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Gamervision's Coop writes: "Tonight, television fans around the country tuned in for the season premier of LOST. If the producers are to be believed, it's the last season, and should give some closure to the plot lines started up over the past five years. While watching, I couldn't help but think about what makes the show so successful, and realized there are a few things that game makers could take away from J.J. Abrams' series. Well, besides Polar Bears, of course.

1. Flashbacks can be cool, if they aren't overdone.

In the first few seasons of LOST, the story was usually split up between the Island and whatever lead the survivors to it. This usually meant about 25% of the episode was spent far before the events of the show, and that seems to be a good amount of time to spend on the past. Having a flashback every so often might seem like a good idea, but without setting a precedent it can, instead, rip players from the game, and break the mood. Making them more regular can prevent that, and few games have ever pulled it off."

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iheartdestr0y3088d ago

Good article. Those are indeed five things that developers could apply to video games to make them more immersive and action-packed.

D4RkNIKON3087d ago

This reminds me of Alan Wake or Siren Blood Curse in how they are episodic. I like the idea