Samus prepares for a slightly earlier Wii debut

The on-off-on-off saga of Metroid Prime 3 is most definitely back on track now, with a release date set for August 20 and the game is fixing up to be something quite special - the lucky people who have been testing the game at Nintendo's localization department have given a big thumbs up to the all-important control system, which they claim will set a new standard for first-person games on Wii.

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PS360WII4170d ago

Hmm solo game. Well that's what it always was so what can you do. Hopefully August 20th is the real date cuz the sooner I have this game the better ^^

emptiness4170d ago

i'm so excited about this game...

paul_war4170d ago

This better be better then Red Steel, otherwise there is no hope.

Also does this include Europe or do we get the delayed version?

neogeo4170d ago

This game will blow you away. You wont belive this game is on Wii

VirusE4170d ago

This gamer better ROCK or i will loose all faith in the Wii. That being said i cant freakin wait!!!!!!!!!!!! Prime 1 is one of my all time favorite games, it is a master piece of game design.

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