New The Last Guardian Details

Team Ico's Fumito Ueda reveals several new tidbits about the gameplay and graphics of The Last Guardian in this week's Famitsu issue.

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snaz272944d ago

cant wait to see what the hate will be about! lol probably about the creature, but i think it looks awesome, you can tell already that you will care about it on some level too.. i like the fact the devs were suprised by the interest and are feeling pressure! thats gotta be better than being c**ky and thinkin your game is the best thing since sliced bread!.. anyone know a dev like that? hmmmm

Freak of Nature2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Anybody hating on this needs their head examined!

For me this is my most anticipated game this year.

Games like this and LBP,Uncharted 2 make me feel warm and fuzzy.This masterpiece in the making cannot get here soon enough.

With the extra power this talented team have now,I can only dream of just how high they set the bar....Not just eye candy,but in new innovative gameplay mechanics and A.I.

I hope to see a cross of ICO with boss battles sprinkled in like SOTC gave us...A nice mix of what both games brought to the table....But at the sametime new creative gameplay ideas to go along with it.

I can already taste the mood and ambiance....And controlling the "griffin" (I believe is what it is called) both in flight and air,along with using the creature in getting to hard to reach areas will be amazing...Puzzle solving at it's finest...

I am always in waiting for the next ODDWORLD inhabitants game,any sign of Beyond good and evil 2,anything new from media molecule,and always hoping for news on Kingdom hearts 3,but this game may top them all....

Bring this on now please!

snaz272944d ago

saying the creature is some silly bird dog cat thing, its not a very good diss as thats kinda what it is lmao.. i guess they can always s**g off the sales! lmao.. it makes me laugh that sales equal quality this gen.

Kerrby2944d ago

At least we still... know nothing new about this game.

Although looks like a 2011 GOTY release ;).

Admiral_Benson2944d ago

This just looks more and more exciting with every new bit of info that appears, really can't wait for TLG! Will be dissapointed if it doesn't land this year but at the same time the wait will be bearable because i know it will be worth it.

Played a bit of SOTC again the other week, that game still oozes more atmosphere and emotion than most games today. A true classic.
Have my fingers firmly crossed for an ICO / SOTC re-release along the lines of the GOW collection, would snap that up on day one!

@1.1 - You're not the only one waiting for a new Oddworld release, i would LOVE to see a current gen Oddworld Inhabitants game! The Abe series was awesome and deserves a revival, HD Oddworld would be amazing!

sikbeta2944d ago

I'm 1000% Sure this Game will surpass SoTC with an Amazing Story and Gameplay

Team ICO FTW!!!

ThanatosDMC2944d ago

I'm completely turning myself off from this game. I will buy it on the first day but i dont wanna see another screen or trailer or anything that will spoil anything for myself.

I all ready saw those soulless soldier guys guarding the temple or whatever and i shouldnt have.

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xxBiG_BoSSxx2944d ago

with only the promise of new information later this year, I doubt we'll be lucky enough to get our hands on this in 2010.

jalen2472944d ago

Unfortunately, I agree with you. Maybe I will just replay Shadow of the Colossus this year.

Limited_Vertigo2944d ago

Ueda can take all the time he wants. ICO and SOTC gave me multiple playthroughs and both games stayed with me long after my last completion.

xxBiG_BoSSxx2944d ago

or better yet, maybe we'll get a little remake love similar to the God of War collection. That would definitely be more than enough to tide me over.

Limited_Vertigo2944d ago

For sure, I'd pick an HD remake up on Day1.

lelo2play2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Yep, most likely not to expect a release for this year. It would be good if they made a HD version of ICO and SOTC for the PS3, because I have never played them.

sikbeta2944d ago


That's will be just Amazing

Remastered ICO+SoTC HD FTW!

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SilverSlug2944d ago

Can't wait! This is bound to be one of the best games this gen.

robotnik2944d ago

Fumito Ueda and his team are great designers, I'm sure this game will deliver an epic experience like they did with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. BTW I remember a movie where a guy played Shadow of the Colossus.

deadgoathy2944d ago

yeah, it was Adam sandler in a movie called ''reign over me''.

Quite good movie actually....

shutupandplay2944d ago

I smell another masterpiece.

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