Bioshock 2: Why it will be the bee's knees

Damnlag: Bioshock 2 is gonna be sweet. You know this, I know this, a newborn infant knows this. But what exactly is going to make Bioshock 2 so frickin' awesome? Well, here are a few reasons why your return trip to Rapture will be the bee's knees:

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Hellsvacancy3120d ago

I didnt like the 1st game all that much, still havnt finished it

If i had played it when it 1st came out it probably woulda been a different story but i got it 4 the PS3 a year later

Socomer 19793120d ago

I dont know this & neither do you.
Bioshock didnt need a sequel in my opinion.
Especially not back in rapture.

The multiplayer wasnt needed either. no one cares about it.
Bioshock is a game you beat and try to get good store credit for.
2k studios have been struggling. from there utter defeat by MLB09 the show to rushed ports. Theyve lost momentum.

jakethesnake3120d ago

Author is using slang from the 20s and may very well be over 100 years old.