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Submitted by - Ghost of Sparta - 2194d ago | review

Kombo | 0 Day Attack On Earth Review

Between the lackluster visuals and uninspired gameplay there's very little to like about 0 Day. Even the multiplayer doesn't add much value when it's hard to find a game just a month after release. Even worse, the game costs a whopping $15 and the London map pack costs an additional $7. The game costs the same as the incredible summer release Shadow Complex, but doesn't show any of the quality to justify it. (0 Day Attack on Earth, Xbox 360) 3.5/10

Rush  +   2194d ago
GOTY 2010 confirmed am calling it now!
hanzai  +   2194d ago
another flop on the 360. :-)
Lou Ferrigno  +   2194d ago
FLOP #1 for 3sh!tty .. and many more to come :)

acording to the bots,our so called "flops" are at least in the 7-8's .. but a flop on the Flop60 is at a 4.0 and below lol ahahahaha its one extream or the other,mainly the low flop extream.

wen a game is bad on the 3floppy,ITS REEEAAAL BAAAAAD! HAHAHA lol
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2194d ago
It's a $15 Arcade game... How is MAG and White Knight? :D
hanzai  +   2194d ago
doesn't matter jason. a flop is a flop.
4point7BillionLoss  +   2194d ago
at least when a 360 game flops
the bots easily hold their hands up and declare it ... among other things ... a flop.

You don't see them lining up (like the droids do to their precious games) and defend it to death ...

This game is a Flop. Move on.
Ninji  +   2194d ago
Only on Betabox 360.

Test In.

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