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Christopher_Walken2938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

Wow. Very nice. My collectors edition comes in on the 11th. Can't wait.

Danteh2938d ago

Holy Sh!t that was a good trailer.... paciently waiting for BS2 since I loooved the first one.

Seriously ppl, I tried the demo for BS, it SUCKED, but decided that that brutal metacritic score had to mean something. So I still bought it the day after and had one of the best game experiences of my life.

Raz2938d ago

You get to be a Big Daddy!!? NO WAY...that's AWESOME!

Graphics look incredible, hope that's not just the cutscenes.

Twilightx72938d ago

Did you...did you really not know this?

borgome2938d ago

You got to be a Big Daddy in the first Bio Shock, Hello.

dgroundwater2938d ago

Bioshock had about two minutes of "cutscenes". All storytelling is done in game. That trailer was definitely CG that looked like gameplay.

Raz2937d ago

Ok, so maybe it just looks so much cooler than the first one, that I took it for a literally new element. If that's all gameplay action...I'm impressed.

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Cheeseknight282938d ago

Amazing. Getting this midnight launch next week.

It definitely looks like it will deliver.

Jamie Foxx2938d ago

played the demo and didnt enjoy so never bought the game...and i dont regret it

kaveti66162938d ago

You can't regret what you never had.

Bioshock was fun. I never judge games based on demos anymore. I made that mistake with Dead Space. I thought the demo sucked so I didn't buy it for a year. But then I did, and I regret not having played it sooner.

kingdavid2938d ago

I bet youd love it if it were a playstation exclusive.

ZombieRollz2938d ago

I don't know why they are continuing Bioshock. They should've just let it be. Since there are so many games coming out this quarter, I think I'ma rent this one.

Lord Vader2937d ago

To each his own, but I couldnt disagree more. Bioshock 1 was an *amazing* game, Rapture is an *outstanding* artistic achievement.

Cannot wait for this one.


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The story is too old to be commented.