VGC Top Ten: Worst Videogame Character Names

They say that a name can make a man. In the cases of these video game characters, one can only hope that these guys have a cool nickname to make up for the terrible moniker that was chosen for them at birth. This is a top Ten of the worst names given to video game characters, in no particular order.

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TheGameLlama2939d ago

Seaman and Poo in Butz? Error!

toaster2939d ago

Wild Woody

Jet Brody - LAWLS 10 internetz points if you can tell me what game that's from.

Punky Skunk

badz1492939d ago

that name is so cliche it's bad!

SilentNegotiator2938d ago

So Donkey Kong was meant to be something like "A** Monkey"?

Braineater24482939d ago

LOL This is great. Some of these are terrible names.

table2938d ago

What about B.J. Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein. I just couldn't take him seriously.

DelbertGrady2938d ago

He was badass lol! I loved that game. Awesome controls and a great single player campaign. Going to replay it soon.

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