SEGA Rally First Impressions

As with all such things, the key to making a good rally game is wedged in the door marked 'pub'. "You sit late in bars with drivers and co-drivers talking about how these things work," says SEGA Racing Studio boss Guy Wilday. Then you go home and do some programming. Eurogamer ask so what do rally drivers say? "It's all about tyres, and it's all about surfaces. That really is a key topic of conversation. The cars themselves are obviously very technically innovative, but the thing they focus on is the tyres and the surfaces - what tyres they need for a particular surface, how a car is going to behave on a particular surface, and how that surface is going to change."

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Blood_Spiller4167d ago

This one simple little sentence caught my attention and gives me some hope that this game may actually be good - "how a car is going to behave on a particular surface". Since the developer is aware that cars actually handle differently on different services (unlike DiRT) then this game might actually be worth taking a look at. I'll wait for the demo though before I make any buying decisions.

Seraphim4167d ago

I have every bit of faith in me saying this game is where it's at. The Saturn Version of Sega Rally was absolutely gorgeous and awesome. Of course that was years ago. But this is one title I will not miss and can't wait for. I think they're going to pull off a brilliant game with Sega Rally and it's likely going to be a shame to see just how many people miss/pass over this because they've bought DiRT which is pretty much rubbish...

Diselage4167d ago

This is looking better than DiRT but it's hard because i've already got 2 racing games this summer, a third is going to be hard to justify.

level 3604167d ago

Nothing in here looks impressive, just the same so and so... And all this talk about surface deformation could actually be a detriment to the game.