Best Uncharted 2 Kill Ever

Ironstarmovement writes:"I've seen a lot of ridiculous kills on Uncharted 2's multiplayer, some I'm responsible for though this one takes the cake."

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Bungie3235d ago


i love this game

blitz06233235d ago

That's a very disturbing kill.

Fan Tastic3235d ago

I should have known better. Description says "Best Uncharted 2 Kill Ever!" and it turns out to be some completely lame video.

Well, i'm a sucker for Uncharted 2 as it is the best game this generation.

nix3235d ago

lol... WOOGA! BOOGA!

if things like this happened to me while playing Demon's Souls, i would have ran around like a fool too. already that game is so scary.

TheDudeAbides3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

A lot of people die in this place, falling off this ledge :)

mikeslemonade3235d ago

Well technically you didn't get the kill.

FamilyGuy3235d ago

I was going to say the same thing, he caused suicide.

I've seen and cause WAY better kills than this.
I gotten better kills than this TODAY.

Though none of my kills are accompanied by replays with hip-hop music so I guess he beats me in this aspect.

You know a good kill I've seen (it was a friend) recently:

In a plunder match he was heading into our base carrying the idol/treasure and a dude is camping our base with the Hammer and usually that's a "You're fxxked" situation but he blind fires his standard pistol when he sees the guy and takes him out before the dude could double pump the thing.

bjornbear3235d ago

i've also seen / had better kills myself

however it is kind of funny considering he humps him, and freaks drake out so much he literally kills himself xD

Mr_Bun3235d ago

To be fair, if some dude tries dry humping me, I'd rather jump off a cliff too

SPACEBALL 13235d ago

that was a waste if 1:32 of my life. how does that make this site? let alone top stories?

execution173235d ago

same thing happened to me and my cousin same stage too but right at the beginning both tried to jump the ledge and both ended up dying

N4Flamers3235d ago

I thought it was ok at first but the music and the replays made me laugh uncontrollably.

Solidus187-SCMilk3235d ago

ADD me on PSN if you want to win.

I only play team deathmatch but with at least on other decent player our team we would easily win 9/10 games.

Also taht wasnt a kill, the guy committed suicide.

I dont have a mic but people talk trash when I own them, then I do the pump over their dead body. HAHAHAHAHAHA

If you see someone standing ontop of cover doing the pump, its probably me.

mfwahwah3235d ago

What's so important about your life that 1 minute and 32 seconds is worth complaining about?

Also, I like how he dodged a few bullets while thrusting.

Rainstorm813235d ago

Ill take you up on that offer, I am Lord at U2 MP.

k/d ratio = 2.05 with almost 4000 kills

PSN - Rainstorm 81

ProperFunked3234d ago

this is just didnt even count as a was suicide ...fvcking stupid

love the game to death..

but this is warranted as "News"


just the video

theEnemy3234d ago

it's unique, but not the best kill ever.

T3L3PROOF3234d ago

So news nowadays is "(insert game name here) Best Kill Ever"???
Looks like I have a lot of news stories for you guys. /sarcasm

Kevin ButIer3234d ago

Critical Tea bagged


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-Alpha3235d ago

But what's with all these MW2 kills and UC2 kills getting approved? This hardly counts as news or anything important. There is a forum on N4G, hell I even think they have an Uncharted-specific subforum. Why not post it there?

1800GETOWNED3235d ago

your comment is pointless. just enjoy the video. hell become a contributor and disapprove the story if you really hate it that much.

TheOkinawaBadass3235d ago

Can someone make a GIF of this!


nix3235d ago (Edited 3235d ago )

i know these belongs in joystick site.. but i don't mind occasional lol moments.

Coffin873235d ago

I have to agree.
I think it all got out of hand after this one epic headshot video from Fallout 3. It truly was epic, but this video is hardly anywhere as epic. It shouldn't have been posted imo.

SPACEBALL 13235d ago

at least the mw2 kills are awesome and not some moron rolling off a hill.

-Alpha3235d ago

yeah but it's like everybody wants to show off their e-peen for something that's so "eh".

I mean this hardly is "the best kill ever".

And I can't believe this got approved too, I don't mind a good laugh or two but there are so many submitted, especially for MW2.

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1800GETOWNED3235d ago

that is so funny...he/she got a dose of dry hump.

Epic Fall!

MajesticBeast3235d ago

guess victim didnt like buttsmex and tried to roll away but killed himself now thats fail.

Lirky3235d ago

Now the whole world can see his dive, and see him suck. He should of dived to a land area.