect to Sony with your lies.

The Japanese are a proud people where honor and pride mean everything.

You sir, need to hang your head in shame.
36T  +   2200d ago

That was funny! I love you PS fanboys and your logic. How you like looking at MS's ass from behind? Can't see it very well? Too far? Don't worry, when the PS3 Slim drops, Sony will catch up so you can see MS's ass clearly. oh wait..
Meryl  +   2200d ago
sir ken - thats awesome!!
#10.10 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ChrisW  +   2200d ago
"The Japanese are a proud people where honor and pride mean everything."

Yeah... about 60+ years ago. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution has greatly changed that.
#10.11 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Akagi  +   2200d ago
@MLG, 8 million ahead, how many of them will RROD?
sack_boi   2200d ago | Spam
Amiroo  +   2200d ago
you and fanboy sites like n4g or gamespot or ign loves RROD but i had 1 xbox RROD and 2 PS3 fail , but no one said anything about PS3 failure because they are bunch of fan boys
mastiffchild  +   2200d ago
So inferna, you want to tell evry last reporter/researcher/gamr who investigated, analysed or lost consoles over RROD that because your experience was a dfferent one everything they had happen was an hallucination?

Seriously, the fact is RROD was a massive deal for gamers with 360s and if you were lucky with your's and unlucky with your PS3s doesn't mean anything other than you're ab unusual case.Trustme, I've had one PS3 break dowb while I've had SIX 360s but I'm not saying the quoted figures for failur is 80% or whatever becuse I had a really bad trot with them.Also every single independent report intothe PS3 failure rate has it at under 1.5% and well within industry standards while the 360 figures range from 20 to 54 % at certain points ths generation.

Whatever fail rate you think is closest to the truth for MS it's cold hard fact that the lead spoken about(whatever figure you, again, feel is right)takes nothing of ths into account as accurte figures for the number of actually out of service 360s aren't available. However, to assume these failures don't affect the actual size of any lead over Sony by MS is denial and nothing else-there could be millions of dead 360s making Sony a lot closer than it would appear from the outside. Noone knows how many but it has to be a very signifigant number or, I think, MS would have tried to tell us what it is like they never tell us an actual failure rate as it's never been within industry standards.

It's just one of the things, along with the EU and Africa not having eaily collated sales figures, that make any lead numbers little more than a pretty wild guess.Seriously, though, you're trying to say RROD was smaller than YLoD? It never has been and you were just unlucky with a dodgy pair of PS3s, imo.
NinjaAssassin  +   2200d ago
The YLOD is a bigger problem than Sony and the PS3 boys are letting on. I know several people who have had their PS3s die on them.
BWS1982  +   2200d ago
No, 7.2,
nobody talks about it because it's a statistical anomaly. Get over it, that's a fluke and if you can't realize that, you deserve your misfortunes, pal.
#11.5 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
John_Dylan  +   2200d ago
As much as i hate to say it the 360 is NOT future proof. The highest capacity media storage unit is the 1995 DVD, and the amount of energy it uses and the noise can be easily fixed with a new console, a step Microsoft will likely state as an improved feature.

But for the time being ill just enjoy Halo/Forza until twilight dawns with a newer breed of friendly, more docile gamers in the new gaming era.
Nihilism  +   2200d ago
More docile? That sir is an impossibility.
mastiffchild  +   2200d ago
Yeh, we hardly stand up for each others rights now, do we? The fanboyism, which I guess you meant is going nowhere either and is also the mainreason we're so easly diveided and crapped on by the industry and with MS and Sony so close in terms fo actual consolezs working in people's homes it's only getting, sadly, worse as both sides think they can "win" or something equally naive.

Dchalfont is right-how much more docile can you get han a community full of people who prefer "their" company and the indusry in general to ther fellow gamers? The platform specific fights and fanboys from MS, Sony, PC or Ninty are causing us all to pay more for less in our gaming, are slowing down the online development of gaming by allowing P2P to still rule, by and large on Live and, still(though less so) on PSN and w tnd by and allow IW to take dedicated servers away from the PC gamers when they shuld begiving them to all of us? Why was that then? Simply beccause of console fanboys feeling PC gamer/fanboys are arrogant tosspots who pirate evrything and complain about everything as well.

No. We need to stop labelling ourselves before there's any hope of a more intelligent gaming community wih less in fighting and ,more mutual respect across the platforms. It's £50 for a game and we're allowing shoddy games, games with way too many bugs and way too little testing. We allow ourselves to pay for <Live as a prermium online service when i has even fewer games using dedicated servers than PSN and we stick up for the cost too! W've a long way to go if we're ever o change this wider cmmunity intop something we can all use to support each other and be really proud of and stop the industry playing us like fools all the damn time and just callingbthe divideand rule card every time they want to force something sh1tty on us. We lose the fanboyism and, trust me, it stops ll the consa we suffer from the industry.Docile or not, it's the best, and only imo, way forwards if we want any control over the industry we support in it's entirety with OUR money.
Tesselation 360  +   2200d ago
How sad
because everything on the news and media these days is about how the 360 is bashin left right and centre in every department of gaming the ps3 then typical a fanboy writes an article to desperatly try to make us believe the ps3 is still fighting lol.

Sad world now days.
DropDeadFred   2200d ago | Spam
Wrathman  +   2200d ago
yeah and Peter Dille-do (head of sony marketing and PSN boss)says the ps3 is still 8 million behind.and i think he shud know.

cryyyyy mooooarrrrrr
frankymv  +   2200d ago
Xbox 720 in fall 2011 guaranteed
MS will move to a 2 console lineup with the 360 as the casual console and the 720 for the core.
Nihilism  +   2200d ago

The market has spoken, the money is in casual games hence MS and Sony's motion control catch up, there is no way they would make the same mistake twice.
frankymv  +   2200d ago
You're not going to abandon the core gamer and focus only on casual
That's why MS will move to a 2 console lineup in late 2011
mastiffchild  +   2200d ago
Idk, the supposed core market is justas big as he casual market, mo.It's just that it's split between four plaforms whle he casual market seems to be more concentrated on one and therefore easier to see, and they think, understand and control. We shall see, but thre'll be just as much money to be made off core as casual gamer over he next few years it's just that more challenging games are more expenive to make rather than there being far fewer longer term gamers, imo.
OneShotThrill  +   2200d ago
how about we stop speculating
and just play our games...Ive never seen people so caught up in finishing SECOND place!! You still lose your precious console war to the Wii! The only thing you guys should be concerned about is are you getting good games...simple
bjornbear  +   2200d ago
i have to agree
Sony have done a good job catching up, considering they had a horrible start AND a year late release.

It worked with PS2 but PS3 wasn't that lucky =/ (and 360 did far better than Dreamcast)

but it isn't over yet =) those who think it is are just in denial
hanzai  +   2200d ago
sony's like an incoming shark. give em' hell sony, give em' hell. :)
negroguy  +   2200d ago
"they can see us in the rearview mirror and it's not going to take too long to pass them" *jaws music*
mcnablejr  +   2200d ago
i dont see this logic
right.. so.. theres a race, microsoft are off the line first, sony soon after. Microsoft are still in the lead and sony are still 8 million units behind. (that means microsoft are winning).They then cross the line first and will most likely release another console before its rivals.

Edit@ below.
WTF? so you think that means sony wins if microsoft releases the next console and the ps3 then goes on to outsell the 360 whilst the next gen xbox is already gaining sales?
#18.1 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
negroguy  +   2200d ago
overall life
ya but do u think xbox will still b around to cross that 10 yr mark from now? i honsestly believe ps3 will b around longer than 360 seeing as playstation has made it their "moto" to go atleast 10yrs+. So if and whenever microsoft drops support for 360 then ps3 would still b going and sooner or later pass it.
Michael-Jackson  +   2200d ago
360 has game/s. =)
PSWarlord  +   2200d ago
I really can't see this happening until 2011, especially if M$ price cut again (Dirty Ba5tards lol), I read an artical about a price cut just as the PS3 wands hit the market. But really its Sony fault if they brought out the PS3 at a affordable price and on time their wouldnt even be a console war except for maybe Wii vs PS3 but even then then PS3 would triumph. They have allowed M$ too get their grubby foot in the door and their now here to stay, which is actually not to bad as competition is only a good thing as it provokes companies too better the other.
But in the end the PS3 WILL BEAT the 360 and even the Wii (The PS2 had an istall base of 120 million even if 360 have taken 40 million of those thats still 60 million that havnt purchased a next gen console I SAY NEXT GEN AS I DONT COUT WII AS NEXT GEN) in final sales only because their in it for the long run and it might take M$ jumping ship too next next gen before this happens as the WiiHD and the 720 are planned to be at least announced in 2010/2011. This will give the 720 an even greater headstart on the PS4 than the 360 had on the PS3 but that only means better newer tech which will again B!TCH SLAP the 720 in quality like this Gen.

Ohh and who the hell do you believe about sales, this Sony Rep says 8 Million but where is he getting his M$ figures from he may even be misinformed...And checking VGChartz theres only a 5 million gap...So i take sales data with a pinch of salt especially on 360 SHIPPED I mean SALES.

Overall who really gives a sh!t as long as we enjoy ourselfs...Peace PSN ID : PSWarlord add me if you wish
#20 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MovieScouse007  +   2200d ago
Affordable Price?
You're having a laugh right?
You want a Blu-Ray player, a games console, a digital TV reciever and wireless access to the internet out of the box for pennies?
Then you're delusional sir/madam!
The PS3 was the price it was at launch because that is what it was worth. The 360 is price it is because it's worthless!
tudors  +   2200d ago
I am going to be the analyst today just for the laugh....
Here is how I see things, MS right now is being attacked from all angles, look at IE for example, suddenly IE is the worst browser ever and is currently being boycotted, I would not be surprised if the crackers are hired by some of the competing software firms, MS office is under attack also, based on this my prediction is that the Xbox brand as never been more important for MS than it is now, the potential for DLC and streaming media, the software sales etc, everyone knows by now that online content distribution, online advertising space etc is where the money is at, why do you think google got so big so fast, or facebook, so my prediction is that MS will continue to try to be a force in the video games market, only a short time ago Xbox-live was just the basics, now look at it, imagine when the next wave of consoles come out. The only way MS or Sony leave the games market is if the other one is so dominant that they have no choice.

Expect Xbox-360 to be supported when the new Xbox arrives, expect the current Xbox-360 to suffer less probems therfore restoring the publics faith in the brand, personally I always knew MS would fix the problem and I am glad I still use the Xbox-360, this is going to be a big year I can assure you.
EasilyTheBest  +   2200d ago
Lets see your comeback from this -
"I mean, we've got 31 million worldwide right now -- they've got 39 million. I don't even need to go out 10 years."

Straight from Sony themselves.

Whats the excuse then, shipped? Sold? etc

SDF thats from one of your leaders, your 8 Million behind.

Just when Sony does get closer, 1 to 2 years Id guess, out comes Microsoft with their new Xbox 720.
Sony have had it this Gen.

Please dont come back with the Microsoft came out 1 year early. Good on them thats what you call a masterstroke. They are beating Sony who sold 100 million PS2s.

Go on, do the old RROD RROD RROD or some last resort heater 12 year old comeback.

Wii - Winning !st
360 - 2nd
PS3 - 3rd

Game Sales

Wii - 1st
360 - close 2nd
PS3 - 3rd


I cant see why the 360 wont carry on like the PS2 is now. Its not as if MS will be losing money on it like they did with the original Xbox.
#22 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
negroguy  +   2200d ago
u missed the point of the article....
thats exactly wut he is saying microsoft will discontinue the xbox 360 sooner than ps3 therefore in the long run ps3 will beat them
gamejediben  +   2200d ago
Yeah M$ will drop the 360 like its hot the very moment the "720" comes out. But I'll be playing new and awesome PS3 games well in 2015 or so.

Sony = quality investment
Microsoft = unreliable and soon unsupported
Pistolero  +   2200d ago, Microsoft already said that they will be supporting the 360 for many more years...the only reason they dropped support of the original Xbox is because there was so much technology packed into the console and they were losing so much money on each one sold...the 360 is profitable and is doing very it will be supported for a long time.
MovieScouse007  +   2200d ago
You're Wrong
dchalfont: Micro$oft haven't been making money on the 360, because they've had to spend in inordinate amount fixing broken 360s and honouring the 5 year warranty. They've also spent a fortune on lawyers, defending their broken console in court.

tudors: If the original Xbox is anything to go by then Micro$oft will dump support for the 360 second the new console is out, forcing you to buy the new one as the did with the first Xbox. Micro$oft have only made one thing that works out of the box. Every OS and Office suite they've ever made has been beta tested by the consumer after it has gone to market. The original Xbox was better than the PS2 but they panicked, lost faith and foisted the dreadful 360 on the market, shame on them.
#23 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Major Kanimo  +   2200d ago
the real winner here is
PimpHandHappy  +   2200d ago
fanboys are stupid
the PS2 is still being sold
The PS3 is 4th
360 is 3rd
Wii is 2nd

now if you want to say THIS GEN then you need to understand the PS2 still pumps out better looking games then the Wii
36T  +   2200d ago
Oh so now that the PS3 is a fail, you bring up the old ass PS2? I'm starting to see the logic. Still got a little ways to go before i reach your level though. btw, why is the PS3 lagging so far behind PS2 numbers? Just curious
Panzerkanzler  +   2200d ago
I don't understand the vitriolic attitudes so many of you show here. We all own consoles, of either flavour, so why constantly insult and degrade those who own the "other" console? I really don't get the name calling around here. I own a ps3 and I'm very happy with it, while my friend owns a 360 and is equally satisfied with his product. That's a win/win situation. Some of you people need to ease on the butt-hurtness and focus on the fun-factor of your own console instead of trying to bring others down.
Convas  +   2200d ago
You sir, are like a rare Desert Rose
Your common sense and practicality would benefit many of the simple minds on this site. Gaming is for the enjoyment AND discretion of the gamer. I do not judge a person by the console which they prefer, and I don't expect to be judged either, but unfortunately, N4Fanboys is the home of immature little corporate prostitutes who sell their souls to a BRAND.

Most of my friends also own PS3's, yet I've not had one provocation with them about my console of choice. As a matter of fact, many of my Sony friends became multi-console onwers over christmas (As will I soon) and are equally excited about the exclusives coming out on both sides of the fence. But their all logical human beings, unlike the trash which infest this site.

+Bubbles to you.
#26.1 (Edited 2200d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Pistolero  +   2200d ago
Hey I tried to stay neutral...I really did...but there are so many PS3 fanboys on this site that constantly degrade the 360 and since I like the 360 it makes me want to counter their bullsht...luckily lately it seems that more 360 fans and neutral gamers are using the site so hopefully I can go back to being more neutral.
MR LOOKINGBILL  +   2200d ago
This article and Peter Dilfe are are morons. In order for the ps3 to surpass the 360 in sales the 360 has to completely tank in sales.
JamieReleases  +   2200d ago
it's competition :)
watchman  +   2200d ago
One word, NATAL. Then we will talk
bjornbear  +   2200d ago
you mean we will laugh right?

i'm sure you do.
OGharryjoysticks  +   2200d ago
I had a feeling PS3 would be around more than 10 years and to finally hear somebody in Sony say that feeds my prediction ego.
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