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Bioshock 2 PS3 Has 5GB HDD Installation

Bioshock 2 is set to release on February 9th in North America on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. If you're planning to purchase the PS3 version of the game, you'll be required to install a mandatory 5GB of game data to play the title. (BioShock 2, PS3)

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Bungie  +   2036d ago
5 GB is not that big of a deal
ps3 owners shouldn't really care

personally i'll get the 360 version coz all my friends on XBL
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feelintheflow  +   2036d ago
my only thought is if you have a 40gb or 60gb and haven't upgraded the hard drive....
and lets say you have about 20 games and maybe 6 or 7 have an install of around 5gb, thats almost all or at least half of your space, Kinda sucks. I know, hard drives are cheap as hell right now, but still could be kind of annoying to have to go back and delete files from older games. I know I play older games all the time, I just played the first uncharted again about two weeks ago. But, hey, why do I care, I have a 160gb ps3 so whatever.
CyberCam  +   2036d ago
Well feelintheflow...
if you had the $$$ to purchase the PS3 when it was considered expensive (with the 20gb,40gb,60gb or 80gb drives)... an additional $40-$100 shouldn't be too much for a 160gb-500gb hdd upgrade! Now is a good time to take the plunge!

Edit: @SilentNegotiator why not double your space for the same price (it's the exact same drive I have in all 3 of my ps3's). WD is a better hdd than Seagate, I just sent back 5 Seagate drives for my customers (they tend to have more bad batches than WD)!
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SilentNegotiator  +   2036d ago
5GB is pretty steep. I've been meaning to upgrade my 80GB HDD.
250GB 2.5" SATA for $90. Good deal. Especially compared to.....well, you know.
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gamer2010  +   2036d ago
Wow, if 360 fans were as bad as PS3 fans we would be making a huge deal about how yet another game on the PS3 requires a mandatory installation and how installations take minutes to complete compared to the few seconds switching a disc takes.
ZombieRollz  +   2036d ago
Wrong zone.
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Dragun619  +   2036d ago
This is good, Installing equals better performance, Would of preferred for an optional install but Mandatory suits fine with me and 320gb PS3.


You can get a cheaper 5400rpm HDD on Amazon.
Not sure if it would make a difference if you bought a 7200rpm, Anyone know if helps reduce loading times?

$56.67 for a 320gb


I'm guessing you're talking about Final Fantasy XIII because for your information Final Fantasy XIII doesn't have optional or mandatory installs and it has zero loading screens and Installs are there to help reduce loading times, add Better Performance, to ensure high game quality, and etc. Swapping discs doesn't do that especially when the content is compressed as FFXIII is for Xbox360.
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PostApocalyptic  +   2036d ago
Why get a 250GB for $80 when you can get a 320GB 7200 RPM for $74?

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meetajhu  +   2036d ago
@bungie i'm pretty sure you won't play on either platform if ur spending your whole time in N4G
KiRBY3000  +   2036d ago
its amusing that the people complaining about the installs are the one who doesnt own a PS3 to begin with...

installs = short loading times and no system overheat

installs are good.
Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2036d ago
Bungie, you're trying too hard to get your bubbles back. Don't be a faker please, we all know the kind of hypocrite that you are. You been doing this for some time now and many people have seen you editing your BS. I'm a PS3 only owner and even I find this annoying specially in this day and age.
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FamilyGuy  +   2036d ago
Bungie should switch his name to "two-face", always check his open zone post.
On the topic of upgrading:

My internal drive is 80gbs and because of having a 1tb external (@$100) I haven't felt the need to upgrade my internal drive. Making space for game installs should only be a problem for 40Gb owners as 20/60Gb owners had the cash for the early adoption price so a few bucks for an internal hdd upgrade shouldn't be too hard on them.

Recent post on this subject.
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evrfighter  +   2036d ago
Bungie is gonna be one of them legendary trolls people don't forget. I hope he sticks around for awhile.
vhero  +   2036d ago
"personally i'll get the 360 version coz all my friends on XBL" Bungie your a moron you don't own a PS3. Plus why should it matter about your friends? there is no multi-player..
Chaos Striker  +   2036d ago
Correction: There is multiplayer! :D
Jamegohanssj5  +   2036d ago
Lol wow. Good thing I'm not getting this Bring on Heavy Rain.
DaTruth  +   2036d ago
If your name was "360 fanboy 2007" you would be! There just aren't many 360 fanboys left anymore. They are now called dual console owners!
Christopher  +   2036d ago
Same as the first and a sign of the developers being unable to port it over with shorter load times. Not that big of a deal, but a sign of the lack of progress from Bioshock's development team.
Blaze929  +   2036d ago
So I guess Quantic Dream are just bad developers too huh since Heavy Rain requires a 5GB install too? I thought so
Christopher  +   2036d ago
@Blaze929 "So I guess Quantic Dream are just bad developers too huh since Heavy Rain requires a 5GB install too? I thought so "
1. I didn't say bad developers, I said lack of progress, specifically from their first port of Bioshock to the PS3.

2. Yes, it doesn't speak well for me that Quantic Dream has the same issue. Especially considering it's a console exclusive and they had the resources with which to make it unnecessary.

Neither are bad games, but the inability to develop a game without large install requirements is a sign of developer inability in my book considering what other games have been able to do, both multiplatform and exclusive titles. Especially this late in the game.

Edit: Honestly Blaze929, you really should look at someone's post history before you act like you understand how they think. You might find we're not all just blind fanboys of one platform or another.
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inveni0  +   2036d ago
Bioshock 2 PS3 Has 5GB HDD Installation
Who cares? I've never complained about PC installations, why would I care about having to install on a console that also does everything?
Sarick  +   2036d ago
I used to think bad about installs.
I then decided to buy a bigger 160 gb hdd, and then decided to upgrade it again to 500gb 7200rpm 16mb cache. Apparently this is a cool running 7200rpm drive. I can only hope as when I installed it I did a full format that took over 28 hours on the ps3 just to make sure all the sectors doing good.

The reason the change in my option was because I didn't like the extra wear and tear on my blu-ray drive. Speed wasn't as big an issue but this 60gb is getting old and I keep a digital thermometer above it. the thing just radiates so much heat that if I leave my room door closed it'll heat the room.

Extending the life of my 60gb is what matters to me and I feel these installs aren't permanent so what the hay ,I'll install them anyway. So long as you own a backup drive of equal or grater storage backup external drive.
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Jacobite  +   2036d ago
Bioshock 2 PS3 Has 5GB HDD Installation who cares ?
@ inveni0 lol Bioshock 2 PS3 Has 5GB HDD Installation who cares ? me for one, least with the PC you can get a CD crack or patch to have the whole game on the HDD on the PC no need for the disk. Ive got a 500gb HDD so not to a big deal, but annoying for 20/40/60 HDD owners. If Uncharted 1&2, Batman, Killzone, Motorstorm games and a few other dont need big installs why does Bioshock 2, is it the Devs ? come on 3 years now.
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Conan997  +   2036d ago
No 7200rpm drives
dont put a 7200rpm drive in the ps3.
it creates a lot of heat, the software is based on a 5400 drive, and sony does not recomendo.
Jinxstar  +   2036d ago
PC version is 11 gigs off steam... Thats the one I'm playing cause I'm pretty broke lately. Split it 4 way and payed 35$ Also got the first one free...
Lord Vader  +   2036d ago
5 GB ?!?
"PlayStation 3 owners have the luxury of upgrading their hard drives. But with more data storage built into a Blu-ray disc, you shouldn’t need to monitor your hard disk space, right? Wrong! The list of games that require game data to be installed are piling up."

PLUS all the updates = LOL guys, I hope you have dealt out the cash for some BIG hadrives !

Nineball2112  +   2036d ago
@ Conan997

I replace my 80 gig with this:

Western Digital Scorpio Black WD3200BEKT 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache 2.5" SATA 3.0Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive

I honestly haven't had one bit of trouble with it. It runs fine for me... *shrug*

Anyways, a 5 gig install is a bit steep if you are short on space, but for PS3 owners, it's really cheap to get more of it.
matarchy  +   2036d ago
Because of the slow blu-ray drive
It is because of the slow blu-ray drive. I wish they would of done this with Killzone 2 it got a little annoying when playing the game and there would be slight pauses when it had to load more data.
duplissi  +   2036d ago

90 bucks for 250gb? lol i payed 100 for 500gb wd scorpio blue WD5000BEVT, and it has much better r/w times (try almost 3x as fast) than the stock drives even though its only 5400 rpm! it was @ best buy.
it compares well to most 7200rpm drives, because it has only 2 platters which increases data density on the disks, most 500gb drives are 3 or more platters.

edit: here it is @ newegg and cheaper too!


@lord vader

haha thats funny considering my 500 gb hard drive cost less than a 120gb xbox drive...... and its about 4 times the size, and it will be even less than the 250 whenever ms gets around to releasing it over here.
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SaberEdge  +   2036d ago
Why should I have to spend more money just because so many games on the PS3 require mandatory installations? I bought an 80GB model and I don't care how cheap hard drives are. It is an extra expense and extra trouble to transfer all your stuff over and install the new hard drive. If it weren't for all the mandatory installs my 80GB hard drive would be plenty enough for my saves, demos and media.

People acting like mandatory installs are a good thing and saying that they improve the game are not considering the fact that most of these PS3 games that require installs do not perform better than the 360 versions anyway. In fact, many games that have mandatory installs on the PS3 version still load slower than the 360 versions.
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kewlkat007  +   2036d ago
@sparta76 2.3
"I rather put the disk in. Go get a cold beer and sit and play my game, then get up and swap disks when I have to go to a different part of the game"

By the time you swap disk I reckon, I should be good for a REFILL.
NinjaAssassin  +   2036d ago
damn with all the mandatory installations and updates the ps3 is plagued with it really fills up your hard drive fast. 5gb is a lot.
sorry, but i would rather switch a disc every now and then over dealing with this crap.
ChozenWoan  +   2035d ago
what I find funny is no one has noticed that the mandatory install is nearly the same size as the whole game on the 360.
Makes you wonder now that you think about it, now doesn't it. 0.o
Cryos  +   2035d ago
Well, Saberedge, maybe you should just go buy a 360. Think of all that money you'll save by not upgrading the hard drive!

you can put that money towards accessories!!!! yay!

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pixelsword  +   2035d ago
Who cares?
You install it once and you're done.

I fail to see the problem.
MovieScouse007  +   2035d ago
7200rpm no good for PS3
You suffer fewer compatibility issues if you buy the 5400rmp drives.
here's a 500gb one for £60.


This compares to the Xbox 360 120gb for £50.


That's over for times the storage space for only an extra £10.
Immortal Kaim  +   2036d ago
Just like disk swapping, big deal?
SnuggleBandit  +   2036d ago
easier than disk swapping...pretty much a non issue to most ps3 owners wouldn't you say?
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Immortal Kaim  +   2036d ago
Yeah a non issue, just like disk swapping. 5min for an install, 1 min (at most) to swap a disk, again, a non issue.
sparta76  +   2036d ago
I rather put the disk in. Go get a cold beer and sit and play my game, then get up and swap disks when I have to go to a different part of the game.

U know u right!!
I wish bioshock came in 3 disk!!!! :/
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The Great Melon  +   2036d ago
Every game should take advantage of a install. Why disk swap when you should install both disks before playing it.

I don't play any Xbox 360 game without installing it to the hard drive first. The performance of games are better then. There is a reason why you install pc games rather than playing them from the disk.

(Installing the game mutes that pesky disk drive also.)
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DelbertGrady  +   2036d ago
How many 360 games have more than one disc? How many PS3 games have mandatory installs?

Immortal Kaim  +   2036d ago
I'm simply trying to emphasise the point that both disk swapping and mandatory installations are a minor inconvenience. I honestly don't know how you can 'prefer' one over the other, when they both effectively do the same thing (limit you from playing the game for a certain amount of time), unless you're a hypocrite of course :)
gamer2010  +   2036d ago
About a third of all PS3 games have mandatory installations.

There are over 800 games on the 360 and there are probably less than a dozen games that are multi-disc. This means less than 1% of the 360's games are multi-disc.
PostApocalyptic  +   2036d ago
HD 1080
Well, it's at the start of the game so it can prepare you for the later game when 1080p/lossless audio cut scenes. Then, when you come back to the game it's ready where you left off and never have to worry about using another disc.

It's just ready to play the full game. You might not like HD content. But FF is known for having great cut scenes. best to watch those on 1080p and the game in 720p.
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Rush  +   2036d ago
Lol Kaim I think the fanboys on this site have eaten enough humble pie for 1 day.

Its such a lovely community here at N4G. I have read countless articles the past few days, where the PS3 fans have been very very worried about the 360 gamers health having to switch discs in FF13.

Your all such a bunch of lovely guys caring for them in that way. And look the 360 gamers couldn't give a toss about your mandatory install. What wankers am really disappointed in them.
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Bodyboarder_VGamer  +   2036d ago
Many X360 games are on one disc because devs are working with the limitation in mind and that's why we have gimped games like FFXIII and other games like Star Ocean that when come to PS3 have full voice over, additional quest, characters and story pieces.

We, PS3 owner don't whine because of swaping discs, that's just stupid... We whine because of gimped games that could have had so much more content and as an example I just mentioned Star Ocean IV. But Star Ocean came a year later so this is not a problem for the X360 version but for a game like FFXIII it would affect sales so Square have to gimped the PS3 version too to make both version equal and have good sales on both consoles.

How many more times this has to be repeated for you people to understand? I think I'm just going to save this in my computer so when this issue comes up again I just have to paste it.
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Rush  +   2036d ago
You typed that same garbage last time before I completely owned you with basic logic I won't repeat myself twice.

Since you have an extremely shot memory span here's the link.


Seriously do you ever get tried or typing the same moronic BS.
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IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2036d ago
@soda popinsky
"How many 360 games have more than one disc? How many PS3 games have mandatory installs?" - soda popinsky

I agree! I don't use my PS3 too much, but if I did my 40GB would have filled up to the brim with required installations by now.

My 20GB on the 360 would still suffice.... on the other hand if I upgraded it (which I did with an Elite), the price of the hard drive itself is ridiculous.
DelbertGrady  +   2036d ago
And then you also have to account for all the updates every game requires you to install. When my friend popped in LBP on his new PS3 Slim we had to sit through 28 of them, some being up to 2gb in size. Batman AA also had some seriously heavy updates.
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DaTruth  +   2036d ago
@Disk swappers
Now you know how 2007 felt! Eat it up!
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Oner  +   2036d ago
@ Soda - I see you don't care to understand there is ALSO an operative word in the title of that link ~ OPTIONAL of which there were quite a few. PLUS there were a bit of "unknowns" listed, so that link is not as bad as you try and make it seem.
Dacapn  +   2036d ago
Don't lie you just sound dumb. Ima write that off as sarcasm and give you the benefit of the doubt.

Either way the installs imply lazy development when it's a multiplatform game. The game can literally be no larger than 9GB, which means they're installing more than half of the game on the HDD. If you're gonna be that lazy, why not go all the way and just make the game a PSN downloadable?
Bungie  +   2036d ago
It Only Does Mandatory Installs
hanzai  +   2036d ago
360- it only does rrod and burns houses down.
Karooo  +   2036d ago
Gow3 doesnt have
FFXIII doesnt have.

whats your point? go kill yourself or something, atleast we can upgrade whenever we want, installs are the best I wanna protect my blu ray lens, go play your crappy 360 where dvd scratches your disc get lost.
clixx33  +   2036d ago
Enjoy getting off your fat ass to swap disks...


See, I can be immature also.
Bungie  +   2036d ago
so much anger
i can understand that

getting flop version of Bayonetta at the beginning of the year

then MAG FAIL bad

and Heavy Rain proven to be a bad movie

and you just found out that White Knight Chronicles is another EPIC FAIL

and you have to save $$$ to buy a bigger HDD to watch Heavy Rain and play Bioshock 2

i'm sorry but that's just SAD
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hanzai  +   2036d ago
you know what's sad? the fact that you have to troll on a gaming site 24/7 just to attack a goddamn piece of plastic. what, mommy didn't love your enough or something? you have to attack a gaming console? i guess sony came to your house and whooped your sorry ass until it got red.

yeah, that would explain why you're so butthurt.

you have no games. you have no ps3. you have no 360. you are not a gamer.

Consoldtobots  +   2036d ago
I notice this has become somewhat of a ritual with 360 fanatics.
use a character from a renowned PS3 exclusive and then proceed to bash the game, console it's on into oblivion. Rinse and repeat.

In fact one could say this is very STALKER like behavior. Get some help you need it. Face it, you work for a mediocre software company who.....





get over it.
hanzai  +   2036d ago
hey bungie, you're also a coward. you block people from messaging you when they out you in your place. you act like such a big boy online but you're a complete wuss when someone calls you out.
Bungie  +   2036d ago
CRY me a river

i deal with people like you all the time
i even have over 30 death threats (PMs)

all i do is ROFLMAO + insult + block
hanzai  +   2036d ago
i know the comments make you cry so that's why you're so quick to block. you are a coward. you act macho online but offline you're a lonely kid who probably didn't get enough loving. i fail to see what pleasure you get from doing this.

keep slamming disagrees with those accounts-you're only proving just how much of a sad individual you are.

do you play games? answer me.

EDIT: in other words, you don't own sh*t.
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ZombieRollz  +   2036d ago
Bungie, since you like talking about hard drive space and what not, take a look at this ownage:


Any other bots care to get owned?
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thebudgetgamer  +   2036d ago
you guys take Bungie way to serious.
Karooo  +   2036d ago
There are many 9 scores for mag its hardly a flop.

WKC is a jrpg, not many people will like it.

Bayonetta is fixed it runs as well as the 360 now.

Darksiders is superior on ps3.

and regarding heavy rain :

* It's not real game. It's full of QTEs.
* It's a long glorified choose your own adventure.
* Uncanny valley.
* Voice acting sucks.
* It's created by David Cage. Ew.
* The script sucks (never mind that I haven't played the game).
* The storyline will be awful just like Indigo Prophecy (even though I haven't played the game).
* It has 4.2 GB installation.
* The cover is fugly.
* I don't like female characters with short hair.
* I am homophobic and don't want to see male butt.
* It's on PS3 and I don't have one.

ya ya we know bot
Bungie  +   2036d ago
sorry ,but you're no worthy of an answer
i'm a first class gamer , i shall not downgrade myself and waste my valuable time on you
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ZombieRollz  +   2036d ago
Poor Bungie, he's been owned so many times in this thread alone that he can't even come up with something good, much like the Microsoft first/second party studios.

It's okay, Bungie. We know you only have a single multiplatform for this quarter. No one is surprised to see you daily commenting because of the lack of games you play.
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gamer2010  +   2036d ago
"you know what's sad? the fact that you have to troll on a gaming site 24/7 just to attack a goddamn piece of plastic."

You mean like 90% of the PS3 fanboys on this site do?

An article about the 360 version of FFXIII having 3 discs has mostly PS3 fanboys trolling, telling us how horrible it is to have to switch a damn disc.

This article has a few 360 fanboys, but at least it isn't completely overrun with them like every 360 article is overrun by PS3 fanboys.

You guys don't have a leg to stand on. Collectively the PS3 fans have done 10x as much trolling on this site, so sorry if I find it hard to get sympathetic about a few 360 fanboys in an article about mandatory installations on the PS3.
Karooo  +   2036d ago
@bungiebot First class gamer?
I didn't know playing multiplatform games on the 360 made you a first class gamer.

What makes you think I wanna listen to your reply lmao, with all the pathetic comments you make with no backup you will be destroyed in an argument.

just do as all a favor and get lost. poor stealth trolling f@g filled with jealousy, go watch the 2009 goty awards or something 360 multiplatforms vs ps3 exclusive and just slap yourself for being so retarded here i will help you regain your memory watch the pic.

Related image(s)
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2036d ago
but but teh Blu-ray
3sq  +   2036d ago
"but but teh Blu-ray"

What? you want blu-ray? Nah you can't have it. It's too awesome for bots to have. ;)

I told You guys earlier that Bungie would use Heavy Rain avatar and coming up next The Last Guardian avatar. Lol this brat is really at kindergarten level. ;)
#3.18 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Quickstrike  +   2036d ago
Bungie said: i'm a first class gamer
Really? You sound like no class to me.
Man In Black  +   2036d ago
He's just a depressed 12 year old kid who's mommy got him a 360 which broke down and burned his house down on the first day instead of a PS3. And now he spends his time taking out his anger on the PS3, because he thinks it destroyed his life.
#3.20 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
XXXCouture  +   2036d ago
lmao, how old are you guys? youre acting like a bunch of fu*king 13 year olds
ravinshield  +   2036d ago
oblivion...4.6gb required
sony may cry 4...4.7gb-20 min install
full auto 2...1.7gb required
spider man 3...2.3gb-five min install
hot shot golf...5gb-five min install
skate...2.5gb--five min install
rainbow six vegas 2...3.4gb required
wwe smackdown vs raw 2008....2.3gb required
F.E.A.R...2.5gb required
NBA 07....3gb-ten min install
lost....3.6gb---six minute install
conflict denied ops...2.5gb required
beowulf---2.5gb---five minute install
GT prologue--5349MB..13 minutes install
Quake=4.1 GB install
GTA 4...5 min install.
battlefield:BC...300mb required
Bourne Conspiracy..5GB Install required
metal gear solid 4...8 min install,4.6 GB required
BIOSHOCK......5.0 GB required, 10 min mandatory install
Vampire Rain....3.8GB install required
Fracture...1900MB required=4 minutes
little big planet....600MB Install required
Socom Confrontation... 3.1GB Install required
Far Cry II....3.5 gb install required
NBA 09 The Inside....2.5gb required
Resistance 2...350mb required
Killzone 2...stupid players required
Yakuza 3...5GB install required
Resident evil 5...5 GB install required
tekken 6....4GB optional install
Heavy Rain...4.5GB required
bioshock 2...5GB required
DigitalHorror81  +   2036d ago
It only does TROLLING.
Aleusia  +   2036d ago
Bungie you're one of the few people on here that I...just wouldnt care about...if you died and somebody told me you were dead..I wouldn't give a damn because all you do here is spread negativity and further drop this site into an abyss of trolling it's almost as bad as 4chan because of people like you.

Drop yourself off of a cliff for the sake of all of us, please. You're so obnoxious.
NinjaAssassin  +   2036d ago
"Enjoy getting off your fat ass to swap disks..."

uh.. wouldn't it be the ps3 fanboys that are fat asses since they are the ones complaining about getting off the couch to switch a disk?

so few 360 games even have more than one disc it isn't even an issue.
stupid mandatory installations are far far more annoying because they take a lot longer and you have to do them before you can even get into your game and they take up so much damn space. and to make matters worse mandatory installations affect hundreds of ps3 games. there are only a few 360 games that make you switch a disc.
Dtoxz  +   2030d ago
Wow Bungie...

So I guess trolling N4g wasn't enough huh?

Wow this kid is all over. We understand tho.

Life is short. Troll hard.

Right Bungie?
Troll_Police  +   2036d ago
Fine with me. I have 232gb of free space left. Bring it on.
wicked  +   2036d ago
you want to buy more games :)
#4.1 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hanzai  +   2036d ago
englandsbest316  +   2036d ago
No wonder droids post so much on here.
Sitting around, twiddling their thumbs, waiting for yet ANOTHER game to install.

oh dear.
hanzai  +   2036d ago
and idiots like you aren't even playing mass effect 2 so you stand around here waiting for the next bad review for mag and white knight chronicles.

get a life.

you know, i always thought all fanboys are bad but you 360 fangirls are the worst set of fanboys i have ever seen on any gaming site.

and another thing, i'd rather install games than to worry about losing disks and swapping them like it's f*cking 1997.
#6.1 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Consoldtobots  +   2036d ago
I thought "Brits" were suppposed to be smart, how is it so many of you got behind such a notoriously bad company and the worst console in the history of gaming?

Im not kidding here.
thebudgetgamer  +   2036d ago
No wonder droids post so much on here.

how much you want to bet all those posts are basically the same thing.

way to contribute.
#6.3 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Man In Black  +   2036d ago
Whereas all the Xbots are spending their all their time on N4G, waiting for their 360 to get fixed YET AGAIN.
Aleusia  +   2036d ago
oh yeah you're real cool...was it worth the negative feedback?
labwarrior  +   2036d ago
PS3 is an extremely advanced hardware, we all know that
Even if your 60GB HDD fills with just 10 games, PS3 will compress things and make room, thus is like having a 1TB HDD in reality

PS3 is advanced and goes beyond reason in its hardware and software, that is why it is double the 360 price in the first place

So, even if B2 needed a 20GB install, would be all the same
kaveti6616  +   2036d ago
PS3 is teh super dooper machine. Sooper dooper advanced hardware. 360 is teh poo. PS3 is teh foocher, and the foocher is PS3.
SilentNegotiator  +   2036d ago
Labwa......what the heck?!? Labwarrior, the super 360-troll from gametrailer's forums?!?
BuZzz Killington  +   2036d ago
hmmm someones buthurt
cuz a ps3 owner can get a 1tb hdd for the price of your 250gb 360 hdd..mand i dont think i could ever be a bot it must get tiring making stupid statements over and ever like do you even pay attention to what you write like when has being limited to 1 compatible and size and 1 price hdd something to brag about man like it really isnt that big of a deal.......having to install 5gb of data delete like 5 demos and your good like geez......
gamer2010  +   2036d ago
Oh, so now it is ok to have mandatory installations that take up gigs of hard drive space because you can buy another hard drive?

Wow, just more money to add to the cost of the console! I have the 80GB PS3 and I already have to delete stuff all the time because of all the mandatory installations. It's annoying.
BuZzz Killington  +   2035d ago
um ive never cared about the installs
and i have 60gb hdd and 10 is alotted to my linux partition and i make room after your beat a game delete the game install then when you want to play it again install it again like geez. have you ever heard of patience is a virtue. and f you have none dont be such a cheap bastard and buy a bigger hdd. how many 360 owners are gunna pay 300 dollars for a 250 gig hdd....and you wont pay 300 to get like a 500 gig or 1 tb if you shop around dont whine cuz your to cheap......and have no patience in life. and want everything to be instant....well its not......if theyre was no install and the games loading times were slower ud whine about that and if the ps3 had dvd and you had to play multiple disks and decreaseed amount of content on your games, ud whine about that so for f sakes just shut up and gets some patience and another hdd......and learn to delete demos and game data every demo you download is on the psn download list so u can re download it if you feel the need to play the demo same goes for game data.....cant have your cake and eat it too learn that lesson in life and life will get less frustrating for you.......
IaMs12  +   2036d ago
I still do not get it why they have to do that.. i mean yah okay PS3 can have a lot of harddrive but it still gives no excuse why they should have to install while the 360 plays out of the box, and now a days all multiplats look pretty darn similar. I say its no excuse the PS3 shouldnt need these installs.

Guess the 360 has disk swapping as the ps3 has installs.

Have you fanboys realized that in the end you should just be enjoying the games and not gloating a certain system? Gloat the game not the system, its the games that count.
Araceae  +   2036d ago
I don’t really mind installing games, but when much more impressive games don’t need such a large install (or one at all) I just find it funny. I mean come on, it is just the Unreal Engine and they have like 50 teams working on this game. Can’t they find a way to at least reduce the size of the DL?
unrealgamer58  +   2036d ago
lol better than swapping every 3 hours
Troll_Police  +   2036d ago
Tell me about it. Nothing is worse than having to swap discs every time you want to travel to a different section of the game.
kaveti6616  +   2036d ago
3 hours? THREE!?

Whatever helps you wind your gears, man.
gamer2010  +   2036d ago

Mandatory installations take minutes to complete.
Switching a disc can be done in 30 seconds.

Mandatory installations eat up hard drive space.
Multiple discs all fit in the same case and take up no more space than a single disc game.

Around 1/3 of all PS3 games have mandatory installations.
Only around 1% of 360 games are multi-disc.

I'd say mandatory installations are far worse.
Oner  +   2036d ago
"Around 1/3 of all PS3 games have mandatory installations.
Only around 1% of 360 games are multi-disc."

Source, Links & Proof please to uphold that statement. Otherwise it is just FUD and BS.
SaberEdge  +   2036d ago
The only games on the 360 that I could find that have more than one disc are:

The Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery
Magna Carta 2
Enchanted Arms
Star Ocean The Last Hope
Lost Odyssey
Blue Dragon
Halo 3 ODST (second disc is just for the multiplayer stuff)
Forza 3
Mass Effect 2

Does anybody know of any more? I am sure there are a couple that slipped through my search.

Anyway, that is only 10 games. Metacritic lists 810 games for the 360, so that means about 1.24% of all 360 games have more than one disc. Even if we managed to find a few more multi disc games on the 360 I am sure the end result would still be in the 1 to 2% range.
Hardly anything to be concerned with.

We do know that hundreds of PS3 games have mandatory installations.
Mandatory installations are definitely a much bigger problem on the PS3 than multi disc games are on the 360.
Oner  +   2035d ago
Thanx for the info.

"We do know that hundreds of PS3 games have mandatory installations."

But again I ask ~ Source, Links & Proof please to uphold that statement. Otherwise it is just FUD and a BS unsupported statement.

You went through the steps to support one but not the other then capped it off with the same problem you were trying to clear up...
Aclay  +   2036d ago
I just love how Mandatory PS3 installation sizes are always submitted as news, but the Optional installation size for 360 games aren't ever detailed (which in most cases is larger than a Mandatory PS3 install for the same game.)

There's probably a lot of people who install some of their 360 games to the hard drive, so I don't see why Optional 360 game installation sizes are hardly ever submitted because that's just as newsworthy as any Mandatory PS3 installation to me.
kaveti6616  +   2036d ago
360 optional intalls top off at 3 gigs, my friend. I love how you say stupid crap and then sit upon that crap with pride.
XDF  +   2036d ago
Xbox games install is not newsworthy as it is OPTIONAL and not MANDATORY like alot of PS3 games.
hanzai  +   2036d ago
there are also plenty of games on the ps3 that doesn't require installation.
DelbertGrady  +   2036d ago
I just love it how everytime a 360 game is being leaked on torrent sites it's posted as news here but they never post the same news for PSP and Wii titles.
#11.4 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Silly gameAr  +   2036d ago
That's all well and good, but I have a 500 gig hard drive for PS3 and a 6o gig for 360. Which has more room, and which console hard drive do I have no choice to change out for?
#11.5 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
mattygamefreak  +   2036d ago
My PS3's 300GB HDD is ok with this =)
Consoldtobots  +   2036d ago
and my PS3's 500GB HDD is ok with this too.

oops I guess they forgot this is Sony and they made it ultra easy to upgrade your STORAGE MEDIUM.
Ninji  +   2036d ago
I'm glad I'll be able to play the superior version of this previously 360 console exclusive series on my PS3! :)
dtrain21  +   2036d ago
Do yourself a favor and buy a 360 for GAMES and PS3 for BLU RAY
Karooo  +   2036d ago
What games are you talking about?
you mean this in 2009?

Related image(s)
hard joe  +   2036d ago
wow great
how can you buy 360 for games when there is close to none
gamer2010  +   2036d ago
You mean like the joke of a version that was Bioshock on the PS3?

Sorry, I bought that game again on the PS3 for the challenge rooms and it was a big mistake. It looked and ran quite a bit worse than the 360 version.
xaviertooth  +   2036d ago
dtrain21 = OWNED real bad by kartik21
Dtoxz  +   2036d ago
@ Bungie
you are a first class fanboy.

If you were a first class gamer, you would have all 3 systems like me and alot of people on this site.
If you were a first class gamer, you would empathize and justify WHY someone likes the ps3 instead of MINDLESSLY BASHING IT......

I can smell the bull$hit coming through the internet from you.
SDF Repellent  +   2036d ago
What is this???
I get a console to get away from the PC type of setup like installing games.

Even a demo or update requires you to install on the PS3, what the heck is going on?
Troll_Police  +   2036d ago
Forza 3 says Hi.
jalen247  +   2036d ago
Who cares...

PS3s come in 2 configurations, 120GB and 250 GB.

PS3s also use laptop hard drives so one can beef up their hard drive space for very little money.

I have plenty of space on my 60GB (now 320GB) PS3.
Wile  +   2036d ago
reply to the wrong one
#15.1 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Sikct9a  +   2036d ago
5gb's down, 300gb's to go. =)
jalen247  +   2036d ago
All those people complaining about PS3 mandatory installs.

I guess you don't buy downloadable games on your xbox 360s because waiting on a download to play a game is such a drag....right?

I thought you guys are the main ones talking blu-ray is not needed and downloading games is the future?

Seems pretty hypocritical to me...

The way I see it, disc swapping is very last gen...not even...its very 2 gens ago...

Game installs are a good thing in my book...why do you think the HD systems keep increasing their hard drive capacities. Its not just for downloadable content.

If a mandatory install improves the performance of a game, by all means do it.
#17 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Wile  +   2036d ago
Because it will take up a 1/4 of a 20GB PS3 HDD space.
MovieScouse007  +   2030d ago
What the hell do you think the hard drive is there for? To look pretty?
It's there, on both consoles, to store data! This includes game installs.
Wile  +   2027d ago
I understand the purpose of a HDD. Storing game saves, music, movie DLs, etc. My point is that REQUIRED INSTALLS on a 20GB HDD sting quite a bit when you have to make room for every fifth game you buy. Jalen was arguing that it is no big deal. Even said it was hypocritical to question it due to the other consoles need to switch discs. For 20GB owner it IS a big deal. Get it?

Game installs are OPTIONAL on the other console.
#17.3 (Edited 2027d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BuZzz Killington  +   2036d ago
this site is overwealming with fanboys that just argue and argue , dont even play games
and your sucking me into it...........i love my ps3 you love your 360, and you love your pc.......like for f sakes who the f cares anymore just play the console you like instead of sitting in front of pc screeen telling people why you love or why you think ur console is better. im not getting caught up with ridiculous fanboy wars anymore.........these sites are so annoying basically any tom d ick and harry can write something. like the stupid comments and pointless arguments , and continue of flame bait article after another coming from both sides is just insane. and over wealming. like unless your a multi console owner just shut the f up and go do something more productive. i know i am f this site. debating with 12 year olds is no fun
mrb3ar  +   2036d ago
I completely agree with you Buzz, but honestly, your comment will fall upon a deaf audience who only focus on giving themselves a sad sense a achievement and triumph. It truly is sad because most of the actual, impartial gamers on N4G do little commenting, and when they finally do - nothing but frustration about the ridiculous (and pointless) fanboy arguments come out. I have long stopped commenting on articles like this one, but I want you to know - there are still real gamers out there that wont limit themselves because of some false sense of status. Keep your head up!
MaximusPrime  +   2036d ago

So what? It means performance on ps3 will be better than xbox 360
maxcer  +   2036d ago
nope, the game installs and that's that.

as for 360 you have the option of saving space on your HD and playing off the disc or installing it and having shorter load times and less wear/tear, not to mention noise.

although it's kind of pointless if MS sees fit to discontinue 120GB drives, introduce games on demand and optional installs. where the hell is my HD upgrade? they did it in the wrong order.
Magna Farta  +   2036d ago
Looks like somebody tripped on the Wayback Machine again....
....because I think I'm in 2007. This is an article about a PS3 install right?

3 years later and these install articles still pop up on here. Haven't grown up much have we?
FairFight  +   2036d ago
Mandatory installations are the price the PS3 pays for using Blu-ray. I thought it was already well documented that the main reason for mandatory installations is do to the reduced disc read speed of the Blu-ray drive. Mandatory installations negate the constant streaming of data off the disc, correct? However, time and time again when this issue comes up I have to read countless posts about how it improves the performance of the overall game. I think there are enough well documented examples to prove this to be untrue...
dj55555555  +   2036d ago
Yes and we also pay the price of having to deal with 25-50gb games with true HD graphics, 3D ready, 7.1 HD Surround and unparalleled Blu-ray quality movies. Is it worth the cost of a 10 min install...... yes
#21.1 (Edited 2036d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MovieScouse007  +   2036d ago
Spot on!
I can't remember any time I haven't had to load a game on my PC without an install, I don't complain about that.
The lack of a major internal hard drive on the 360 is one of the reasons that the 360 is held back from being the console it could be, that and the fact that it still uses the puny DVD9 drive!
Bubbles for you!
spunkee311  +   2036d ago
These Data installs are getting out of hand. You would think the devs would've gotten used to the PS3 architecture by now. It really is a lazy way out. Because Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 don't have any installs and they are the most amazing looking games.

I'm getting it for the 360. But I'd be upset if I was getting it for the PS3. I just recently upgraded my PS3 to a 500gig hard drive off of Amazon for $80. Not a big deal. But I upgraded because I was having a rampant problem with these data installs. Most of my games had them. I would delete old ones, and then my friends would come over and want to play some of those games again. So we would have to wait another 18 minutes for it to install again. Its ridiculous. I own both systems, and a lot of fanboys will say that these data installs are not a big deal or that if you have the money for a PS3, you have the money for an upgrade. Let me tell you, we shouldn't have to upgrade our harddrives. Its absurd how many games have data installs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, really?
I know the PS3 is pretty hard to program for. But by now, multi-plat devs should have the hang of it by now.

And after upgrading my PS3. Let me tell you it was one of the worst scariest things I've ever done. I followed a C/net youtube video to the slightest detail. Everyone says "Oh don't worry. Its easy, it'll take 10 minutes". You couldn't be more wrong. I had the exact screw drive and all 4 screws still stripped!! I didn't think I was going to be able to get it out. Until I used some weird pair of pliers. Of course the 360 upgrade literally takes 10 seconds to install. ANd then about an hour or 2 to transfer everything over.
xaviertooth  +   2036d ago
oh and btw, ps3 CAN have BLU RAY movies and nothing for the 360 lifetime
yoghurt  +   2036d ago
Are we REALLY going to have an article EVERY game that comes out with an install?

it's not a big deal, if it helps the game run better then it's a good thing.

Move in.
TheFurryPanda  +   2036d ago
Twas a great release video.
on another note. i remember when bioshock first came out and sometimes the framerate was terrible or the game would just randomly pause for a second. and until they had an update it would happen pretty often, they realeased that game to the public broken. and that was on the xbox..the system it was built for as well. the port sucked cuz back then, companys didnt know how to work with the cell processor. Those days seem to be coming to a close, with first party titles at least. and honestly if a mandatory install makes my third party games run correctly..then idc. they build um with 120 gb hard drives now for a reason. and since im not add, i can wait 10 minutes to play a game..and i can play MAG.
Rocco Siffredi  +   2036d ago
Installstaion 3 :D!

DOnt forget the 1st DAY patch for Bioshock2 on the PS3 and 3 days later the second Patch to fix the first one, lol.

After 3 days, they droids will finally be able to play the game :D!
bjornbear  +   2036d ago
all I have to say is:

blame the carpenter not the tools -_-

if a games like U2 and KZ2 have minimal instals ( MSG4 is actually an excpetion, and i HATED the instals)
there's NO excuse for games to STILL take SO MUCH space.

grrrr...still will look into it eventually =) Bioshock is SICK!

Related image(s)
SaberEdge  +   2036d ago
But then why do those same carpenters not have any problem making the 360 versions without mandatory installations?

Come on, you have to be crazy to think it isn't because of the PS3.

Just because a few really talented developers can find a way around the problems doesn't mean that there aren't real issues with the PS3's design that are causing so many developers to have to make their games have mandatory installations on the PS3.
Rockstar  +   2036d ago
Oh gawd
Here we go again.

oh noez! Mandatory installs!

My life is ruined! /cry
artsaber  +   2036d ago
That is funny...
PC games, which play much better because of mandatory installs, used to play from the CD/DVD drive. When the PC moved away from that, it was considered an "UPGRADE" to the way the PC handles gameplaying, etc.

You take the same process for the PS3, with what the PC used to call a "Minimum Install" option, and now it is the end of the world and a horrible thing. So will these installs be horrible in the future if the next 360 console comes with a 500GB hdd and installs games by extracting CAB files like a PC? Will you express the same horror?

My 120GB and 250GB PS3s are great, these installs are the least of my worry.
feelintheflow  +   2036d ago
So you plan on upgrading your hdd again?
Cuz if the ps3 is going to last 10 years, then there are going to be a lot more games to be downloaded, or are you going to go in and manually delete every install when you finish with a game. 320 gb, 5gb installs, thats 64 games over 10 years, and thats if you don't download any demos or lets not forget the manditory updates to games that can add even more gb's, and then any psn games, so yeah, you will probably have to upgrade again, so for many people who bought the 40 or 60 gb, will have to spend another 100 bucks rightn now, then maybe another 100 bucks or so in a few years... See what I am saying.
ELite_Ghost  +   2036d ago
just like the 1st one...
idc as long I dont wait ages to load a lvl or have crappy pop-ins or w/e...
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