Gas Powered Games reveals "Next big thing" on February 15

Gas Powered Games, developers of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege, are planning to show off the "next big thing" on February 15.

This comes from Chris Taylor, who updated his personal facebook page with a message saying: "Another busy day, can't wait to announce our next big thing on the 15th... I hate keeping secrets. :)"

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JamieReleases3209d ago

Anyone going to take a guess on what this next project could be?

Nihilism3209d ago

Who knows, it sounds like a new game, but maybe it's just a demo release date for supcom2.

They've been keeping very quiet if they have been working on another game at the same time.

ThanatosDMC3208d ago

I just hope they dont f-up SupCom2. It's bad enough that the tech3 shields wont be there. It almost seems like a normal RTS game rather than how SupCom1:FA was.

Corrwin3209d ago

They were great games, but Big Things?

Nihilism3209d ago

Total Annihilation was massive back in the day, and Supcom blew everyone away when it came out. Supreme Commander 2 will give Starcraft 2 a run for it's money as well. They do good work, I have faith in whatever they do next.

I doubt it would be another RTS though, that would be crazy.

Chris3993209d ago

Had some nice character/ monster designs, decent voice acting and good particle effects.

I'd love a Dungeon Siege 2 to be honest.

Oh, and the PSP DS was amazing btw. Really, really well done.

Corrwin3208d ago

TA came close. But it still didn't topple C&C, and tehn along came Starcraft.

Chris3993208d ago

2 was the one that I enjoyed the most. And I really like the Broken Lands (could be off on the name, I'm kinda clueless today) expansion.

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adsaidler3208d ago

i have high hopes for a dungeon siege 3

chak_3208d ago

i'd die for a new dungeon siege ^^